Amazon's The Wilds Trailer Is A Modern Mix of Lord Of The Flies & Lost

It offers commentary on being a teen girl in America.

Amazon's new 'The Wilds' series follows a group of teenage girls who were intentionally stranded on ...
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Attention, mystery fans: you're going to want to add Amazon's new YA series The Wilds to your watchlist. Premiering Dec. 11, the 10-episode show is "part survival drama, part dystopic slumber party," following a group of teenage girls who wind up marooned on a deserted island. Think of it like Lost meets Lord of the Flies, but with the added horrors of being a teenage girl.

"I don't mean to say that what happened wasn't traumatic, to end up where we did, in the middle of nowhere, completely cut off from the lives we left behind," one character reflects in the newly debuted trailer. "It brings us to the real question, doesn't it? What was so great about the lives we left behind?"

Then, someone receives a "don't contact me again" text. Already, it's clear that the girls didn't have picture perfect lives before the island, but nothing could've prepared them for what happened. Together, they must work together to survive and figure out why a plane passed right by an island full of "lost girls" with a gargantuan "HELP" sign drawn in the sand. There's also a character who is asking too many questions, which will definitely need to be unpacked later. And at the very end, one girl's mother says, "Sometimes I feel guilty that we lied to her," making it seem like this was a big experiment organized by their families.

Whether or not you have an Amazon subscription, you can stream the first episode of The Wilds through Dec. 25. But if you get hooked, you'll have to sign up for a Prime account to solve the mystery.