16 Angelic Nail Art Ideas For Libra Season 2023

Hello, heavenly tips.

Here are the best Libra season 2023 nail art ideas, from holographic French tips to trendy chrome na...
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Just as Libra season officially replaced Virgo’s silver-filled reign on Sept. 23, a brand new vibe has taken over, too (and will continue to live on through Oct. 22).

Where earthy Virgos are typically detail-oriented and very much grounded in their thinking, airy Libras are known to be quite sophisticated and drawn to a peacefully harmonious existence, above all else. Symbolized by the balanced scales, what truly makes Libras so attractive and distinctly them is their inherent fairness.

What’s more, they are filled with charm and allure. As for a few famed Libras of note? Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Serena Williams, Halsey, and even Daphne Bridgerton of the cult-loved fictional series Bridgerton are a few Libras worth mentioning. And though each woman mentioned is quite unique and different, they all represent the air sign in their own way.

When it comes to manicures, a classically Libran set of tips is — in a word — heavenly. And just like the elegant zodiac sign, which is ruled by Venus’ planet of love and harmony, the go-to nail art is all things soft, artful, and beautifully feminine.

A few colors associated with the sign are light pinks, icy blues, and beige-toned neutrals — which, of course, makes any lacquer hue within that palette an easy pick for the season. Even opals, Libra’s gemstone, is a milky white rock with reflective, holographic flecks of every color.

Below, find the trendiest nail art ideas for Libra season 2023 — from understated French tips to more eye-catching sets.

Kim Kardashian’s Strawberry Milk Nails

Paul Bruinooge/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Painted by Kim Truong, Kim Kardashian closed out New York Fashion Week with some long tips in a creamy, strawberry milk shade of light pink.

Teeny, Tiny Micro Butterfly Nail Art

Adorn your white French tips with micro butterflies for an on-trend manicure with subtle nods to the airy zodiac sign.

Opalescent Nail Polish

For an effortless gemstone-inspire manicure painted in the comfort of your home, Keep An Opal Mind is a milky shade of pearl white that features colorful undertones that catch the light.

Star-Crossed French Tips

For a classic manicure with a glitzy twist, turn French nails up a notch with some starry art in a chromatic hue. It’s a subtle way of combining two of 2023’s most popular nail trends.

Holographic Flakes

For a softer take on the French nail trend, trade up the white-hued tip for an opal-inspired glitter that features colorful flecks.

Blueberry Glazed Donut Press-On Nails

Been wanting to jump in on the glazed donut trend that has Hailey Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and countless others obsessed? These Berry Glaze Press-Ons will give you the buzzy look in minutes.

Subtle Gold Details

For a chic spin on otherwise low-key nails, tiny gilded cuffs atop high-shine nails is surely the nail art of the sophisticate.

Sabrina Carpenter’s Holographic Nails

Jamie McCarthy/WireImage/Getty Images

At the 2023 VMA Awards, Sabrina Carpenter looked every bit of the dazzling pop star that she is with silver-hued holographic nails, painted by celebrity manicurist Zola Ganzorigt.

Marble Nails With Romantic Autumn Florals

An unexpected trend that’s on the rise for the cooler fall months, autumnal floral designs are a soft, feminine, and dreamy option for Libra season. Throw in a bit of marbled quartz texture for an extra elegant vibe.

“Quiet Luxury” Ballet Slipper Nails

Ballerina à la Chanel brings all of the luxurious vibes to your manicure (and nail polish collection, too).

“More Is More” Fairycore Nails

For the manicure maximalists that are all about 3D textures and colorful details, this whimsical fairycore set no doubt has that harmonious Libra energy.

Kylie Jenner’s “Your Nails But Better” Neutral

Take cues from Kylie Jenner and paint your tips a pretty shade of “your nails but better” neutral for a clean mani moment that stuns no matter the season.

Pearlescent 3D Waves

Truly works of art on your fingertips, these 3D textural waves strike the perfect balance between being daring, yet somehow simplistic all the same.

Celestial Nail Charms

Elevate any nail look with this tiny jar of Silver Celestial Charms that are made for at home manicure painters.

Shimmering Cloud Nail Art

Like fluffy clouds floating in a pink-colored sky, these shimmering almond-shaped tips are the definition of angelic.

Abstract Vanilla Swirls

In lieu of a traditional French tip on every nail, opt to add in some chic swirls in the same stark white nail polish color.