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Megan Fox's New Baby Blue "Washed Denim" Hair Literally Cost $10

Who said celebs had to be high-maintenance?

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For much of her decades-long career, Megan Fox has been known to rock one hair look in particular: long and espresso black.

Throughout the last year or so, however, the actor has ditched her raven mane for new territory: new colorful shades every few months.

In March of last year, Fox debuted sunset-inspired copper hair at the 2023 Oscars after party, keeping the look until early fall. Come September, she went bold with a vibrant red velvet bob. This February, Fox entered her soft girl era with a pale “marshmallow pink” shag.

And her latest hair hue? Well, it might just be her coolest look yet.

Megan’s “Washed Denim” Blue Hair

Trading in her short-lived pastel pink ‘do, Fox took to Instagram on April 2 to share her freshly dyed baby blue hair. What’s more, she chopped her shoulder-length hair into a bob that hits below the chin.

Cut, styled, and colored by her go-to hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, the duo cited worn blue jeans as their inspiration behind the breezy, cool-toned look. The color makes her icy blue eyes pop, while the tousled texture adds that beachy cool factor.

With her latest look, it’s safe to say that Fox has cemented “washed denim” blue as a buzzy hair color to watch in the coming months. Experts in the industry also tell Bustle that quite a few unexpected colors are set to trend throughout the summer, too.

Get ready to see a rise in celeb-approved light pink, creamy peach, and even more shades of violet. Color will be the ultimate green flag.

The *Exact* $10 Hair Dye She Used

If you so happen to be into Fox’s denim blue hair, you’re in luck — the *exact* hair dye used on the star by Giannetos is on sale on Amazon.

Using the L'Oréal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Hair Color in the shade Sapphire Smoke ($9.88) on a clean canvas by way of bleached hair, Giannetos opted to leave Fox’s darker roots on display for added contrast.

Denim-Inspired Glam Is A Thing, Too

While Fox’s hair will likely spark colorful blue copycats for the spring and summer months ahead, cool-toned blue pigments have been a major trend in the beauty world for quite some time now.

In particular, A-listers like Kendall Jenner have gone for “washed denim” eyeshadow looks, opting for a modern matte finish (as opposed to more frosted looks of the ’90s). What’s more, baby blue nail polish colors are set to own spring 2024, alongside other pastel shades like lavender and butter yellow.