40 Mistakes That You Don't Realize Make Your Home Way Less Cool

Forget about your guests — impress yourself by fixing them.

Written by Claire Epting
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Whether you reside in a cute studio apartment or a multi-story house, your living space should feel like somewhere you want to hang out — but there are probably a few minor home mistakes you’re making that keep your place from reaching its full potential. Luckily, they’re easily fixable.

Whether you’re dealing with drab lighting, countertop clutter in the kitchen and bathroom, or an absence of style, these oversights can be rectified with a few awesome home upgrades. Your pad will be so much cooler — and your wallet won’t be drained, either.


Mistake: Crowding Your Counter Or End Table With Electronic Appliances

Solution: This Outlet Shelf That Keeps Your Devices Up & Out Of The Way While Charging

When you mount this outlet shelf above a wall socket, you create the perfect platform for your electronic device — so it doesn’t end up crowding your counter. The shelf easily supports up to 10 pounds, so it’s perfect for holding your Bluetooth speaker, Amazon Alexa, essential oil diffuser, or charging smartphone. A convenient hole at the back of the shelf allows you to run a cable directly upward for a streamlined, tidy look.

  • Available colors: black, white


Mistake: Using Scented Candles That Come In Standard Jars

Solution: These Whimsical Bubble Candles With A Lovely Floral Scent

Tired of the same old pillar and jar candles? This pair of cube-shaped bubble candles adds a whimsical, artful touch to any room. Not to mention, they emit a gorgeous floral scent that will make your home feel fresher and more inviting. Each 5.5-ounce candle is made from 100% soy wax, which burns cleanly and evenly down to the last bit. Choose from multipacks with candles in shades like sky blue, lavender, and lemon yellow.

  • Available multipacks: 7


Mistake: Foregoing Accent Lighting In Kitchens, Closets & Hallways

Solution: The LED Puck Light That’s Touch-Activated & Doesn’t Need Wiring

Add a touch of visibility to your dim countertops or staircases with this convenient LED puck light. Complete with mounting tape and screws, the battery-powered light can be installed virtually anywhere in your home — think: dark closets, bookcases, and more. Simply touch the lens to activate the light, then tap it again to turn it off.


Mistake: Making Do With A Mismatched Set Of Cookware

Solution: A 16-Piece Nonstick Cookware Set That Comes In A Dozen Cool Shades

Complete with 16 different pieces — including frying pans, a stock pot, and a variety of utensils — this color-coordinated cookware set makes your kitchen look instantly nicer (and it’s refreshingly budget-friendly). Made from nonstick ceramic, the set is available in 12 vibrant hues, such as turquoise, periwinkle, and soft pink. The pieces are dishwasher-safe, but should clean up easily with just a bit of soapy water and a rinse.

  • Available colors: 12


Mistake: Not Switching Up Your Throw Pillows Every Now & Then

Solution: This Textured Throw Pillow Cover That Livens Up Your Sofa

Covered in a bouclé fabric, this throw pillow cover is a great way to revamp a tired-looking couch. Available in multiple sizes, the cover works with the pillow inserts you already own, saving you from having to buy a whole new set (although you can also buy inserts on Amazon). There are seven muted, versatile shades to pick from, including gray, dark green, and ivory.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 7


Mistake: Cluttering Your Bathroom Counter With Toiletries

Solution: The Wall-Mounted Bathroom Organizer That Keeps Your Counter Clear

Acting as a toothpaste dispenser, toothbrush holder, and storage unit, this wall-mounted bathroom organizer will make your morning and evening routine so much easier. It even comes equipped with two water cups for rinsing, so your sink area can remain spotless. A tray at the top of the unit creates even more space for lotion, soap, and a razor.

  • Available colors: 5


Mistake: Not Keeping Fun Beverages Around For Guests — Or Yourself

Solution: This Wallet-Friendly Cold Brew Maker You Can Keep In Your Fridge

A fun beverage is one of the easiest ways to brighten up your day — and you can skip the trip to the coffee shop and brew your own cold brew at home with this filtered pitcher. Brewing up to 4 cups of your favorite blend, this glass coffee maker can be placed directly in the fridge while the grounds infuse your water. Within 12 to 24 hours, you’ll have a fresh, robust beverage to wake you up in the morning — or to keep you going in the afternoon.


Mistake: Using A Standard Plastic Mat In The Shower

Solution: A Loofah-Like Bath Mat That Also Exfoliates Your Feet

Unlike a conventional plastic bath mat, this one features a soft yet durable loofah-like surface. Combined with an anti-slip bottom, the textured mat ensures you have a secure place to stand while you lather up in the shower. Not to mention, it’s quick to dry, resistant to soap scum, and the exfoliating fibers can be used to scrub your feet.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 5


Mistake: Storing Pantry Staples In Their Original Boxes

Solution: These Airtight Canisters That Are Made From Sleek & Sturdy Glass

Keep your go-to pantry staples — such as pasta, beans, and spices — in these airtight glass canisters with stainless steel lids. Not only do they ensure your food retains its freshness, but they also give your kitchen a sophisticated edge. You get eight jars in total, with varying heights to accommodate different types of dry goods.


Mistake: Crowding Kitchen & Bathroom Counters With Small Items

Solution: A Pair Of Minimalist Floating Wall Shelves With Metallic Accents

With their crisp design and metallic accents, these floating shelves add a minimalist, elegant touch wherever you put them. What’s more, they provide the perfect place for your soaps, lotions, and other toiletries in the bathroom, and also work as storage for spices and condiments in the kitchen. A built-in bar at the bottom of one of the shelves offers a spot for your hand towel.

  • Available colors and styles: 6


Mistake: Relying On An Address Sign That’s Unreadable In The Dark

Solution: This Solar-Powered Address Sign That Lights Up At Night

If your house number sign is currently hard to read — especially in low-light conditions — you should invest in this solar-powered address sign that automatically illuminates at night. The weather-proof kit includes modern-looking number decals that are easy to read from a distance. Guests and delivery drivers will never struggle to locate your residence again.


Mistake: Leaving Pet Hair All Over Your Furniture

Solution: This Cult-Favorite Roller Tool That Removes So Much Fur

When you own a cat or dog, a bit of pet hair here or there is to be expected — but you don’t have to live with fur-covered furniture. With over 103,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the ChomChom hair remover is a favorite choice among pet parents. The rolling mechanism lifts fur from carpets and upholstery with just a few swipes, storing it neatly inside the integrated chamber for easy disposal.


Mistake: Watching TV Without Maximizing The Picture Quality

Solution: This Self-Adhesive Light Strip That Creates A Cinematic Experience

This LED light strip can give your TV setup the boost you didn’t even know it needed. The self-adhesive strip affixes to the back of your screen with ultra-sticky tape, plugging directly into your monitor via USB cable. An in-line remote allows you to control the brightness of the lights, creating a more vivid, cinematic picture while you watch your favorite series or movie.

  • Available sizes: Small — XX-Large


Mistake: Letting Bulky Cords & Plugs Stick Out Of The Wall

Solution: An Ultra-Slim Outlet Cover & Power Strip That Streamlines Things

A mess of bulky cords plugged into the wall isn’t the best look — but you can easily remedy that with this slim outlet cover and power strip. Simply plug the cover into your duplex outlet and run the 8-foot-long cord against your wall. You get a set of adhesive cord clips, which helps conceal the electrical wire to the wall for a streamlined, discreet look.


Mistake: Using A Doorbell With Just One Chime Option

Solution: A Wireless Doorbell With An Impressive Array Of 50 Chime Sounds

Did you know that you could be customizing the sound and volume of your doorbell? This wireless unit offers more than 50 chime options and four volume levels, so you can find the tone that’s just right for your home. It has a signal range of up to 1,000 feet, and comes in 11 different colors such as beige, baby blue, and pink-red.

  • Available colors: 11


Mistake: Leaving Your Walls Bare & Undecorated

Solution: An Elegant Art Print That Adds Sophisticated Style

Printed on crisp white linen paper, this unframed art print is a wallet-friendly way to elevate your bare wall. Inspired by iconic French artist Henri Matisse, the 12-inch by 16-inch graphic features smooth lines and bold text — perfect for placing in a sunny corner of your living room. (If Matisse isn’t your speed, check out the Picasso and Mondrian prints.) If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying a frame, there’s a framed option as well.

  • Available styles: 10


Mistake: Haphazardly Ditching Your Keys On The Counter Or Dresser

Solution: The Stainless Steel Key Rack That’s Sleek & Modern

Leaving your keys on the counter is an easy way to misplace them — and it creates a disorganized look, too. This stainless steel key rack ensures you always know where to find your set before heading out the door, and creates a streamlined look. The sleek, modern rack conveniently affixes to your wall with self-adhesive tape. There are two extra hooks for spare keys, or any other small item you can hang — such as a mask, earphones, or a dog leash.

  • Available colors: gold, black


Mistake: Turning On Bright Lights Instead Of Using Ambient Lighting

Solution: This Smart Dimmer Switch That Can Be Controlled With Your Voice

This dimmer switch allows you to adjust the brightness of a light, so you don’t have to eat dinner under a glaring fixture. The smart device can be connected to your smartphone, but it’s also Alexa-compatible, so you can even change the light level with a simple voice command. You can also set timers to gradually dim the light as you fall asleep, or create a schedule that will turn your light on at a certain time each day.


Mistake: Using Plastic Food Containers That Are Prone To Stains

Solution: These Glass Food Containers That Are Stain-Resistant & Oven-Safe

Food containers made of plastic are prone to stains over time, but these glass containers will stay in excellent condition — even if you put spaghetti sauce in them. Thanks to their hinged locking lids, the containers keep your leftovers and prepped meals fresh in the fridge for days on end. Since they’re leakproof, they’re also a great way to transport meals to work or school. They’re freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and without the lids, you can stick them in the oven to warm up dinner.

  • Available multipacks: 5


Mistake: Using Only Neutrals To Decorate Your Home

Solution: A Wallet-Friendly Picture Frame That Adds A Splash Of Color

Ready to move on from all neutrals in your home? Available in 12 eye-catching shades (think: turquoise, bright yellow, and royal blue), this picture frame is a great way to add a pop of color to any room you put it in. The back is designed with both a hanging tab and a kickstand, giving you the option to place it on the wall or on a side table.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 12


Mistake: Leaving Mail Scattered Across Your Table

Solution: This Brass Mail Holder That Keeps Things Tidy & Organized

Made from brushed brass, this sleek mail holder is a minimalist storage solution that keeps your countertop, table, or desk clutter-free. Featuring three slots for sorting, the rack keeps your items separated and organized. It measures just 5.5 inches tall, so it won’t hog too much surface area.

  • Available colors: black, gold, rose gold


Mistake: Using A Regular Plastic Soap Dispenser

Solution: The Automatic Soap Dispenser That Feels High-Tech

Even though it doesn’t cost a lot of money, this automatic soap dispenser just feels high tech. With a sleek stainless steel body, the dispenser adds a sophisticated touch to your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Just wave your hand underneath the spout, and the dispenser will deposit the perfect amount of soap in your palm. There are three different output levels to pick from, so you can adjust it based on how much soap you need.


Mistake: Neglecting To Use Scent In Your Space

Solution: This Whisper-Quiet Essential Oil Diffuser That Fills The Air With A Relaxing Fragrance

Any room in your home can instantly feel more relaxing when you add a light, inviting fragrance — and it couldn’t be any easier to do so than with this essential oil diffuser. Releasing up to 10 hours of mist, the machine just needs a few drops of your favorite essential oils and some water to get started. A color-changing LED light further enhances the soothing effect.


Mistake: Filling Up Your Cupboards With Pots & Pans

Solution: A Wall-Mounted Rack That Makes You Feel Like A 5-Star Chef

If storage space is at a premium in your kitchen, you should consider utilizing your empty wall instead. This wall-mounted rack offers 15 S-hooks for your various pots, pans, and cooking utensils, saving you precious room in your cupboards — and making your kitchen look like it belongs in a five-star restaurant. Made out of durable, long-lasting iron, the rack holds up to 22 pounds of weight.


Mistake: Pouring Water From A Boring Pitcher

Solution: This Sophisticated Glass Bottle With A Rubber Stopper

Made out of thick-cut, Italian-crafted glass, this tall water pitcher instantly makes any meal feel like you’re dining at a chic European cafe. It has a tight-sealing rubber stopper that ensures your beverage stays fresh — whether that be water, juice, iced tea, or a batch cocktail. A convenient wire handle on the side makes it easy to transport from room to room.


Mistake: Diluting Your Drinks By Using Regular Ice Cubes

Solution: These Granite Chilling Cubes That Don’t Water Down Your Drink

Whether you’re sipping on whiskey or another cocktail of choice, traditional ice cubes can dilute your drink — and affect its flavor. Made out of solid granite, these chilling cubes cool down your drink without changing its water content. Simply place the tray of reusable cubes in the freezer for four hours, then plink a few in your glass when you’re ready to enjoy your beverage.

  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Storing Your Knives In A Standard Knife Block

Solution: This Magnetic Holder That Keeps Knives At The Ready

Despite its sleek bamboo appearance, this knife bar is actually magnetic. Use it to hold your collection of stainless steel blades, as well as other metal cooking utensils like kitchen shears and whisks. The wall-mounted unit is easy to install with the included mounting screws — place it somewhere within arm’s reach for convenient access while cooking.


Mistake: Using Just One Vase Instead Of An Eclectic Display

Solution: A Set Of Unique Glass Bud Vases That Look So Nice Together

Perfect for holding a single flower stem or a few pieces of dried grass, these vintage-inspired bud vases look like they were discovered at a trendy flea market. Each one of these crystal-cut vases has its own distinct style — place them together on a windowsill to create an eclectic display, or scatter them throughout your home.


Mistake: Not Illuminating Your Vanity Or Bathroom Mirror

Solution: These Stick-On Lights That Add A Glam Feel To Your Bathroom

Creating an old Hollywood-style vanity mirror doesn’t have to cost a fortune — you can get the same effect with these LED bulb lights. The string of lights has an in-line control that allows you to adjust the brightness to suit your needs. Besides adding some panache to your space, you’ll find that applying makeup, tweezing your eyebrows, and styling your hair is so much easier with a little extra illumination.


Mistake: Drinking Out Of A Dingy Mug That’s Seen Better Days

Solution: A Modern-Looking Mug That’s Insulated To Keep Your Drink Hot

This clear glass coffee mug looks so clean and modern, you may want to ditch the stained souvenir cup you currently reach for every morning. More importantly, the double-walled mug is insulated, ensuring your drink stays hot while your hand remains cool. With a capacity of 16 ounces, there’s plenty of room for your hot beverage, plus your desired amount of milk or whipped cream.


Mistake: Letting Your Houseplants Get All Brown & Wilted

Solution: These Self-Watering Planters That Transform Your Wall Into A Vertical Garden

It isn’t always easy to remember to water houseplants — but rather than settle for brown, wilted leaves, you can invest in these self-watering planters. Lightweight and easy to install directly on your wall, the set of six planters can be arranged any which way to create your very own vertical garden. The internal self-watering system ensures your plants stay hydrated for weeks on end with little effort on your part.


Mistake: Not Having Games At The Ready For Your Guests

Solution: A Marathon-Worthy Ring Toss Game You Can Install Anywhere

Make any get-together more fun by offering your guests an activity — this wall-mounted ring toss game offers hours of entertainment. With a layout similar to a game of darts, the wooden board can be set up on any flat wall in just a few minutes. You get two different-colored sets of rubber rings, so you can play either one-on-one matches or opt for a team tournament. There are three different sizes to choose from — classic, tiny, and giant.

  • Available sizes: 3


Mistake: Storing Your Vinyl On A Random Shelf

Solution: This Vinyl Record Holder That Proudly Displays Your Favorite Albums

Vinyl records aren’t just a cool, throwback way to listen to music — they’re also a piece of art. Display your album covers with pride by setting up this sleek wooden stand. Designed with a transparent acrylic panel on either end, the album holder props your records upright while keeping them easily accessible. There’s likely more than enough space for your entire collection — the shelf holds up to 50 12-inch LPs or 7-inch singles.

  • Available colors: 8


Mistake: Not Sound-Proofing Noisy Rooms In Your Home

Solution: These Acoustic Panels That Dampen & Diffuse Sound

Fitting together to form a honeycomb pattern, these hexagonal acoustic panels allow you to reduce loud noises and echoing in any room. Made of high-density polyester fibers, the sound-absorbent panels attach to your walls with either spray adhesive or double-sided tape. Besides dampening loud noises, these soundproofing tiles can also double as cool wall art — they come in over two dozen hues, including pink, lime green, and orange.

  • Available colors: 26


Mistake: Mixing Cocktails Without The Proper Equipment

Solution: This Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Set That Feels Totally Pro

Complete with a stainless steel shaker, jigger, muddler, and more, this eight-piece cocktail making set has everything you need to whip up bar-quality drinks right at home. If you need a little help getting started, you can consult the included deck of recipe cards for inspiration. A black velvet travel bag is included for when you want to take your mixology skills to a friend’s house.

  • Available colors: 4


Mistake: Using Flimsy, Non-Absorbent Coasters

Solution: A Set Of Colorful Wool Coasters That Soak Up Moisture

Equal parts whimsical and functional, these colorful wool coasters add a funky touch to your living room. The felted balls soak up the moisture from the bottom of your glass, protecting your tabletop from drips or spills. There are four color schemes to choose from, whether you prefer bright rainbow hues or more subdued neutrals.

  • Available multipacks: 4


Mistake: Cluttering Your Shower With Too Many Bottles

Solution: These Amber Bottle Dispensers That Attach To Your Shower Wall

By setting up these amber bottle dispensers along your tile wall, you can keep your shower clutter-free. The lightweight plastic bottles affix to your wall with a set of stainless steel mounts — simply fill them with your cleansing essentials and secure them in place. A set of clean, easy-to-read labels helps you tell your products apart.

  • Available multipacks: 12


Mistake: Storing Your Whiskey In Its Original Bottle

Solution: A Thick-Cut Glass Decanter That Elevates Your Bar Cart

You can instantly make your whiskey — or any liquor, really — look more sophisticated by storing it in this gorgeous decanter bottle cut from thick, Italian-crafted glass. Complete with a geometric-shaped stopper, the decanter adds a stunning touch to your shelf or bar cart. It doesn’t just look pretty, either — the tightly sealing bottle also preserves the taste of your preferred spirit.


Mistake: Settling For A Cat Bed That’s Kind Of An Eyesore

Solution: The Natural Wool Cat Cave That Looks Like Art

Made out of 100% natural, hand-shaped wool, this rounded cat cave serves two distinct purposes — providing your feline with a secure place to rest and adding a decorative touch to your room. There are over a dozen styles to choose from, including solid-hued, marbled, and ombré options. If your cat prefers perching on top, you can simply press down the roof of the cave to create a flat cushion.

  • Available colors and styles: 15


Mistake: Leaving Your Floors Bare & Cold

Solution: A Hand-Woven Jute Rug That Looks Rustic & Chic

Very few things warm up a room as quickly as a natural woven rug — and the understated aesthetic will never go out of style. Made out of durable jute fibers, this rustic piece adds an inviting touch to your dining room, living room, or bedroom. There are multiple sizes and shapes to choose from — opt for a round or rectangular style in beige or off-white.

  • Available sizes: 16
  • Available colors and styles: 4