Perfume Inspired By Your Venus Sign Works As A “Modern-Day Love Potion”

Astrologers say it can help you attract love.

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Most of the time when people talk about their zodiac signs, they’re referring to their Sun sign, which is determined by where the sun was when you were born and reflects the core of your personality. But as true astrology aficionados know, that’s only one piece of the puzzle: A look at the entire night sky at the moment you were born — and figuring out where each planet and moon was placed — can tell you even more about yourself.

So while someone may be a prideful, fiery Leo at heart, that doesn’t quite paint the full picture of who they are. Their Moon sign — which is representative of how they handle emotions and feelings — could be influenced by the soft, sensitive nature of watery Cancer; and their rising sign — which determines how they present themselves to the world — may make them come across as an extroverted Gemini.

Recently, on TikTok, many people have taken to curating a wardrobe inspired by their Venus sign — which represents romance, partnership, and beauty. But why not take it one step further and use the solar system’s hottest planet to choose your new favorite perfume?

The Power Of A Venus-Inspired Scent

Generally speaking, a person’s Venus sign can be particularly revealing as to how they love and attract those around them.

Zodica Perfumery

“Venus is a fun placement to dive into as it reveals your desires, how you express affection, and your own allure,” says Kristi Moe, the founder and lead dreamer at Zodica Perfumery, which makes astrologically-inspired scents. “Some might say using your Venus sign’s perfume is like a modern-day love potion.”

Aside from attracting others, wearing a Venus-inspired fragrance can also make you feel empowered in your own natural beauty — which is exactly what you should be looking for in a signature scent.

Color me completely convinced.

So, I Tried An Aries Perfume

I deeply relate to the creative, dreamy traits associated with my Pisces Sun sign, but my Venus *and* Moon signs happen to be placed in bold, fire-fueled Aries. But what does that mean, exactly?

“As a Pisces Sun, you are naturally intuitive, creative, and empathetic. On the other hand, having Venus in Aries adds a fiery twist to your personality,” says Michelle Bell, an astrologer and founder of the Cosmic Fusion app. “Your Pisces creativity combined with the passionate drive of Aries can lead to a powerful fusion that might inspire you to channel your dreamy ideas into bold, innovative projects.”

Zodica’s Aries Zodiac Perfume ($110) is not only infused with red garnet crystals — which Moe says “may awaken your inner fire” — but could also be the ultimate hack to tapping into the sign’s spontaneous and daring energy.

Filled with the bold aromas of spicy cinnamon, seductively juicy blackberry, warm tobacco, and ambery vanilla woods, this fiery perfume radiates with a heated sensuality. While my Piscean spirit may be soft, romantic, and mystical, wearing an Aries-inspired scent allows me to embrace the livelier parts of my personality.

And I must say: Not only do I feel empowered and darkly feminine when wearing the fragrance, but my husband seems to be incredibly attracted to it, too. Every time I spritz it on, he tells me how good I smell almost immediately.

It’s safe to say this may be my new secret weapon for date night, as well as any time I need a serious boost of confidence.

What Each Venus Sign Represents

Whether or not you’re an Aries Venus like myself, here is what wearing a Venus-inspired scent could mean for you depending on your individual sign, as shared by Bell.

Zodica Perfumery
  • Aries: “With Venus in Aries, you’re all about bold statements. An Aries perfume boosts confidence and assertiveness, making you feel ready to conquer the world.”
  • Taurus: “Venus in Taurus loves to indulge in pure luxury. A Taurean perfume elicits feelings of warmth and attraction, making you seem more approachable and desirable.”
  • Gemini: “If your Venus is in Gemini, your beauty style is as versatile and lively as you are. A Gemini perfume energizes your playful and social side, keeping you lively and upbeat.”
  • Cancer: “Venus in Cancer brings a soft, dreamy touch to your beauty routine. A Cancer perfume deepens your emotional connection to yourself, making you feel more in tune with your feelings.”
  • Leo: “With Venus in Leo, you are all about glamour and shine. A Leo perfume amplifies your inner diva, making you feel radiant and commanding.”
  • Virgo: “Venus in Virgo loves clean, refined beauty. A Virgo perfume has an air of sophistication, making you seem more trustworthy and composed.”
  • Libra: “With Venus in Libra, your beauty style is all about balance and harmony. A Libran perfume balances your energies, making you feel more centered and beautiful.”
  • Scorpio: “Venus in Scorpio brings an intense, mysterious vibe to your beauty routine. A Scorpio perfume stirs deep attraction and intrigue, making you seem more magnetic and enigmatic.”
  • Sagittarius: “If your Venus is in Sagittarius, your beauty style is fun and adventurous. A Sagittarian perfume fuels your adventurous side, making you feel free-spirited and vibrant.”
  • Capricorn: “Venus in Capricorn appreciates classic, timeless beauty. A Capricorn perfume strengthens your sense of discipline and elegance, making you feel poised and powerful.”
  • Aquarius: “With Venus in Aquarius, you aren't afraid to break the mold. An Aquarian perfume provokes curiosity and fascination, making you seem more intriguing and unconventional.”
  • Pisces: “Venus in Pisces brings a whimsical, ethereal touch to your beauty choices. A Piscean perfume invokes a sense of wonder and enchantment, making you seem more magical and captivating.”