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The Stars Of 'Ginny & Georgia' Aren't Actually Like Their Characters

Antonia Gentry’s comments on millennials are even sharper than her character’s.

by Lauren Tegtmeyer
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It’s a classic problem in television: Actors get confused with the characters they play. So we sat down with Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey, Ginny and Georgia, respectively, to see how well they actually know each other and how similar they are to the characters they play on Netflix. It turns out that months of filming together does make you pretty good friends, but there’s a pretty clear line between the actors and their characters (including the jokes they make).

In fact, while Gentry’s 15-year-old character makes an outdated Taylor Swift joke at the expense of her millennial mom, the actor made a much more pointed observation about her millennial co-star. Since Gentry is 23 and is more Gen Z, we asked her to call out Howey’s most millennial trait. Gentry paused before noting that Howey has an obsession with Real Housewives — a cultural touchstone that we had not realized was as outdated as our side parts and skinny jeans.

When we asked Howey to call out Gentry’s most Gen Z attribute, she praised Gentry’s ability to do a full face of makeup — which somehow feels like another slight to the millennials. We’d have a drink to console ourselves if we weren’t so afraid of the hangover.


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