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Kylie Jenner’s Cosmic Fragrance Was Inspired By Her Mom

The beauty mogul chats with Bustle about her debut perfume and desert island beauty product.

Kylie Jenner on her Cosmic fragrance, go-to makeup products, and favorite beauty hack.
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In the nine years since Kylie Jenner entered the beauty space with her internet-breaking Lip Kits, Kylie Cosmetics has grown so much it catapulted Jenner into the billionaire’s club.

However, despite offering everything from skin care, body care, makeup, and even products for babies, the brand has yet to venture into fragrances — a category so heavily saturated by celebrity products. But the wait is over. After working on the formula for over two years, the mogul is excited to introduce her debut perfume: Cosmic Kylie Jenner.

“I can’t wait for you to smell this perfume,” Jenner tells me over Zoom. “I wear it every day.”

With a modern, orb-like bottle, Cosmic comes with a unique olfactory experience. Jenner says her mission was to make an otherworldly perfume (hence the name) that’s skin-scented yet warm, floral, and sweet — something comforting, intimate, and delectable. And she delivered. Cosmic achieves just that, boasting top notes of star jasmine and blood orange, a heart of golden amber and red peony accords, and a vanilla musk accord base blended with earthy cedarwood.

I chatted with Jenner about the inspiration behind the scent, what her house smells like, and the one beauty product that makes her feel the most confident.

Where did you get the idea for Cosmic?

Growing up, my mom had this beautiful floral fragrance that she would wear all the time, so I think that was really nostalgic for me. It was important for my first fragrance to kind of feel like that and have this beautiful floral essence — I wanted something feminine and warm.

What was your first perfume?

Actually, it was Kim’s debut fragrance, which she gave to me as a gift. That’s all that I wore. It was my first introduction to having my own fragrance.

What fragrance notes do you usually gravitate toward?

Vanilla, for sure. I love the star jasmine in my fragrance and the peony, but definitely vanilla is my top. That was also important to me with my first fragrance — it needed to have vanilla somewhere because I'm a big fan.

How do you apply fragrance? What’s your method?

The actuator sprayer is amazing, it comes out like a mist. So I do two sprays on my shirt because I think it releases a good amount of fragrance. And then I like to do one on my neck, and that’s it.

What candles are you currently burning?

If we were on video right now, I could show you. I only really use my Kylie Skin candles. I made them because I wanted to be obsessed with them for my home. But right now, I’m actually burning our Christmas one, the pine, because we’re not over Christmas [laughs].

What beauty product makes you feel the most confident?

Well, I love my Kylie Skin Lip Butter. I don't know why that makes me feel so confident. I think just having hydrated, glossy lips makes me happy. And then, probably for makeup, my Glow Balm. Even if I'm wearing nothing and I just put a tinted sunscreen on, I'll do a little bit of my Glow Balm because I'm a blush-obsessed person. Lip liner too.

What’s your current go-to lip liner?

My favorites are Cinnamon and Comes Naturally.

Do you have a favorite makeup look?

My makeup is always evolving. I love a bronzy, glowy look with a brown lip liner.

What lip color would you use for that?

My Tinted Butter Balms, that's what I wear every day. I love the shade Love That 4 U. It's a nude and it applies a good amount of color, and it’s super hydrating.

What hairstyle makes you feel the most confident these days?

My go-to is my natural texture, and amping it up a little bit, so I’ll add some very natural waves.

If you had to choose one desert island beauty product, what would it be?

It’s definitely my Lip Butter. You need your Lip Butter if you're on a desert island.

Is there a makeup hack that’s blown your mind?

Heating up my eyelash curler has changed everything for me. I heat it up and I basically curl my lashes and they last all day like that. I heat them up with a blow dryer. But nobody burn yourself.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.