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Ryan Gosling Revamped Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well” For His SNL Monologue

Swift praised the remix, calling it “All Too Well (Ryan and Emily’s Version).”

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Ryan Gosling reimagined Taylor Swift's "All Too Well" on 'SNL' on April 13 (at the 96th Oscars held ...
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The summer of Barbenheimer is gone but not forgotten. Saturday Night Live let it live on with host Ryan Gosling and a special cameo from his Fall Guy co-star Emily Blunt on April 13. The tribute came as an extended bit during Gosling’s SNL monologue, kicking off the show with a hilarious, Taylor Swift-inspired musical opening.

Taylor Swift Ken-ergy

Gosling’s latest stint as SNL host came just over a month after he stole the show at the Oscars with his performance of “I’m Just Ken” from Barbie. Fittingly, he joked about having to “break up” with Ken because they went “too deep.” However, to cope with the split, he said he needed the “one thing that can help: the music of the great Taylor Swift.”

Cue “All Too Well.” Gosling sat down at a piano and began his take on the 2012 classic — once he’d put on his shades, of course. His revamped lyrics hilariously referenced his time as Ken, starting with, “I shredded Venice Beach, it’s true, my clothes were tight, but something about that spandex felt so right.”

He even had his own version of that infamous red scarf: Ken’s fur coat. And don’t worry, he still has it and he brought it back.

Move Over, Ken

However, this SNL gig wasn’t supposed to be about Barbie. Gosling’s film The Fall Guy hits theaters on May 3, so Blunt crashed his performance to get him back on track. When he tried to claim he was promoting their movie, she called him out. “Look at you,” she said. “You’re Kenning right now, and I hate that there’s even a verb.”

Blunt managed to get him out of his fur coat, but he still couldn’t say goodbye to Ken. Gosling’s music started up again and he went back to singing about Barbie, at least until Blunt came back out on stage to snap him out of it with some stunts to remind him of his Fall Guy character. Yet, even smashing a chair on his back wasn’t enough.

When he reminded her about her role in Oppenheimer, she got sucked in, too, and soon they were singing an “All Too Well”-inspired duet about Barbenheimer that rivaled Swift’s own performance of the 10-minute version on SNL in 2021.

Swift was a huge fan of their twist on her song, calling it “‘All Too Well’ (Ryan and Emily's Version) !!!” when she shared the video on X (formerly Twitter). “Watch me accidentally catch myself singing this version on tour,” she said. “This monologue is everything.”

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