Everything To Know About A Potential Morning Show Season 3

The celebrity-packed AppleTV+ series airs its Season 2 finale on Nov. 19.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in “The Morning Show,”
Photo courtesy of Apple TV+

Between Alex’s comments at Mitch’s funeral, her ongoing turmoil with Bradley, and Cory’s attempts to keep his staffers in check, Morning Show fans are in for a doozy of a second season finale. Where the UBA staffers wind up will play a large role in whether or not the morning news drama returns for Season 3, but AppleTV+ hasn’t made an announcement either way.

The Morning Show was ordered with two seasons from the get-go, with director and producer Mimi Leder describing it as a limited series at the time. A third season seems possible, but Leder and the rest of the team have kept tight-lipped about whether it will happen or what it might entail. "Right now there's nothing to announce, but we loved working on the second season and we'll see," she told Town & Country in October. "There's much love for the show — it seems like people are digging it. There are many more stories to tell for sure. We'll see."

In its prior two seasons, The Morning Show was reworked to incorporate real world events, like the #MeToo movement that unfolded in the midst of Season 1 development and both coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter protests that occurred after production was shut down early on in the pandemic. However, Leder is eager to move on from at least one of those storylines should the show return. "If there is [a third season], it will not be about COVID. I promise you that,” she told Town & Country.


As far as renewal chances, The Morning Show has a few factors working both for and against it. Season 1 drew in lukewarm reviews but significant awards recognition, including three Golden Globe nods, four Emmy nominations, and three Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. Season 2 has received stronger reviews, with many praising the series’ ability to go off the rails and embrace chaos. “The key to The Morning Show might be that [its] faults, however glaring, don’t detract from the bright spots,” Alison Herman wrote in her review for The Ringer, aptly titled “Maybe The Morning Show Wasn’t As Bad As We Thought It Was.” “It’s a goofy mess undergirded by relevant themes — just enough of them to keep you on board even when the show can’t keep itself from flying overboard ... When [the season’s most ridiculous moments] inevitably came, I thought I’d roll my eyes. Instead, I practically cheered. There’s a thin line between bad and good-bad, but once a show crosses it, there’s nothing to do but go all in.”

The Morning Show also has plenty of celebrity talent behind it that AppleTV+ is likely keen to keep around, including stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. However, it might be hard to align their busy schedules for more episodes. Should the streaming service decide to greenlight a third season, fans can likely expect to see it in fall 2022. Both seasons have debuted in the fall, albeit with a lengthy two-year gap due to COVID delays.