An Unfiltered Look At SKKN BY KIM’s Makeup Collection

I have thoughts.

Bustle beauty editor Rachel Lapidos gives her honest review of SKKN BY KIM's debut makeup collection...
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One thing about Kim Kardashian: she’s a bona fide businesswoman. Say what you will about her reality show, but there’s no denying the star has earned her status as a mogul — thanks, in large part, to her two successful brands: SKIMS and SKKN BY KIM.

It’s the latter that’s recently made a splash. Just last month, Kardashian introduced a new category to her beauty line, launching SKKN BY KIM makeup. Its first collection is centered around nudes, and features lipsticks, lip liners, and an eyeshadow palette with a sizable selection of neutral shades.

As Kardashian said in an interview with Bustle, these products are meant to be the “essentials you need to enhance your best skin, your best self.” So, how do they stack up against the legacy makeup brands I’ve been wearing for years? Well, I have some thoughts. Read on for an honest review of SKKN BY KIM’s makeup collection.

The Lip Liner

The matte lip liners come in 15 different shades, divided into light, medium, and deep nudes. Each features jojoba oil and squalane in the formula, so they’re not drying — rather, they’re meant to diffuse the appearance of fine lines on your pout.

I’ve found the pencils to glide on like actual butter. They’re super smooth, making application a breeze. Though they’re easy to blend, the pigment also stays put if you don’t touch it. When I tested them, they lasted much longer than most other lip liners I’ve tried in the past.

Wearing the Lip Liner in Nude 07.

I shared my feelings with Bustle’s beauty writer, Olivia Rose Rushing, and she wholeheartedly agreed. “The pencils apply beautifully with little effort, and effectively make sure any lip combo you layer on top of it won't bleed past the lines,” she said.

The Soft Matte Lip Color

Kardashian’s lipstick is available in 10 shades, also ranging from light to medium and deep nudes. They’re considered full-coverage, and deliver a softly blurred, matte finish. According to the brand, the color is supposed to last for up to eight hours, hydrating your lips all the while.

The color payoff isn’t quite that long-lasting for me, but I am really into the airbrushed finish. I’m also not a nude lip girly, so wasn’t sure I’d find a shade that worked with my skin tone — but a few have become my everyday staples.

I love Nudes 03, 04, 05, and 06, and I’d definitely rock 08 for a ’90s glam moment. My only tip? Moisturize your lips before applying, as dried lips can highlight the appearance of those crinkles around your mouth.

Wearing the Soft Matte Lip Color in Nude 06.

The Eyeshadow Palette

I’ll be honest: When I first opened up this eyeshadow palette, I was underwhelmed. It just looked like a dozen nondescript matte neutrals — been there, done that. Upon closer inspection, however, I realized there are both warm and cool shades (which is important for matching a variety of skin tones), and they’re actually quite flattering.

Wearing Classic Mattes Eyeshadow in shades 05 and 10.

I tested the formula by pairing shades 05 and 10. With just a few swipes of my makeup brush, I had a rather sophisticated nude eyeshadow look. Lesson learned: Never underestimate the power of a good neutral.

The Verdict

Don’t sleep on SKKN BY KIM’s debut makeup collection. While I typically prefer to wear peaches and pinks, Kim’s products have made me a believer in neutral shades. They make me feel sophisticated and chic — like a Forcible Woman.

Kardashian’s right: This collection simply enhances your best skin. And, IMHO, she has perfected the art of natural-looking beauty. My recommendation? Add them to your makeup bag the next time you’re ready for an upgrade.