Scott Disick Jokes About Going On A Date With Khloé Kardashian

You know, for “practice.”

Scott Disick Jokes About Going On A Date With Khloe Kardashian

At this rate, Scott Disick is just another one of Khloé Kardashian’s many siblings — but he still jokes about taking their close friendship to the next level. On the June 1 episode of The Kardashians Season 3, Scott, Kourtney Kardashian’s ex-boyfriend and the father of their three children, suggested that he and Khloé should go on a date so she could get experience on the dating scene. Naturally, Khloé was repulsed — but not for the reason you may think.

While walking in to visit Khloé and her sister Kim, Scott was coughing excessively, leading Khloé to deem him “the hacker” upon arrival. “I pray you don’t do this on dates,” she said. “It is what it is with me, but it’s disgusting.” This apparently gave Scott a very weird idea. “Why don’t we go on a date so you can see what it’s like?” he suggested, leading Khloé to ask, “You and me?” “Yes,” he affirmed. “You get that practice and then when you meet somebody...”

Before he even finished his sentence, Khloé interrupted him to deliver a harsh truth. “Scott, I’m just gonna be honest with you, if I went on a date with anyone that hacked the way you did, I would leave during the date,” she said. “I can’t handle that if I’m dating someone.” With a mug of hot tea in his hand, Scott took note of the red flag and responded, “I’m trying to get rid of it for you.”

Khloé and Scott have become a comedic duo over the years by pranking family members like Kris Jenner and bickering like siblings on TV, leading some fans to even ship them together. However, the two have simply stayed family after his split from Kourtney — even if he still makes flirty comments to her all the time. “We did not always have a great relationship. I have gone to anger management over Scott, but somehow Scott and I became, like, besties. He really is like a brother to me,” she said on The Kardashians premiere in April 2022. “That being said, he does speak to me a little more flirty than my real brother does. The whole thing is f*king weird.”

On May 26, Khloé celebrated Scott’s landmark 40th birthday on social media, sharing throwback photos and clips of their past shenanigans on Instagram. “As I was looking for photos to post on your birthday, it was taking me down memory lane… Man we really have been through so much together!” she wrote. “From slapping you, to loving you. Art Vandalay to Todd Kraines. You and I sure do know how to prank people... Happy birthday to my prank partner for life, I love you!!”