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Friends Fans Spot “Annoying” Continuity Error In Brad Pitt’s Cameo Episode

The mishap has been doing the rounds on Reddit.

David Schwimmer as Ross Gellar and Brad Pitt as Will Colbert in 'Friends'
Warner Bros. / 'Friends'

Throughout the show’s 10-season run, Friends welcomed a string of high-profile cameos, with the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Julia Roberts, Ben Stiller, Bruce Willis, Danny DeVito, and many more, appearing on the beloved sitcom. One of the most memorable guest appearances arrived in Season 8, when Brad Pitt, who was married to Jennifer Aniston (aka Rachel Green) at the time, starred in the 2001 episode “The One with the Rumor.”

As fans will recall, Pitt portrays the character of Will Colbert, an old high school friend of Monica and Ross Gellar who is invited to Thanksgiving dinner. However, it soon becomes clear that Will has an intense dislike of Rachel, revealing that he and Ross previously founded the “I hate Rachel Green club” during high school in response to Rachel bullying him.

During the episode, Chandler (Matthew Perry) is also shown pretending to enjoy a football game amid the Thanksgiving festivities, claiming that he has no idea what’s actually going on in the sport. However, over on Reddit, one attentive fan noted that the Chandler subplot completely contradicts the Season 3 episode ‘The One with the Football,” which originally aired in 1998, and shows Chandler expressing a keen interest in the game.

“Chandler is depicted as a pretty big sports fan throughout the entire series, and in an earlier Thanksgiving episode, Chandler is very much into football,” the Reddit user shared. “It’s extremely trivial, but it annoys me every time I see it.”

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“They literally spend a whole Thanksgiving episode playing football. It’s even called ‘The One with the Football,’” another Reddit user said of the apparent continuity blunder. However, not everyone agreed that Chandler’s Season 8 indifference to football was necessarily an error. “They only really talked about Chandler attending hockey and basketball games in the show, not so much football,” another fan pointed out.

This isn’t the only Friends continuity error to have caught the attention of Reddit in recent months, and one major Joey Tribbiani character inconsistency left many fans divided.