Jim Howick’s IRL Wife Also Works In TV

Here’s what we know about the Here We Go star’s relationship.

by Sabah Hussain
Jim Howick in BBC One's 'Here We Go Again'

Following a rather memorable (and timely) pilot in 2020, Pandemonium returns to the BBC One, in the form of Here We Go. Catching up with the chaotic Jessop family, Jim Howick and Katherine Parkinson star as husband and wife, Paul and Rachel. And yes, Howick does look familiar. The British actor and writer is best known for his appearances in television series such as Horrible Histories, Yonderland, Peep Show, Ghosts (which he wrote and starred in) and, of course, Sex Education. But who is Jim Howick’s wife IRL?

In 2012, Howick married Lauren Denny, now known as Lauren Howick, a costume supervisor and designer for TV and film. On the whole, they keep their relationship rather private, and little is known about their wedding or how they met. But there are a few snipped shared by the couple via Twitter. And from the looks of it, they have a cracking good time.

Back in 2015 the actor shared a snap on Twitter, captioned: “My lovely wife having a moment with the current lovely Glastonbury headliner.” She’s pictured sharing a kiss with Florence Welch, of s Florence Welch, who was headlining Glastonbury that year.

A few tweets suggest a running joke, too, all shared by Howick jesting about the things he liked to convince his wife about. In 2013 he tweeted: “Tried to persuade Lauren that all ball boys/girls were orphans. Didn't work. #wimbledon.” And “tried to convince Lauren that I knew a boy at school called Bumpy Landing.”

He’s clearly not the only one with a sense of humour, though. Back in 2011, before they married, the actor shared a picture of his future bride, dressed as a priest. Her defunct Tumblr account features photos of her and Inbetweeners and Taskmaster star Greg Davies, too. More recently, the Howicks shared credits on Channel 4’s Loaded, in 2017.

In a press release about Here We Go, Howick reflected on his on-screen marriage, calling it relatable. “They're very much characters and what they have to deal with in the series is a bit of a stretch for your average 2.4 family but it's all managed by a very real family dynamic. There are moments in the series when you really appreciate the friendship at the core of their marriage.”

Trailer for new BBC One show, Here We Go.