In ‘Hocus Pocus 2’ The Sanderson Sisters’ Zodiac Signs Make Total Sense

Ahead of Hocus Pocus 2, it’s important to realize that one zodiac sign is actually quite likely to say, “I smell children.”

Have you heard the news? The Sanderson Sisters are back and more powerful than ever! On September 30, join your favorite trio of witches on their latest adventure in Hocus Pocus 2. But while we anticipate the resurrection of Winifred (Bette Midler), Mary (Kathy Najimy), and Sarah (Sarah Jessica Parker), let’s explore the sun signs of Salem’s famous trifecta.

All three of the Sanderson sisters have unique yet complimentary energy to support their calculated plans of becoming immortal. Winifred is the group's dangerous and driven leader who is most definitely a Scorpio. Mary, the calm and quiet one of the bunch, gives off major grounded Taurus vibes, while effervescent Sarah Sanderson — who compels people with her romantic charm and hypnotizing singing — is a classic Pisces.

As an astrologer, here’s my in-depth breakdown of the Sanderson sisters’ zodiac signs.

Winifred Sanderson Is A Dangerous Scorpio

On the Sanderson sisters’ memorable track “I Put a Spell on You,” Winifred proclaimed, “Out of all the witches working, I’m the worst." And as a dark and dangerous Scorpio, she surely proved it. Winnie’s main motivation was to stay young forever (which is hugely ambitious) and to retrieve her beloved spell book from Max Dennison, an unassuming teenager who woke the sisters from the dead. As an action-oriented Scorpio, Winnie is ruled by Mars, the planet of assertion, momentum, and danger, which explains why she is the most headstrong, motivated, and feared of the Sanderson sisters. Winnie also sings, “Been 300 years, right down to the day. Now the witch is back, and there’s hell to pay,” which reveals her vengeful side that is true to her Scorpio nature. Scorpios never forget when they’ve been slighted and it doesn’t get more vindictive than waiting three centuries to punish the people of Salem who have wronged her.

When speaking of Winifred, Binx — the boy-turned-black-cat who was cursed by Winnie at the start of the original film — told the Dennison children that the eldest of the Sanderson sisters was certainly the jealous type. This comes as no surprise, as Winnie's Scorpio energy gives her a competitive and possessive edge. Scorpios belong to the fixed modality of the zodiac which often causes them to be tenacious with people or belongings that they love. However, as a powerful witch, Winnie takes this to the extreme. Legend has it that she poisoned and sewed the mouth shut of her lover, Billy Bucherson, after he got on too well with her youngest sister Sarah. Why? Because she was hell-bent on ensuring he wouldn’t be able to spill her secrets to anyone, even in death. Only a dramatic Scorpio would go to this level of extreme to protect their privacy, and we can’t wait to see what’s up her sleeve in Hocus Pocus 2.

Mary Sanderson, The Middle Sister, Is A Loyal Taurus

Mary Sanderson is the inspiring middle sister of the Sanderson trio and a loyal Taurus who Winnie and Sarah turn to for comfort and reassurance. Whether it’s consoling her sisters when they’re ready to give up on their schemes, or praising Winnie for her “beautifully explained” plan to retain their youth before the end of Halloween, Mary is always prepared to uplift the people she loves. As a Taurus, Mary is ruled by Venus — the planet of affection, security, and pleasure — which is why she’s focused on self-care, even amidst the sisters' challenging journey toward immortality. Mary demonstrates this when she shares her ideas before the sisters initiate their plan to outwit the Dennison children, telling them, “Since this promises to be a most dire and stressful evening, I suggest we form a calming circle.” As a grounded earth sign, Taureans like Mary prioritize their well-being and strive to be their best selves, no matter what mission lies ahead of them.

It’s no secret that natives of the Taurus zodiac sign have some of the sharpest senses out there, which Mary proves in Hocus Pocus with her signature line, “I smell children.” Taureans have a sharp awareness of their inner needs because their zodiac sign rules the five senses: touch, smell, hearing, sight, and taste. Mary uses her keen senses to alert her sisters of the presence of a child whose essence they can harness with magic to prolong their lives. She’s the trio's best navigator and a calculated witch who is guided by her gut instincts. It’ll be interesting to see how her Taurus tendencies will continue in Hocus Pocus 2.

Sarah Sanderson, A Pisces, Is Romantic And Enchanting

You’ll often find the youngest Sanderson sister, Sarah, dancing and chanting to herself like a true Pisces. As a Pisces, Sarah is governed by Neptune — the planet of dreams and delusion — and Jupiter — the planet of attraction and optimism — giving her captivating and enticing energy. We get to witness Sarah’s true power in action when Winnie tells her to “fill the sky” with her enchanting voice, luring the children of Salem to the witch's cottage while she sings, “Come Little Children.” Natives of the Pisces zodiac sign are naturally poetic and are most likely to be musically gifted. Sarah’s mystical allure and enticing magic that compels the children of Salem to trust her is signature of her Pisces sun, and we can’t wait to see how this energy continues to play out in Hocus Pocus 2.

Like her sister Winifred, Sarah is ruled by the water element; however, she is far more light-hearted, playful, and free-flowing, which causes her to become distracted from the trio’s plans. It’s not annual for a mystical Pisces like Sarah to become distracted from reality as they are known for having a rich and colorful inner world. Though she may seem engaged during the witches’ plotting, Sarah is often caught daydreaming or lagging behind — like the time she was busy snacking on a spider during Winnie’s theatrical speech about how they must brew a new potion before sunrise. Despite her other-worldly nature, Sarah is the perfect team player with a helpful say yes attitude, credited to her sun sign that allows her to follow her sister’s lead.


Individually, the Sanderson sisters are each a force to be reckoned with. But their true strength lies in their sisterhood, as they're able to unite their unique magical talents to achieve their wildest ambitions. Winnie, the dangerous Scorpio; Mary, the instinctual Taurus; and Sarah, the dreamy Pisces, band together to plot their revenge over Salem and prove that some legends never die.

Hocus Pocus 2 is available to stream exclusively on Disney+ September 30.