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17 Leopard Print Nail Designs That Prove It’s A Neutral

So fierce.

Leopard print nail art ideas that are so fierce.

In terms of colors, everyone has their own idea of what “neutral” means. For some, it’s all things beige. Others count black, navy, hunter green, and espresso brown as legitimate examples. Barbiecore fanatics swear that pink is a neutral. And then there are those who firmly believe that leopard print counts.

Whether you agree or not, you’ve got to admit that it kind of makes sense. “Because of the innately neutral color palette of leopard print, it could be worn as a day manicure,” says Juli Russell, a DIY nail expert with Sally Beauty. “Plus, there are ways to make a leopard mani more ‘work chic’ versus full print.” For example: Rock the look via a “faded French” manicure, says Russell, noting that this would give you the perfect blend of “clean girl” and “mob wife.”

Leopard print nails, BTW, are making a comeback. “Last year was all about the Y2K aesthetic, so bold, futuristic styles — like chrome, glazed donut, and vibrant hues — took over in popularity,” says Russell. “In 2024, we’re heading back to the ’90s where minimalist meets maximalist.”

In terms of your nails, this means bold but classic colors like deep reds, jewel-tone purples, and chocolate browns, says Russell. “It also includes lots of furry textures and luxurious prints, like leopard.”

Intrigued? Scroll through for 17 leopard print manicures that are decidedly fierce, regardless of your preferred aesthetic.


Red Nail Theory

You can still wear your favorite red nail polish while dipping your toe into the leopard print nail trend. This set features a head-turning velvet ruby color that’s worn side-by-side with a scarlet animal print.


Faded French

Per Russell’s advice, you can go the subtle route with your leopard print mani by opting for a faded French tip with just a smattering of spots on each nail.


Outlined In Leopard

Minimalists will appreciate the subtlety of this set, which shows some love to the feline-inspired print without covering the entire nail bed.


Skittles Mani

Skittles mani lovers, this one’s for you. Paint each tip a different color leopard print, like this one — it’s so Lisa Frank-coded.


Classic Frenchies

Who knew: You can make a classic French tip look extra bold by merely going with a leopard print design on each nail.



Turns out that leopard print and coquette aesthetic really mesh well. This square-tipped set is certified proof.


Goth Chic

If you can’t part with your black nail polish, that’s OK — simply pair it with a couple of leopard print accent nails for a touch of extravagance to your standard mani.


Muted Leopard

Your leopard print nail art doesn’t have to roar. Make it a bit more sophisticated with muted colors, like charcoal gray, and a matte finish.


Sage Green Animal Print

Rock the always-trendy sage nail color with a touch of animal print — complete with some gold foil — for a nod to the jungle.


Duck Nails

Leopard print, meet duck nails. If you, like Ice Spice, have a weakness for this Y2K-era manicure shape, know that it works perfectly with an animal print design.


Rainbow Colored

Just because you’re wearing leopard print doesn’t mean you can’t still wear your fave colors. The neutrals of the jungle cat look just as pretty with pinks as it does with mustard yellow.


Barbiecore Cat

Further proof you don’t have to wear the neutral colors of a leopard’s coat: This Barbiecore set, featuring animal print and bubblegum pink polish, is totally cute.


Miami Vice

You could also go with unexpected colors for a leopard print French set like this one, which is serving art deco realness with its teal and neon pink hues.



How purrfect: You can rock the trending cat-eye nail polish with a leopard print design.


Black & Leopard

Go halfsies with animal print and French tips combined on a couple of accent nails for a look that’s sure to turn heads.


Holographic Leopard

Add some 3D elements to your leopard print mani along with a holographic top coat for a truly stunning set that shimmers in the light.


Chromatic Cat

Start with a gold chrome as your base nail, then top it off with black spots — and voila, you’ve got an extra eye-catching leopard print manicure.