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Only 3 Sets Of Twins Have Competed In The Bachelor Franchise

“Hope you're in it to TWIN it!”

by Kadin Burnett
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Bachelor Nation is no stranger to seeing double, and Bachelor in Paradise will offer double the trouble during Season 8. After not making it past the first night on The Bachelorette, twin brothers Joey and Justin Young will be returning to the franchise by stirring things up on the beach in Paradise. But Justin and Joey are not the first set of twins to cause a stir in the franchise. Here are all the twin contestants featured on The Bachelor and Bachelorette so far.

Samantha & Leona

To find the first set of twins to ever vie for romance on The Bachelor, you’ll have to go all the way back to Season 4. The year was 2003, and Bob Guiney was the face of the franchise. Of the 25 women competing to spend the rest of their lives with Bob were Leona and Samantha, two 25-year-old twins from Chicago Illinois. Leona worked as a realtor’s assistant, while Samantha was a kitchen designer. Despite being the first set of twins on the show, neither woman managed to last all that long in Season 4. They would, however, serve as the only set of twins to appear on the show until 2016.

Emily & Haley

Back in 2016 when Ben Higgins was the Bachelor, his dating pool included two of the franchise’s most memorable personalities, them being Emily and Haley Ferguson. Despite living and working in Las Vegas, both girls listed their occupations as twins. These two definitely played up the fact that they were twins, and managed to leave their mark on franchise, but neither woman could make things work with Ben. Haley lasted four weeks and was eliminated on a date where Ben took she and her sister back to their childhood home in Vegas. Emily managed to stay until Week 7, when she was eliminated just one week before hometowns. The twins were brought back for the third season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2016. The rules for that season dictated that if either twin received a rose, then both would be safe. That season also featured a switcheroo, where Emily and Haley swapped places on a date, fooling an unsuspecting Brandon Andreen, who featured on Des’ season of The Bachelorette. Nevertheless, their twin antics proved to be their greatest impact on the season as both women left on their own volition one week before the season finale.

Justin & Joey

Hailing from Brookfield, Connecticut, Justin and Joey served as the first male twins ever to grace the franchise, and they totally leaned into their status as twins. For instance, in their Bachelorette bios, Joey lists his occupation as “twin,” while Justin lists his as “other twin.”

Unfortunately, both Justin and Joey didn’t get far in Gabby and Rachel’s season. The bachelorettes constantly shook up the rose ceremony process, starting with night one, when they canceled the ceremony altogether. They did, however, agree that neither one of them was into Justin or Joey, and they sent the twins home. But that wasn’t the last time Bachelor fans saw Justin and Joey, as they each got another shot at love in Season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise. The twins are due to arrive on the beach during Episode 11, airing Nov. 1, and from the look of the episode’s trailer, they jump right into the action with a double date card.

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