RHOSLC’s Heather & Whitney Are Still On A “Friendship Break”

“Bad Weather” started coming apart on RHOSLC Season 3, and the reunion hasn’t given them any closure.

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RHOSLC’s Heather & Whitney discussing something over lunch and cocktails.
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Bad Weather may not be forever. The union between The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City stars Heather Gay and Whitney Rose has been so strong that their co-star Lisa Barlow even dubbed them “Bad Weather” during a Season 1 reunion fight, a title that the duo has embraced proudly. However, on Season 3 of the Bravo series, Heather and Whitney — who are also second cousins — are going through it, leaving fans wondering if there’s any path to reconciliation.

Their sudden yet epic fight kicked off on the third episode as the cast was on a trip to Scottsdale. Whitney recalled a story from a Utah Jazz game in which her and Heather’s mutual friend Angie Harrington apparently pointed out a man to them and alleged that Lisa was sleeping with him for courtside tickets. When she asked Heather to corroborate her story, she refused, saying she didn’t hear Angie make the allegation. However, Whitney refused to back down, prompting Heather to yell at her and even push her into a window. “F*ck you for calling me a liar,” she screamed.

For Whitney, that push changed their friendship for good. “When you have someone who's trying to lie, and someone's really challenging them, they’re gonna get angry,” she told Entertainment Tonight in September 2022. On the flip side, Heather told ET that she was “shook” by their fallout. Since then, their relationship has both progressed and stagnated.

Their spat only got more complicated the night after their altercation, when Whitney expressed that she was hurt by Heather not having her back, especially as she was navigating new memories of abuse that were formerly suppressed. In turn, Heather accused her of making the entire trip about herself by revealing her abuse to the other ladies and informing Lisa about the accusations against her, therefore overshadowing the trip’s intended purpose of supporting Jen Shah (whose saga is another story). The two somewhat came to a resolution in the Oct. 26 episode after both ladies apologized for their part in the fight — with caveats — but it didn’t last forever.

On the second part of the Season 3 reunion, which aired Feb. 1, Heather said she held Whitney to a “much higher standard” than friends like Jen, who acted far worse, and admitted that Whitney’s new friendship with Lisa clouded her judgment. The duo continued to argue over their “friendship break,” as Whitney said to the ladies, much to Heather’s dismay. “I did not talk badly about you,” Whitney insisted. “I said, ‘I need to put up some boundaries because I feel like I keep working on the relationship and you keep shutting me down and you’re not receptive to it.’” Heather still called that term a “betrayal,” and pointed to their argument at BravoCon as proof that things were still heated.

At BravoCon in October 2022, Whitney said during the RHOSLC panel that she and Heather were on the mend, recalling a moment while filming The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip in Thailand where the two were “crying in the pool while it rained.” However, Heather strongly disagreed. “We're not good. Why would we be good?” she responded. “You dumped me as a friend.” She expanded on her comments to US Weekly later that day, admitting things were now “weird” between them. “What are you supposed to do if somebody that you love doesn’t wanna be your friend anymore?” she said.

While they didn’t come to a resolution at the reunion, Heather did give Whitney an olive branch over social media after Jen’s sentencing— but it seems like Whitney was questioning her intentions. “So I get re-followed after her ride or die was sentenced yesterday... WILD!” she wrote on Twitter, sharing a screenshot of the notification she received. After the tweet, Heather unfollowed her once again.

Clearly, Bad Weather still has a hazardous road ahead.

This article was originally published on Oct. 26, 2022.

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