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Masked Singer Fans Have Narrowed Popcorn Down To These Musical Legends

Is there a diva behind that kernel?

'Masked Singer' theories for the popcorn hint at several music legends.
Michael Becker/FOX

The fourth season of The Masked Singer on Fox has only just begun and there are already plenty of Masked Singer Popcorn theories going around. There's still much to learn and hear from Popcorn, but based on what viewers know so far, it seems like a music legend could be behind the mask. There's no doubt Popcorn has a recognizable voice, but the clues have fans thinking it could be one of three icons that have made quite the name for themselves in the music world.

The first theory is that Tina Turner is Popcorn, and the evidence is definitely there. In Popcorn's first clue package, there was a carousel labeled "Proud Mary-Go-Round," a possible reference to Turner's "Proud Mary." There was also a bus with a Broadway clue that read, "Every Wednesday in the Broadway Review," that could be hinting at Broadway's Tina — The Tina Turner Musical. And as Twitter user @DaBBomb pointed out, "The tiger on the bed refers to Ike and Tina’s album The King and the Tiger. 'Built a career around love' refers to megahit What’s Love Got To Do With It. And the obvious Proud Merry-go-round a la Proud Mary."

There are also some who think Popcorn could be Cyndi Lauper, especially based on the heavy New York City focus in her clue package and the possible New York accent Popcorn seems to have. Lauper was born and raised in Queens, New York. According to Twitter user @tornadocam, "Popcorn is Cyndi Lauper. New York native, lots of color in the background 'true colors.'" Let's not forget that Lauper also has a long association with Broadway, including her Tony Award Kinky Boots compositions and her work on Spongebob Square Pants, The Broadway Musical. If that's not enough, Lauper also performed with Meat Loaf and there was meatloaf spotted in Popcorn's clue package.

Finally, there are those that think Liza Minnelli is strutting her stuff as Popcorn. Let's start with the Broadway clue. Minnelli is known for her years on Broadway. She even won Tony Awards for Flora the Red Menace, The Act, and Liza's at The Palace...! The Popcorn also teased, "Miss Popcorn if you're tasty," which seems to hint at the "Miss Jackson if you're nasty" line from Janet Jackson's song "Nasty." This could be a reference to Minnelli's former close friendship with the late Michael Jackson. And as Twitter user @dhanani_e suggested, "Based solely on those iconic ruby red slippers and a nod to her momma... Liza Minnelli is Popcorn??" There's no denying Popcorn's red glittery shoes, which could resemble the ruby red slippers Minnelli's mother, Judy Garland, wore in The Wizard of Oz.

At this point, Popcorn could be anyone, but the clues sure do seem to be hinting at a legendary musician underneath the mask.