Everything To Know About A Potential Tomorrow Season 2

Netflix’s latest Korean drama follows a young man sucked into a supernatural group of grim reapers dedicated to saving lives.

by Justice Namaste

Netflix’s newest Korean drama Tomorrow tells the story of Choi Jun-woong, a young man who’s struggling to find work when a tragic accident puts him in a coma. The experience turns him into a half-human, half-spirit being and introduces him to a world of grim reapers and underworld organizations. Funnily enough, this is when he finally lands a job — as a member of the risk management team in the afterlife organization Jumadeung, a fast-paced team that’s dedicated to helping people who are having suicidal thoughts.

Similar to several of Netflix’s recent K-dramas, Tomorrow is based on a popular webtoon that was published in 2017, giving it a significant amount of source material to work with. The series, which is directed by Kim Tae-yoon and Sung Chi-wook, is also airing on the South Korean channel MBC TV. As of March 2022, neither MBC nor Netflix have announced whether or not Tomorrow will return for Season 2. Here’s what to know about a potential second season should the show be renewed.

The Tomorrow Season 2 Cast & Plot

Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed if Tomorrow will return, it’s likely that Season 2 will feature many of the same actors who appeared in Season 1. The Season 1 main cast includes Kim Hee-sun as Goo-ryeon, Kal So-won as young Goo-ryeon, Rowoon as Choi Joon-woong, Lee Soo-hyuk as Park Joong-gil, Park Sang-hoon as young Park Joong-gil, and Yoon Ji-on as Lim Rung-gu.

The Tomorrow Season 2 Premiere Date

A premiere date has not yet been announced for a potential Season 2 of Tomorrow, but this piece will be updated as more information becomes available.