These Are The Best Socks A Woman Can Buy

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by Lisa Fogarty
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There's no doubt that a bad pair of socks can ruin your day, because the wrong socks can lead to painful blisters, foot aches, and general discomfort. In contrast, the best women's socks are supportive, comfortable, and make you feel like you're not wearing anything on your toes. And, once you've owned a pair of comfy, high-quality socks, you'll never go back to flimsy, itchy, odor-retaining socks that slip off your ankles again.

Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of styles, fabrics, and features for women to choose from today. So, as you search, keep your needs front of mind: Do you want a pair of hiking socks that will keep your feet warm and dry? Do you have painful arches and need a pair of socks with extra support? Are you looking for a squishy everyday pair you can buy in multiples?

The socks on this list span nearly every type you could want or need, from thin, everyday socks (both visible and no-show), to compression socks that are great for traveling, to moisture-wicking socks you can wear when you exercise. So sit back and relax, and simply keep scrolling: Here are the best women's socks that money can buy.


Best Basic, Comfy Socks For Everyday Lounging

If you’ve been searching for a pair of comfy, squishy, everyday socks for traveling, sleeping, and lounging around at home, look no further: at under $15 for six pairs, Hanes’ Ultimate Comfort socks are absolutely perfect. They’re super soft and slightly cushioned, and they adjust to your unique body temperature to keep your feet comfortable and warm, thanks to the brand’s X-Temp technology. They go up to about your ankles, so if you’re prone to being cold, they offer some added warmth on your legs; this also means they look chic (in a very normcore way) with low sneakers. Choose from black or white, or better yet, don’t: you’re going to want to stock up on these.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 9

Relevant review: “These socks are my absolute go-to. They are soft as butter and wick moisture well. I use them daily for average use and they hold up well in the gym too. They keep my feet dry and comfortable and are a perfect length for leggings and tall shoes!”


Best Thin Dress Socks That Are Lightweight & Don’t Slip

These basic, everyday socks are slightly longer than ankle length and have a narrow band of elastic around the top to help them stay up. Thanks to their fabric blend, they’re breathable, lightweight, and thin enough to not create bulk under shoes or boots. Reviewers say these socks absorb moisture well, and that they won't slip down your leg throughout the day. And with six pairs for the price of $16, you can stock up and always have these socks on hand. You can get them in a multi-color pack of white, black, and grey, or an all grey, all black, or all white pack of six pairs.

  • Available Sizes: Medium — Large

Relevant review: "[...] these socks are ideal for my sweaty feet. I'd say they should be the best seller of all socks. It's not too thick like cushioned socks for sport nor too thin that you can see your foot through it. It's comfortable in whatever my shoes (Stan Smith, running shoes, training shoes, canvas shoes) and keeps my feet dry and clean. I will keep buying them from now on.”


Best Liner Socks That Are Invisible With Any Shoe

These no-show liner socks have gel tabs that will hold them to your heel so they won't slip on your feet throughout the day, and are made with microfiber that can stretch to the shape of your foot. They come in an affordable pack of three socks in neutral shades like nude and black, as well as pigmented colors like navy, plum, and red. Over 13,000 five-star reviews declare that these socks are soft, invisible in any shoe, and breathable enough that your feet won't sweat when you wear them.

  • Available Sizes: 4-7 — 8-12

Relevant review: "So happy to find Peds that are large enough over the toes to stay on my size 10 feet and still not slip off the heel. Large enough to stay on, but small enough to not show when wearing loafers.”


Best Lightweight, Low-Cut Socks That Allow Your Feet To Breathe

These moisture-wicking ankle socks are a thinner, lightweight sock designed with mesh ventilation panels to keep your feet feeling dry and cool. While they do have fewer supportive features than running and workout socks, they do have a cushioned sole, providing enough support to keep your feet comfortable no matter where you're headed. According to most reviewers, they also hold up well and maintain their durability after multiple washes.

  • Available Sizes: 5 — 9

Relevant review: "I wear these with my gym shoes for walking/exercising. They don't slip at all and protect by heels and achilles tendon from rubbing. They also wick away sweat, keeping my feet comfortable on hot days when I'm active.The next time I need socks, I'll be ordering these again.”


Best Running Socks With Extra Support & Cushioning

This pair of women's running socks stands out for a reason: Made from Drynamix and mohair, they wick away moisture and help prevent blisters, while keeping feet warm and dry. They also offer a lot of support and extra cushioning to absorb shock when your foot hits the pavement. They have a wide band for arch support, a seamless toe that’s comfortable and also helps prevent blisters, and heel tabs that will help you easily adjust the sock as you work out. And they come in lots of fun colors, so they spark joy, too.

  • Available Sizes: S — XL

Relevant review: "These are hands down the best socks I've ever had. I'm a runner and I've recently struggled with heel irritation and blisters from running longer distances in the heat. If I wear longer socks, I sweat more, the ankle socks are too short. These are perfect since they have the extra material that comes up over the heel to protect it from friction. They are also super soft and comfortable. 100% recommend!”


Best Wool Socks For Cold Weather

These cold weather socks are made with 80 percent Merino wool, a much higher percentage than your run-of-the-mill wool socks. Merino wool is the perfect material to have on your feet when the temperature drops, as it's warm and insulating, but also breathable and naturally moisture-wicking. With a reinforced heel and extra arch support, this pair is even great for outdoor cold-weather sports, like skiing, hiking, or snowboarding. And women who ordinarily have trouble finding socks that fit will be thrilled to know these come in a really wide range of women’s sizes — from 3 to 13.

  • Available Sizes: Small — Large

Relevant review: "I wear these for skiing and other outdoor activities in central Alaska. They've held up well for two winters now and are still comfy and fit just fine after washing and a few accidental rounds through the dryer.”


Best Knee-Length Compression Socks To Boost Circulation

These popular knee-length compression socks improve circulation and prevent foot and leg fatigue, which is important if your feet frequently swell or if you spend a lot of time standing. They have comfortable toe pockets, stay up all day, and won't shrink or change shape in the wash, according to reviewers. These medium compression socks come in more than 30 colors and prints (including stripes, owls, and polka dots) so you'll be able to find a pair that fits your personal style.

  • Available Sizes: One Size

Relevant review: "These compression socks has helped me tremendously on those long shifts.As someone who doesn’t like to sit down much, these help so that my feet can avoid being swollen and painful when my shift is over. My previous pair gave out after 3 years of wear so now i bought these and i’m loving them!”


Best Socks For Pilates, Yoga, & Barre

If you do workouts like yoga, pilates, or barre, pick up a pair of these Gaiam grippy socks. (It’s worth nothing that even if you don’t, a lot of people like wearing these around the house to prevent slipping on hardwood floors.) Designed with criss-cross tops to keep the socks in place and silicone grips on the soles to prevent slipping and sliding, they’re sold in packs of one or two in multiple colors. If you prefer other designs, Gaiam also makes similar socks with exposed toes, or with a more classic sock design.

  • Available Sizes: One Size

Relevant review: “These yoga socks are exactly what I was looking for. I workout at home and love not having to put on shoes in order to not slip on my exercise mat. The criss-cross straps keep them in place even during strenuous workouts. They are super comfortable as well.”

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