Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom’s Daughter Makes Idol Debut

It was predictably adorable.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom.
Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s daughter, Daisy Dove, just made a rare appearance. The couple tends to keep the 3-year-old out of the spotlight, but on May 12 they made an exception for American Idol’s Disney Night episode.

When Perry transformed into Cinderella during the episode, the camera cut to a shot of her fiancé, Bloom, and Daisy watching from the audience.

Daisy’s Idol debut follows Perry’s recent Mother’s Day tribute to her daughter, who was born in August 2020. In an Instagram post, the “Firework” singer shared photographs taken throughout her pregnancy, including a snap of her baby bump and an ultrasound scan.

“Today I told my mother that the day I realized how much she loved me is the day I had my own daughter, Daisy Dove,” she wrote in the caption. “There is nothing like a Mother’s love. Never take it for granted. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers and caretakers — any way you come.”

Perry also recently discussed her bond with Daisy in an interview with HSN’s The List With Debbie D, revealing that her daughter started calling her by her stage name.

Daisy Dove and Orlando Bloom on American Idol. 'American Idol' / ABC

“She called me Katy Perry yesterday,” she said. “I was like ‘Uh uh girl, I’m mama to you.’ She’s like, ‘You’re also Katy Perry.’ I’m like, ‘Uh uh. I’m mama. Don’t you call me Katy Perry, I’m mama!'”

Pop Star-Turned-Matriarch

In a recent interview with Fox News, Perry opened up about the difficulty of being a working mom. “The challenge is the balance of it,” she said. “Finding balance being a matriarch, being a mother, being a boss, being an artist, being a creator, being a leader.”

Despite the challenges, Perry says “the unconditional love” makes it all worth it. “It’s a massive cliché, but that is actually it,” she continued. “You climb all these mountains to see the view, and you think that that’s the view that you’re looking for. ... It’s not until I had my child that I realized, actually this is the view I’ve been looking for.”