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Matilda Djerf’s New Hair Products Are The Secret To Her Viral Blowout

Djerf Avenue Beauty, coming soon.

On March 27, Matilda Djerf is welcoming Djerf Avenue Beauty to the world. Here, the icon speaks with...

For those in the know, Matilda Djerf is synonymous with quite a few things: her effortlessly cool outfits, her Scandinavian aesthetic, her unfiltered Instagram pics. But really, it’s her perfectly bouncy blowout and ’60s curtain bangs that buoyed her to social media fame.

The Sweden-born icon has capitalized on her influence by way of Djerf Avenue, a curated fashion brand that features chill-girl wardrobe essentials, like oversized oxford shirts and relaxed denim. As of March 27, however, Djerf is formally expanding her empire, with the launch of Djerf Avenue Beauty.

Naturally, the first drop features two hair stylers: Breezy Styling Mist ($27) and On The Go Styling Gel ($22) — essentials for creating her volume-filled ’do. Below, Djerf tells Bustle all about her new hair-centric venture, exactly how she styles her famed blowout, and more.

Tell me about Djerf Avenue Beauty. How long has it been in the works?

I selfishly started Djerf Avenue to create clothing that I myself was missing in my closet. And Djerf Avenue Beauty started in the same way. I was just missing a hair care brand that I genuinely love, and when I run out, I need to go and purchase more.

Djerf Avenue Beauty

For me, hair has always been a way to express myself. I've never really been the biggest fan of makeup — I see the artistry behind it, but I was never good at it. With hair, that was always so much fun for me.

I just said, “well, maybe I should try to formulate my own so I can get products that will do the exact thing I want, will smell the way I want, feel the way I want them to.” Here we are, two years later.

What do the products smell like?

It has sandalwood, violet leaf, and cardamom in it. I've asked my loved ones to describe how it smells and everybody says it’s ‘fresh.’ It's very fresh — but not in a laundry, ‘clean girl’ way. It's fresh with a little bit of spice.

Djerf Avenue Beauty

How do your Swedish roots inspire your brands and your personal aesthetic?

The Scandinavian mindset and vibe is very timeless, minimalistic, and everything has a purpose. We're really driven by high-quality items. That's also what I brought into the beauty products now. We didn't want to use filler ingredients just to fill out the formulation — they all have a purpose, and we wanted to source the best possible ingredients we could.

We have our summer house on a tiny little island surrounded by the water, so nature is such a big part of my everyday life as well. I always want to create items that are kind to the nature — it's part of who I am. All of the packaging is 100% [Post-Consumer Recycled], sourced in Europe.

Can you walk me through your exact hair care routine?

I wash my hair one to two times a week, rarely more. I feel like that has really helped the health of my hair in general. After I wash it, I let my hair air dry 70 percent, and then I go in with the Breezy Styling Mist, which has heat protection in it.

I always blow dry my hair with the Dyson Airwrap — it’s the best. Sometimes I'll use rollers, but I usually try to clip up the curls, let them cool off, then take them out.

How do you refresh your hair throughout the week?

I work out a lot during the weekdays, so I usually have to touch up my hair. I will use the Styling Mist on dry hair and brush it through with a paddle brush. Then I'll go in with the Dyson Airwrap again.

If I have a beautiful hairdo and I want to keep the blow out or the curls, I will flip my head upside down, collect my hair in a really loose bun, clip it, and then go to bed. When you wake up and take it down, the volume is so good.

If someone wanted to replicate your cut and color at the salon, what should they tell their hairstylist?

I definitely think layers are key if you want to do the “swooshy” blowout. If all of your hair was just one single length, it's not going to lift the way you want it to. So I have layers in my hair, which I've had for I don't know how many years, and then I have my curtain bangs.

For color, I’ll go maybe twice a year and I ask for balayage — it's like the hair color I had when I was a kid. I like having my natural root be really prominent.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.