Which Celebrity Book Club Should You Join?

Take this quiz to find a celeb whose literary tastes — and posting style — align with yours.

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We’re living in the golden age of reading — or, at least, it seems that way on social media. Posting books on main is nearly as common as sharing water-adjacent thirst traps. Models, actors, and musicians are all clamoring to be papped while holding books, and they’ve even been known to panic-buy tomes to fill their shelves before filming home tours. (Looking at you, Ashley Tisdale.) Those who are genuinely interested in curating their own collections, on the other hand, have taken it to the next level, launching their own book clubs as extensions of their personal brands. This means that well-established clubs, like Reese Witherspoon’s and Emma Roberts’, now have to compete with an ever-growing list of upstart bookfluencers — whether it’s Dua Lipa (who selected Douglas Stuart’s Shuggie Bain as her inaugural pick) or Jennette McCurdy (who’s breaking the mold by selecting both a fiction and nonfiction title each month), both of whom debuted their clubs this past month.

With all these celebrity book clubs, it might be hard to discern which is the right one for you. Which should you choose if you’re the type to posta a Notes App-style list of your favorites at the end of each year? Or if you prefer a searing social critique to literary, Sally Rooney-esque romance? Luckily, Bustle has you covered: look no further than the quiz below to find the long-standing celebrity book club — sorry Dua and Jennette — that best suits your taste.

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