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Consider This MJ's Bachelor In Paradise Audition

She's been hanging out on the beach since filming Matt James' Bachelor season.

MJ Snyder and Matt James laugh on Season 25 of 'The Bachelor' via ABC Press Site

It looks like MJ Snyder is about to get roped into some Bachelor drama. Though the 23-year-old hair stylist has thus far been a pretty peripheral figure on Matt James' season, a Week 5 preview teases that she'll be embroiled in the bullying scandal that started between Brittany, Anna, and the other women in Week 4. "You put my character in question," MJ tells another contestant pointedly in the promo.

Whatever comes of that conversation, it seems like it's far behind MJ now. Since filming for The Bachelor ended, she went back home to Ohio, posting on Instagram that the year 2020 taught her that "it’s the little things and moments that will always matter the most" and that "family is the most important above all things." (Notably, there's no mention of love or romance). More recently, MJ has been seeking reprieve from the snowy midwestern winter on the beach. On Jan. 24, she shared a swimsuit selfie from a pontoon boat writing, "from Florida with love." And seven of her last 10 Instagram posts feature her surrounded by a background of palm trees.

It also appears that MJ may be taking a break from work. She hasn't updated the Instagram page for her hairstyling business since August 2020, though she did recently film a baby braids tutorial on herself (beachy background included), which she shared to her personal page.

Perhaps she's just treating this as her audition for Bachelor in Paradise?