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Another One Of Matt's Contestants Just Quit The Bachelor

"I'm scared that I'm making the wrong decision."

Kit decided to leave 'The Bachelor' ahead of hometowns because she wasn't sure she was ready to marr...
ABC/Craig Sjodin

With hometown dates only one week away, Matt James had to make some difficult decisions during the Feb. 15 episode of The Bachelor. But he wasn't the only one reevaluating his relationships. Kit decided to leave the show after a group date when she realized that she wasn't sure she was ready to spend the rest of her life with Matt.

"I thought I would have the clarity I needed going into hometowns, but hometowns isn’t a 'figure it out' sort of situation, it’s a 'rest of your life' situation," she told Matt after coming to his room to break the news, adding that even though she could see herself "falling in love" with him, she ultimately didn't know if she was ready for marriage. "You deserve someone who is 100% sure of you getting down on one knee tomorrow, and that’s not me."

Matt did his best to convince Kit to stay, telling her "you mean a lot to me and we have gone through a lot together here ... I like you a lot, and I want you here." When it didn't work, both Matt and social media users applauded Kit for having the maturity to make a level-headed decision.

"The fact that you are so sure of who you are what you want and what you know … is why i’m so attracted to you," Matt said. Kit responded that she was "unwavering in [her decision] because I know what you deserve." But even though she felt that leaving was "the right thing" for both of them, she still had a few doubts.

"Matt is a very, very special man and whoever ends up being his wife is a very lucky person," Kit told the cameras as she left the chateau. "He deserves to move forward with people who know for sure that he is their future husband, but I still do have seeds of doubt. It’s not just breaking up with someone, it’s breaking up with someone that could be your entire future. I’m scared that I’m making the wrong decision."

Despite those "seeds of doubt" — and her admission during the group date that she didn't know how much longer she could stick around — it seems like Kit has no regrets about her time on The Bachelor. "Emotionally, it was very, very, very hard," she said during an appearance on Bachelor Happy Hour in early February. "[But] if you aren't being cracked open, and you still have those walls up, you probably aren't invested enough in the process and your relationship. ... You're building, hopefully, towards the rest of your life."

She may not have ended up with Matt, but at least Kit did manage to let down those walls and realize what she really wanted.