These 12 New Love Songs Will Keep Your Valentine's Day Playlist Fresh

Whether you’re single or taken, they'll suit any mood.

Taylor Swift. Photo via Getty Images
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The last year has been chaotic, to say the least. While most of us experienced more stress than romance, some of our favorite artists still managed to crank out some great love songs. Valentine's Day is around the corner, and no matter if you're boo'd up or single and ignoring any pressure to pair up mid-pandemic, it's the perfect time to sit back and enjoy some new tunes. From Taylor Swift to The Weeknd, here are 12 recent romantic bops destined to tug at your heartstrings.

Lana Del Rey, "Let Me Love You Like A Woman"

The lead single from her forthcoming record Chemtrails Over the Country Club, "Let Me Love You Like A Woman" is a classic Del Rey piano ballad, complete with lyrics referencing Los Angeles, poetry, and getting high. Produced by Jack Antonoff, at its core, the track is a touching, personal love letter to someone Del Rey is so enamored by that she's willing to leave her whole life behind and move to a small town.

JP Saxe & Maren Morris, "Line By Line"

This fourth wall-breaking romantic ballad sees Saxe and Morris trying to craft a song about a love that's far too complex for the classic verse-chorus-verse structure. "I'll be writing about you for the rest of my life," the musicians declare in this sweet, acoustic track that'll definitely become a first dance staple at post-pandemic weddings.

The Weeknd, "Save Your Tears"

The Weeknd's latest single from his After Hours album sees the singer reflecting on a past relationship and asking his ex to take him back. Acknowledging that the breakup was his fault, he questions his actions, tells her not to cry, and pleads for her to return to him: "Girl, take me back, 'cause I wanna stay." It's a love song, albeit a complicated one — perfect for reconnecting with an ex-fling for a Valentine's Day romance.

Rebecca Black, "Girlfriend"

Another getting back together anthem, Rebecca Black's "Girlfriend" is a dose of pure pop perfection with an exciting queer love story at its center. Based on a real-life event of the singer rekindling with an ex this past summer, the infectious song sees Black declaring that she's "getting back with [her] girlfriend" despite those around her discouraging her from doing so.

Taylor Swift, "Willow"

Swift compared this song to casting a love spell on someone, which makes sense considering it describes an attraction so strong that its protagonist is willing to "wreck her plans" for the man she's singing about. With a sparkly piano and a mystifying guitar lick throughout the track, "Willow" transports listeners to the desolate woods of the Evermore album art, where the only thing present for miles is pure love.

Selena Gomez & Rauw Alejandro, "Baila Conmigo"

The second single from Selena Gomez's forthcoming debut Spanish project describes a romance only held back by the different dialects spoken by Gomez and her duet partner, Rauw Alejandro. Per Genius, the song's hook translates to "I don't understand a lot, but dance with me and I'll follow you," a beautiful message about overcoming differences in the name of love. After all, it's the only universal language.

Saweetie ft. Doja Cat, "Best Friend"

If you're single this Valentine's Day, don't worry — romantic love isn't the only kind out there. In "Best Friend," Saweetie and Doja Cat hype each other up with platonic love, enforcing that neither of them need a man to be happy. "Let's celebrate, 'cause we the baddest in the club," raps Doja Cat on the ultimate friendship track. Be forewarned, however, that this song is openly co-written and co-produced by the controversial Dr. Luke.

Caroline Polachek, "Breathless"

Over a year since the release of her official debut album, Pang, Caroline Polachek released a cover of Irish pop group The Corrs' "Breathless," originally released in 2000. Polachek's take on the flirtatious pop song is melodically exquisite with darker, more robust production than the original. "Tempt me, tease me, 'til I can't deny this loving feeling," she sings on the alluring hook.

Maggie Lindemann, "Love Songs"

"Take away your hurt / Tell me all your fears / And if you're feeling scared, I'll be here," sings Maggie Lindemann on this acoustic ballad, a standout from her 2021 pop/punk EP Paranoia. It's a song about pure adoration for a lover, inspired by her relationship with PrettyMuch member Brandon Arreaga. Underscored by a simple acoustic guitar, Lindemann declares that all of her emotions are easier to process within the comfort of her relationship.

Mod Sun ft. Avril Lavigne, "Flames"

What's more romantic than telling someone you "still burn for [them] like the sun burns in the sky?" Clearly not much, considering that Avril Lavigne and Mod Sun were confirmed as a couple by Entertainment Tonight just a month after its release. The track features Mod Sun expressing his extreme devotion to Lavigne so passionately that it — combined with his new neck tattoo — solidifies their bond as the real deal.

Dua Lipa & Angéle, "Fever"

Sometimes love creeps up out of thin air and captures you, as Dua Lipa lays out on this slow-building bop that features French singer Angéle. Describing her romantic symptoms, a tongue-in-cheek Lipa instructs her lover to check her temperature while kissing her neck. "When you touch me, baby, I turn red," sings the pop star, overwhelmed with desire — perhaps inspired by her real-life romance with Anwar Hadid.

Ariana Grande & The Weeknd, "Off the Table"

Much of Ariana Grande's Positions album is focused on one aspect of a relationship: sex. But "Off the Table," her second duet with The Weeknd following 2014's "Love Me Harder," is a heart-wrenching ballad about both members of a broken relationship wondering if reuniting is still a possibility. Recognizing that they both caused the relationship's end, Grande and The Weeknd admit their faults and ask, "Is love completely off the table?" in this vulnerable, forgiving track.