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The Lady And The Dale Officially Won't Be Back For Season 2

The series follows the life and times of Elizabeth Carmichael.

HBO's docuseries, The Lady and the Dale, does more than just take a fascinating look at the Dale, a three-wheeled electric vehicle that occupied the American public's imagination for a brief time in the 1970s. As its title implies, it looks at the creator and driving force behind the Dale, Elizabeth Carmichael, and her eventual fall from grace. The four-part miniseries, which began in January and ends on February 14, is raking in critical acclaim, which bears asking: could there be a season two for The Lady and the Dale?

Short answer: No, there won't be any further episodes of the HBO docuseries The Lady and the Dale, as the representatives for the doc's directors Nick Cammilleri and Zackary Drucker, confirmed to Bustle via email.

However, Cammilleri and Drucker were certainly able to make an impact in a short amount of time. Particularly for the show's highly original style. As's review of the series put it: "One of the docuseries' brilliant ideas is to use paper cutout reenactments in its chronological storytelling — it matches the enigmatic tone of this overall story, and from a practical approach it creates a constant sense of movement."

Perhaps most fascinating about The Lady and the Dale is its seeming dedication to telling the story of Carmichael and her company and vision. It stands in direct opposition to the more lurid angles taken by journalists in the 1970s, when Carmichael was outed and dead named as a trans woman. Whether or not this telling is enough to overtake those more sordid looks at Carmichael's life has yet to be seen. But if the reception to the show is anything to go by, chances are the public may soon have a different connection with the name Elizabeth Carmichael.