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The Crown Fans Think The Series Will End With A Royal Wedding

And with a connection to the show’s first-ever episode.

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Dominic West and Olivia Williams in 'The Crown' Season 6.

The Crown fans think they’ve figured out how the royal drama will come to an end. Part 1 of the show’s final season dropped on Netflix on Nov. 16 and covers the final days of the late Princess Diana (played by Elizabeth Debicki).

After The Crown Season 6: Part 1, fans were given a glimpse of the show’s forthcoming six final episodes that will be available to stream as of Dec. 14.

The Part 2 teaser trailer shows a young Prince William (Ed McVey) grappling with the intensity of royal fame and his budding romance with future wife Kate Middleton (Meg Bellamy).

Meanwhile, the 2005 wedding of King Charles (played by Dominic West) and Queen Camilla (Olivia Williams) was also teased. On Reddit, some viewers are convinced this is where The Crown will wrap up — and with a connection to the show’s first-ever episode.

Dominic West and Olivia Williams in The Crown.Keith Bernstein / Netflix

Fans Predict A Royal Wedding Ending

As one fan pointed out on Reddit, the first episode of The Crown Season 1 depicts the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, and they believe the final episode will also feature some royal nuptials.

“I predict that the final episode will be about Queen Elizabeth not attending the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla,” the Redditor shared.

“I also think that’s where the series is going to end,” one fan agreed. “With that event to mirror the first episode’s heir-to-the-throne wedding.”

Matt Smith and Claire Foy in The Crown Season 1.Alex Bailey/Netflix

Others took a different view, however. “The last episode is basically confirmed to be a wedding, but I don’t think the series will end like we think,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, others claimed that Pippa Middleton being featured in the final series means the royal wedding might be that of Prince William and Kate Middleton in 2011. “Unless Pippa shows up to visit Kate at St Andrew’s we might be seeing a little bit further into the future,” another Redditor suggested.

More Reddit Theories

Ahead of Part 1, The Crown fans also theorized that the death of Queen Elizabeth’s younger sister, Princess Margaret, might be where the series concludes.

Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret. Netflix / 'The Crown'

Although some claimed ending The Crown with Margaret’s 2002 passing would be a “full circle moment,” the timeline doesn’t quite add up, as Netflix has already teased glimpses of Charles and Camilla’s wedding that took place three years after Margaret’s passing.

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