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Another Sex Education Star Has Joined The Doctor Who Franchise

From Moordale Secondary School to the Tardis.

Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong in Netflix's 'Sex Education'

The internet was ecstatic when Sex Education’s Ncuti Gatwa was cast in Doctor Who to play the fifteenth doctor. And it turns out he’s not the only actor from the hit Netflix series who is crossing over to the science fiction franchise. Alistair Petrie, who plays former headmaster Mr. Groff in the coming-of-age drama, has signed up to join the Doctor Who universe.

Petrie will voice the Count in the audio series The Fifth Doctor Adventures. He’ll be taking on a special three-part episode titled The Edge of War. In this extension of the popular show, Peter Davison will voice the role of the Doctor, Janet Fielding will play Tegan, and Sarah Sutton will voice the role of Nyssa.

Celebrating his casting, Petrie said in a statement: “The Count is a seemingly benign French aristocrat existing in a place where time may or may not be a tangible enemy. He’s existing in a bucolic environment and I think he’s trying to protect people. There’s a posh brilliance and gentleness to him until the story ramps up but ultimately and tragically, he’s misguided."

As per Digital Spy, the story created by Jonathan Barnes is set against a backdrop of 1936 France and will see Sutton’s character rent a room in an inn run by Fielding’s Tegan. The mysterious and intriguing synopsis reads: “The village of Villy is in a state of contentment, tinged only slightly with unease. A kilometre away, construction is underway on a large underground fortification, part of the Maginot Line project which has seen the building of a series of defences against future invasion.”

While little is known about Petrie’s role, the eerie landscape forms the perfect base for the Doctor’s arrival from Paris, right in time to solve the mystery at hand. David Richardson, the producer of the audio series also called Petrie a “brilliant actor” and was delighted to welcome him to the cast.