Lady Gaga Addresses Rumors About A Beyoncé “Telephone” Sequel

Gaga, ooh la la.

Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.
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We did it, Honey Bee. Lady Gaga just gave the “Telephone” update fans have been waiting for.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight at the premiere of her concert film, Gaga: Chromatica Ball, on May 23, Mother Monster was asked about a possible follow-up to her 2010 duet with Queen Bey. “Whenever Beyoncé calls, I’d like to pick up the phone,” Gaga said, suggesting she’d be down for a “Telephone” part two.

Released in 2010 as the second single from Gaga’s EP The Fame Monster, “Telephone” stormed the charts globally, selling more than 7 million copies in a single year.

Starring both Gaga and Beyoncé, the song’s music video also swept the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, and NME put “Telephone” at No. 17 on their list of the 100 best music videos in history.

The music video itself was a sequel to Gaga’s “Paparazzi” video, in which she’s arrested for murdering her boyfriend. In “Telephone,” Beyoncé bails Gaga out of jail, and the duo go on a murder spree together.

At the end of the film, the words “To Be Continued” appear on screen as Gaga and Bey drive away in their “Pussy Wagon” together.

“Telephone” video starring Lady Gaga and Beyoncé.Interscope Records / Lady Gaga / Beyoncé

A Slew Of Incorrect “Telephone” Theories

Following the announcement of Beyoncé’s Cowboy Carter in February, fans noticed that the car Bey drives in the “Texas Hold ‘Em” teaser closely resembles the yellow pick-up truck in “Telephone.”

At the 2024 Super Bowl, which Gaga and Bey both attended, the former shared a seemingly cryptic photo of her view of the stadium on Instagram, while making a peace sign. Fans then speculated Gaga’s sign was actually a two, and she was dropping an Easter Egg about “Telephone” 2.0.

Unfortunately for fans, the string of viral theories proved incorrect, and Gaga wasn’t featured on Cowboy Carter.

Gaga’s Album Update

At the Chromatica Ball film premiere, Gaga also shared an update on her next album, teasing that it’s “completely different” from her previous work.

“I have been working on my new music all the time and I truly live and breathe it,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I just can’t wait to give it to the fans.” As for a possible release date, she joked, “They hate when I say, ‘Soon,’ but soon.”