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Kim Kardashian Has A Genius Hack To Stop Picking Your Skin

The entrepreneur chats exclusively with Bustle about all things beauty, including the unexpected tool she swears by.

Kim Kardashian on her skin care routine, earliest beauty memory, and the unexpected tool she can't l...
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In Bustle’s Pore Decisions, celebrities, influencers, and Bustle’s own readers recount their personal skin journeys: the good, the bad, and everything in between. Here, Kim Kardashian shares her earliest beauty memory and her genius tip for preventing acne flare-ups.

Even though Kim Kardashian has more access to top beauty treatments than pretty much anyone else on the planet, she doesn’t gatekeep. In fact, her goal with her beauty line Skkn by Kim is to bring her skin care secrets to the consumer. “The line includes stuff that my estheticians would always put together and use on me,” she tells Bustle. “I’ve always been someone who’s wanted to share all of my beauty tips with my sisters and my girlfriends, so my brand has become a place where I can share them with customers.”

As of today, Kardashian is adding another celebrity esthetician-inspired formula to Skkn by Kim’s collection: the Resurfacing Mask ($65), which features alpha-hydroxy acids and pumpkin enzymes to reveal brighter, glowier skin. “My skin texture was always an issue for me, so I wanted to make sure I was always exfoliating — but that was a step that I would always forget about,” she says. “So my team and I came up with this gentle exfoliator, which is easier on the skin than a scrub.”

The entrepreneur and TV star also likes to share her skin care savvy with her daughter, North. “She loves to just play with all my products,” says Kardashian. “I try to tell her the steps and all that, but she kind of plays to the beat of her own drum and thinks you need to put on 10 times more product than you really do.”

Ahead, Kardashian chats exclusively with Bustle about the weirdest thing she’s put on her face, the beauty trick she stole from Kris Jenner, and the unexpected beauty tool she swears by.

On Her Skin Care Regimen

“If I have makeup on, I’ll use a makeup wipe to get everything off, cleanse, and then I’ll put the Resurfacing Mask on with the [Skkn By Kim] Treatment Brush. I leave it on for 10 minutes while I’m cleaning up or doing something around the house, then wash it off.

“I’ll continue with the Toner and our Hyaluronic Acid, then add in a serum before I get into moisturizing with one of our oils. Using an oil with our Face Cream is always my favorite combo to lock in that moisture.”

On Her Earliest Beauty Memory

“My mom would always wash her face with a hot washcloth, and I’d always sit there and watch her. She went to some beauty school when she was a stewardess — I don’t even know what it was, but she would always talk about this [hack]. Sometimes I will do it, especially when I want to get off extra makeup.

“She would always take really good care of herself and talk to [my sisters and I] about all the products that she would use. And we were always in her bathroom.”

On Her Go-To Beauty Tool

“A really good high-definition mirror is the scariest but most amazing tool. I also honestly love extractor tools that just help get everything out — they’re my favorite. I do get good results from using them. I do it daily.

“You know what else is a really good tool? When you put on long fake nails and you don’t know how to function. When you do have an acne situation going on and picking will only make it worse, I’d say the best thing you can do is put on some long nails — that’ll prevent you from doing anything to your skin that you should not be doing.”

On Adult Acne

“I never thought I’d be getting acne in my 40s. It was definitely really interesting to experience. Luckily, I documented it, and we’ve been working on a lot of products that have taken that into account. I never thought I would be making acne products, but that’s definitely coming in the future.

“I think makeup is really good at covering it, but there are times when you just don’t want to wear it, and it makes you feel really insecure. It’s really tough when your skin goes through a lot of changes that you weren’t really expecting to go through.”

On The Most Out-There Thing She’s Done To Her Skin

“I have used this snail slime gel serum stuff. I got it online. I don’t know if it works or what it is — it just felt like slime. Who knows what the concentrated amount of snail slime was, but it was in a jar and it was just kind of sticky and would feel really gooey on my face.

“If someone told me that something would help my skin, I’m definitely down to try it. I’m down to try a lot of things.”

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