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Gypsy Rose Blanchard Wants A “Redo Wedding” With Ryan Scott Anderson

They first exchanged vows while she was still in prison.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard introduced her husband Ryan Scott Anderson in Lifetime's 'The Prison Confession...

Gypsy Rose Blanchard says in a sneak peek at Lifetime’s new true-crime documentary that her late mother, Dee Dee, never wanted her “to find love or be happy.” After wiping away her tears, Blanchard offers a more hopeful update: “I am engaged!” she announces.

In addition to recounting her emotional journey as a victim of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard introduces Blanchard’s fiancé, Ryan Scott Anderson, for the first time, and follows the road to their prison wedding and life as a married couple.

Here’s everything to know about Anderson and their relationship.

How It All Began

The couple first connected at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when Anderson, who’s now a middle school special education teacher, was working at a Louisiana hospital.

After a co-worker watched Netflix’s Tiger King and told him she wanted to write a letter to Joe Exotic in prison, he decided to reach out to Blanchard, who was serving a 10-year sentence in Missouri for her part in Dee Dee’s 2015 murder.

“I had watched her documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest, like three years before that,” Anderson, 37, recently told People. “I’ve never watched [Hulu’s] The Act, but I remember my friends talking about The Act and I was like, I’ll watch the documentary again. So it was kind of fresh on my mind.”

Much to his surprise, Blanchard replied, and they began exchanging emails. Not only was Blanchard hoping to make friends in Louisiana where she planned to live after her prison release, but she was also drawn to his personality and the fact he’d sacrificed to help his mother raise his nephew.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, however, they didn’t meet in person until July 2021.

A Prison Wedding

After several visits and long-distance correspondence, they obtained a marriage license in Chillicothe, Missouri, in June 2022, according to The Springfield News-Leader. About a month later, Anderson and Blanchard were married in a small prison ceremony on July 21, 2022. There were no guests, however, and since Blanchard was released from prison on parole on Dec. 28, a bigger celebration is now in the works.

“We do plan on having a reception/redo wedding with all of our family and our friends and the dress and the cake and everything because we deserve that. I deserve that. He deserves that,” Blanchard added in her People cover story.

“Our prison wedding was just something to where we can make our vows to each other. It was something that meant something to us. And I think the party is kind of for everybody else and us, but mostly for everybody else.”

Life In The Public Eye

Before Blanchard’s prison release, Anderson admitted he was “very nervous” about the attention he was about to receive, explaining that he considers himself a “very private person.”

After his identity was revealed publicly, online trolls targeted Anderson’s Instagram comments, and Blanchard was quick to jump to her husband’s defense. “Ryan, don’t listen to the haters,” she wrote under his November 2023 selfie in January following her release.

“I love you, and you love me. We do not owe anyone anything. Our family is who matters. If you get likes and good comments great, if you get hate then whatever because THEY DON’T MATTER.”