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John Legend & Jimmy Fallon Can't Believe It's "March Again" in New Quarantine Song

The duo marked one year of quarantine with a parody music video about Zoom and the uselessness of time.

John Legend Jimmy Fallon March Again
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / YouTube

It's already been a year since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic upended our daily routines, even though it feels like it's gone by slower than the pace of most award shows. To mark the occasion, John Legend and Jimmy Fallon teamed up for a new parody song, "March Again," unleashing it on the March 1 episode of The Tonight Show as a funny reminder that we've all been living the quarantine life for one full year. And if the pandemic lasts longer than anticipated, this could eventually become the next "It's gonna be May" meme.

Set to the tune of "Belle," the opening number of Beauty and the Beast (perhaps inspired by a quarantine rewatch?), Fallon kicks off the track by re-enacting his new quarantine routine: figuring out how to use Zoom for work before moving to "the next part of my couch" to watch Netflix. And instead of broadening his horizons, he chooses to watch The Office for the sixth consecutive time, forgetting that it now streams on Peacock.

Legend joins in for the dramatic slowdown halfway through the song, as he croons about forgetting the meaning of time and not waxing his chest "since quarantine week three." The duo recounted their "53 Zoom weddings" and the "600 laps around my den" (must be nice having a den), as well as gave a brief ode to Quibi, the ill-fated app with star-studded, bite-sized original shows (each episode lasted 10 minutes; the app lasted six months). "I can't believe it's really March again," they sing together as the song's closing line.

Like the rest of us, both Legend and Fallon were forced to quickly adjust to quarantine life. In March 2020, The Voice coach started putting on virtual concerts to support his most recent album Bigger Love after touring came to a screeching halt, and Fallon hosted The Tonight Show from home for months before returning to his studio in July, but without a live audience.

To cope and entertain viewers, Fallon has been writing jingles about the COVID-19 pandemic since it began. In April 2020, Fallon sang about the pressures of quarantine on "Starting to Crack," back when we hoped it would last only a few weeks. He also teamed up with Adam Sandler to remind viewers not to break social distancing measures with "Don't Touch Grandma."

When he finally made his return to his 30 Rock studio, Fallon parodied "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas," transforming the classic to "It's Starting To Look A Bit Like Normal." Now, with COVID-19 vaccines slowly making their way into the arms of Americans and people around the world, hopefully Fallon won't have to look to quarantine for inspiration much longer.