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Deuxmoi’s Definitive Guide To Celebrity Liquor Brands

From 818 Tequila to A$AP Rocky’s Mercer + Prince Whisky.

by Deuxmoi
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Last year, I took it upon myself to provide readers with the ultimate guide to celebrity wines. I drank it all, from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Invivo X (I’d stick to watching her in And Just Like That...) to Maison No. 9 by Post Malone (a shockingly impeccable rosé). While it was an exhausting job, as the person behind Deuxmoi — the infamous anonymous celebrity gossip Instagram — I’m nothing if not dedicated to giving my readers the tea on absolutely everything about their favorite stars. So this time around, I’m kicking up the alcohol content. Aka, me and my friends (whom we’ll call B, C, and S) are back on our bullsh*t: reviewing celebrity liquor brands.

First, a few caveats. Since there are so many celebrity owned spirits nowadays, I had to narrow down which would make the cut. But rather than pick one specific type of alcohol, I based the selection on a variety of Deuxmoi followers’ most beloved celebrities, like Kate Hudson, A$AP Rocky, and, of course, Kendall Jenner. Finally, I also purchased Blake Lively’s sparkling nonalcoholic mixer, Betty Buzz, to create some original Deuxmoi cocktails. (Keep reading for the recipe for the Mr. & Mrs. Reynolds. You’ll thank me later.)

Without further ado, here is the definitive Deuxmoi guide to celebrity liquor brands.

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King St. Vodka is kept in a bottle that’s as beautiful as Kate Hudson in a Fabletics campaign. And much like with Fabletics, Hudson does a great job marketing this vodka. I often see her drinking it poolside, leading me to also want to be poolside with a King St. drink in hand.

When we went to drink it, we decided to mix it with the sparkling grapefruit Betty Buzz, thinking it would be the perfect summer cocktail. However, it was anything but. The grapefruit Betty Buzz is very faint in its flavoring, which is fine, except that King St. needs a mixer with a bit more flavor. Because this vodka is essentially for the 25-year-old who is balling on a budget (that vodka taste is strong). I suggest trying King St. in a Greyhound or Madras — or anything else that will help mellow it out.

Due to the controversy surrounding the launch of 818 — has there ever been a KarJenner brand launch without a bit of controversy?! — this was our most contentious taste test. I’d received a slew of DMs from Deuxmoi followers with their positive review of 818 when it first hit stores, so I was optimistic. However, B immediately said she didn’t want to like it. (Hater!)

From the first sip, I knew that my followers were right. This tequila is good. Its notes of vanilla make it easy to drink and it reminded me of Reposado, in the best way. S mixed hers with lime LaCroix and loved the combo, so we all followed suit. And guess what? B liked it the most out of all of us, so much so that it was her favorite out of all the alcohols tested. A hater no more.

Mezcal is a preferred taste: one that B and C do not prefer, but S and I do. And what I love about Dos Hombres in particular is that has just enough smoke so that there’s the classic mezcal flavor, without it becoming too overpowering.

Once again, S added some lime LaCroix to hers, and we all ended up loving the combo. Even B, who doesn’t usually like mezcal, found this drink enjoyable. It reminded us of a healthier version of a margarita, especially after we sprinkled Tajín on the rim of our glasses. We named this drink the “Tread Lightly” — as an homage to one of our favorite Breaking Bad quotes — and I’m telling you, run, don’t walk, to try it.

Because this was LeBron’s tequila, we had high expectations. I mean, if you’re going to be the GOAT in one aspect of your life, you better be the GOAT in all of them. And luckily for LeBron, Lobos did not disappoint. It is so smooth and even more botanical tasting than 818.

We took another shot at Betty Buzz and mixed Lobos with the lemon lime flavor. It was a slam dunk. (Get it?! Ha.) I would 10/10 order this at a restaurant or bar. The one critique we had is that the bottle is underwhelming, and if I didn’t know it was LeBron’s tequila, I wouldn’t be attracted to buy it. Greatest bottle of all time it was not.

Calirosa is a tequila that’s meant to be sipped solo. And from our initial sip, our thoughts were unanimous: Calirosa is delicious! There was no crazy tequila aftertaste and your esophagus will not be harmed in the consumption of this alcohol. (Always a plus.)

While the bottle was beautifully shaped, there was one aspect to the packaging that had us perplexed. The label is cropped on the top and bottom in a way that the wording is cut off. Adam, we know you have enough money from The Voice to make a full label. Is this a look that we don’t get? Slide into my DMs and LMK!

I don’t think I can convey how fantastic SelvaRey smells. Make it a candle! Make it a room spray! Lather me in it! It’s like if Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and a bananas Foster dessert had a baby, but somehow the taste wasn’t overpowering, it was just right.

The bottle design was very well-executed, with “made in the jungle” embossed on the back as a nod to its Panama origins. This would be a delicious dessert drink served with crushed ice in a coconut. The thought of sipping this on a pink sand beach is what dreams are made of. Instant Ricky Regal vibes.

Due to a chain of very unfortunate events in high school, I haven’t been able to drink gin in years. But lucky for me, Aviation Gin cured my fear of this liquor I once reviled. What I like about Aviation is that it has a faint, calming smell. We detected notes of rosemary with a lavender kick. Just what I needed to get back on the proverbial gin horse.

Even though we didn’t love how the Betty Buzz tasted with the King St. Vodka, we knew we had to give it another go. So we paired the gin with the lemon lime Betty Buzz and we decided it’s meant to go with Aviation and Aviation only. Much like Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively themselves, the two melded together perfectly. We decided to name this combo the aforementioned Mr. and Mrs. Reynolds — and it is delicious.

If you’re looking to get acquainted with bourbon but don’t know where to start, it’s here. Brother’s Bond is a very approachable, drinkable whiskey that has a sweet aroma. (I later found out from a follower who attended a Brother's Bond tasting that the taste is reminiscent of the banana bread Ian grew up enjoying.)

We all agreed this was the perfect bourbon for our girl group, who, just 10 minutes before trying it, was very apprehensive to start the brown liquor portion of the taste test. Brother’s Bourbon reminded C of any drinking establishment with sawdust on the floor. But if you can’t find sawdust to kick around, this is also the perfect Bourbon to sip after a day on the slopes.

This bourbon makes you crave being in a mahogany paneled library, curled up in a distressed leather chair, with a big ball of ice in your drink. And if I had been in that exact environment, I think the Longbranch would’ve been hitting differently. (No shade to B’s chic apartment, but at this point in the taste test, her glass dining room table was strewn with pizza and the remnants of a cocktail shaker that exploded during the mixology portion of the evening.) We sipped this liquor neat, and because it had a very strong note of caramel, it went down smooth. A couple more sips and we were feeling alright, alright, alright.

Mercer + Prince comes in the chicest bottle of all the brands we sampled, which is not surprising considering this is fit king A$AP Rocky’s whisky, after all. There are actual glasses built into the top and bottom of the bottle that detach so you can enjoy Mercer + Prince anywhere. You can even pretend you’re his girlfriend, Rihanna, who as we all know, loves to have a glass of wine on the go.

Mercer + Prince smells exactly like cherries, and while we felt very classy drinking it, it was way too bold for us. This is for expert whisky drinkers only.

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