When Is The Love Is Blind Season 3 Reunion?

Here’s when we’ll know where the couples stand today.

Matt Bolton, Colleen Reed in Season 3 of 'Love Is Blind'
Patrick Wymore/Netflix

Love Is Blind Season 3 is fully underway, and so far, the season has had its fair share of drama. Cole and Zanab had several ups and downs, especially after Cole mentioned that Colleen fits his usual type. And speaking of Colleen, she faced a couple of major arguments with her fiance Matt, who didn’t like how she responded to Cole’s comments about her being his type. But while you all wait with bated breath to see who says “I do,” one thing that has become apparent over the last two seasons is how the show might be better at producing memorable personalities than it is at creating lasting relationships. Nowhere is that more evident than during the Love Is Blind reunion episode.

Unlike Netflix’s typical release model, Love Is Blind doesn’t drop all its episodes at once. Instead, each season is released in batches. Season 3 began by releasing four episodes on Oct. 19, only for the streamer to release another four episodes a week later on Oct. 26. From there, the schedule slightly shakes things up by only releasing 3 episodes on Nov. 2, leaving viewers on a huge cliffhanger. The finale, along with the reunion episode, will arrive together the following week on Nov. 9.

Fans of the series will probably remember Season 2’s climactic and messy reunion, highlighted by one contestant’s spiral into villain territory. (Who could forget Shake Chatterjee calling his cast members insincere before then insulting host Vanessa Lachey?) It’s hard to say if the Season 3 reunion will have the same amount of drama, but it could come close.

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Regardless, Alexa and Brennon, Nancy and Bartise, Raven and SK, Zanab and Cole, and Matt and Colleen will almost certainly all be in attendance. In the finale, fans will finally get the answers to whether Nancy and Bartise can get past their differences and if Cole’s family can accept the process and attend his wedding to Zanab. Depending on who ends up saying “I do,” the reunion will reveal where the couples (and singles) stand today after filming a year ago. And if we’re lucky, the special might finally explain Andrew’s alleged fake crying.

As you can see, there’s plenty to unpack and untangle after Season 3. So, hopefully, the season will end by offering some closure — until After the Altar, that is.