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Bachelor Contestant Serena C. Wants To "Undo" 2020 & Leave The Drama In The Past

She traded roses for Instagram OOTDs.

Serena C. from 'The Bachelor. Photo via ABC

The Bachelor season 25 has proved to be challenging for many of the women, including Matt James' contestant Serena Chew. The 24-year-old flight attendant maintained a low-profile much of the season (save for her "I'm already trippin' off you" limo entrance complete a with staged stumble). That is, until the week six rose ceremony, when Serena confronted contestant Katie Thurston, 30, about divulging house drama to Matt.

During the cocktail party, the pair exchanged tense words. Serena C. blamed Katie for the eliminations of Victoria, Anna, and MJ — three alleged participants in bullying behavior toward new contestants on the season. Katie defended her actions and absolved herself of blame. But later in the episode, Serena argued that Katie's complaints had taken valuable one-on-one time with Matt away from her. “I'm continuously being taken away by your antics,” Serena told Katie. “I don’t think you’re truly here for Matt.” Alas, Katie was eliminated and might be the next Bachelorette, while Serena continues to vie for Matt's heart.

These days, the flight attendant and self-proclaimed "free spirit" is leaving the drama to her chic Instagram ensembles. Serena often posts distanced shots of her outfits, posing near the skyline of her San Fransisco hometown with a quippy caption. This social media aesthetic makes sense, as her Bachelor bio claims that "nothing makes Serena C. happier than when she puts together the perfect outfit." "In the TOWN wearing Brown 🤎," Serena captioned a Jan. 22 snap of herself wearing earth tones in Oakland, California. "My closet must be angry cuz it keeps throwing a fit 😉," she wrote alongside a Jan. 17 outfit that included dark-hued leather leggings and camel-colored booties. A personal favorite: Serena wearing a graphic tee that reads, "Six Feet Please." As she clarified in her caption, "It’s not a Covid’s a height requirement 😘" FYI: Matt's height is 6'3.

It's unclear whether Serena C. is still a practicing flight attendant, but she does travel from time-to-time, as documented on her Instagram. On Jan. 13, Serena hung out in Brooklyn, and she rang in the New Year by wearing an orange bikini in snowy Park City, Utah. As for her relationship status, both of those posts could offer clues. Matt spends much of his time with best friend Tyler Cameron in New York City, meaning Serena could've snuck a date night into her Brooklyn trip. However, in her New Year's Eve post, Serena referred to 2020 as a "clusterf*ck" that she'd like "to undo." Those aren't exactly the words of an ecstatic fiancée.

As we await Serena's fate on the show, she'll keep us guessing with her daily outfit inspo.