11 Stacey Abrams Books To Read Now

From romantic thrillers to musings on American politics, Abrams has published a wide range of titles.

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Books by Stacey Abrams.
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Stacey Abrams launched her fiction career while she was still in law school, publishing eight romance novels between 2001 and 2009 under the pseudonym Selena Montgomery. She then returned to fiction with While Justice Sleeps — her first novel to be published under her legal name — in 2021, after serving as Georgia’s House Minority Leader from 2011 to 2017. And she’s not done yet: Rogue Justice, a sequel to While Justice Sleeps, is set to release in 2023 and already available for preorder.

If you’re looking to dive into Abrams’ oeuvre, Bustle has pulled together a list of all the Stacey Abrams available now — though, unfortunately, not all of Stacey Abrams’ books are in print at the time of this writing: Two of her Selena Montgomery novels, The Art of Desire and Power of Persuasion, are not currently in print. Two more Montgomery novels, Never Tell and Rules of Engagement, received hardcover rereleases this year, however, so it’s possible that new editions of Abrams’ out-of-print titles are right around the corner. And for completists, even the out-of-print titles can be found, either by visiting a library, or purchasing a pre-owned copy.

Below, all of the still-in-print books Stacey Abrams has written for adults.


Rules of Engagement (2001)

Intelligence agent Dr. Raleigh Foster goes undercover to infiltrate a terrorist organization, after it obtains dangerous, top-secret technology that’s easy to weaponize. Part of Foster’s ruse involves posing as the lover of another agent, the devastatingly handsome Adam Grayson. But unbeknownst to her, Grayson blames Foster for the death of his partner, who was killed when their last excursion went sideways.


Never Tell (2004)

Dr. Erin Abbott is a criminal psychologist who’s uninterested in anything except but business — including romance. To solve her latest case, she teams up with journalist Gabriel Moss, who’s dying to get the scoop on the story. Unfortunately for Abbott, though, Moss is very good at his job, and as they spend more and more time together, he’s bound to uncover the skeletons hidden in her closet.


Hidden Sins (2006)

Twelve years ago, Ethan and Mara were in love, but life had other plans. Now, he’s working as a forensic anthropologist, and she’s laying low in their hometown to avoid the kind of unwanted attention only a life of crime can bring. But a mystery involving a gold heist and 100 corpses is about to pull them back into each other’s lives, where they might remain for good... provided they both survive.


Secrets and Lies (2006)

Secrets and Lies follows Hidden Sins supporting character Sebastian Caine on his own path to love. His latest job was supposed to be simple: break into Felix Estrada’s home and steal a priceless manuscript. But when he arrives, he finds Estrada mortally wounded by an assassin. With his dying breath, Estrada begs Caine to care for his niece, Dr. Katelyn Lyda. Caine tracks Lyda down, believing her to be responsible for Estrada’s death, and hoping she has the documents he’s been sent to retrieve. Neither of them can trust the other, but that’s exactly what they’ll have to do if they want to solve the murder that brought them together.


Reckless (2008)

Eliza ran the Georgia orphanage where Kell grew up. Now, Kell’s a hotshot attorney, and Eliza’s imprisoned on murder charges. Kell’s determined to help Eliza clear her name, but there’s one man standing in her way: the local sheriff, Luke Calder, who steadfastly believes that Eliza is guilty.


Deception (2009)

In this follow-up to Reckless, another orphan raised by Eliza takes center stage. Professional gambler Fin Borders is back in Georgia to help Kell, Eliza, and a third orphan named Julia escape the clutches of a vicious crime syndicate. There, she meets FBI Special Agent Caleb Matthews, who’s working undercover and desperately needs a partner. But both Fin and Caleb have secrets to hide, and if they come out, it could prove disastrous for everyone Fin loves.


Lead from the Outside: How to Build Your Future and Make Real Change (2018)

Originally published as Minority Leader: How to Lead from the Outside and Make Real Change, Abrams’ 2018 nonfiction title is a must-read for any member of a marginalized community looking to become more active in politics.


Our Time Is Now: Power, Purpose, and the Fight for a Fair America (2020)

Does your vote count — and how much should it be worth? Those questions lay at the heart of Our Time Is Now, a guide to identifying and overcoming voter suppression tactics, past and present.


While Justice Sleeps (2021)

Law clerk Avery Keene is named the legal guardian to her boss, Justice Howard Wynne, when he falls unexpectedly into a coma. As she attempts to sort through his affairs, she discovers his research into a landmark bioethics case — research into a conspiracy that reaches into Washington’s highest echelons. One thing’s for certain: Avery will have to be clever and careful if she wants to come out of this alive.


Level Up: Rise Above the Hidden Forces Holding Your Business Back (2022, co-written with Lara Hodgson)

Abrams co-wrote this entrepreneurial guide with Lara Hodgson, her business partner of the last 15 years. Whether you’re looking to start your own small business or struggling to keep one afloat as the pandemic enters its fourth year, this book might be of use.


Rogue Justice (2023)

Avery Keene returns in Rogue Justice! With the Washington conspiracy finally wrapping up, Avery’s hoping for a break. She’s certainly not expecting to be told that an Idaho judge has died by suicide after being blackmailed — and when the man who gives her the news is murdered right in front of her, she can’t keep herself from diving into the case... which may be even more dangerous than her last.

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