Only Offerman Could Sing This Well About Whiskey

It's been no secret to the masses that Nick Offerman is basically his character Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation in real life. But although this clearly isn't a chicken or the egg situation (my sources tell me that Nick Offerman did, in fact, exist before the creation of the popular television show), I sometimes cannot help but observe the way Nick Offerman lives his life and think to myself that Ron Swanson would be damn proud, especially now that Offerman has debuted a music video that is entirely about whiskey.

If you feel confused about how to live your life, look no further than this video. Although we already knew that Offerman is a prime source for advice on love and relationships, his new song delves even further into the depths of his infinite wisdom, essentially providing the safe drinking PSA that we all needed in our youth while also making us appreciate the beauty of nature, music, and (duh) woodworking. He sings of how his love for whiskey doesn't mix with all the other Nick Offerman-y things that he does in his spare time, and during this video we learned a few choice things about him:

1. He has a horse named Flowers

No, not Li'l Sebastian. Yes, I am also a little bit disappointed, but his horse looks fierce.

2. He plays the guitar

A crossover CD with Duke Silver is not just wanted, but entirely necessary.

3. He does not have a third hand

The rumors are finally settled, everyone. We can all go home now.

Anyway, if you're looking to get a healthy dose of plaid and you feel like spontaneously dancing an Irish jig, I highly recommend this inspired song:

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