We've All Cringed At These Embarrassing '90s Memories

Unfortunately, embarrassment is one of the emotions that we continue to feel keenly no matter how old we get. Of course, there are some classic embarrassing memories from the '90s that pretty much all of us who grew up during the decade wish we could forget. But while skipping down memory lane tends to be full of delicious snacks and our favorite TV shows, there is something valid to be said for relieving the embarrassing moments, too. Why? Because it's a great learning experience.

Seriously: We learn from our mistakes. We also learn and grow from being compassionate to ourselves. There are plenty of moments we found totally mortifying as a kid or teen in the '90s, but with some distance, we might find ourselves laughing at our former humiliation. It's also a good way to gain perspective about what matters and what doesn't, and that time heals pretty much all wounds. After all, we were pretty convinced we would never live down tripping in front of the class in the fifth grade, but lo and behold, here we are.

You might find yourself burying your face in your hands when thinking back to embarrassing things that happened to you in the '90s, and I'm willing to bet a lot of the memories will ring true for you. So get ready to cringe — and laugh!


Crying In School

Who, me?


Messing Up During A Presentation

Of course I read the book. I mean, Spark Notes is never wrong, right?


Throwing Up In The Cafeteria

It happens to the best of us.


Being Rejected By Your Crush

What? Of course I wasn't asking you out — I was just asking if you had a date for the Eighth Grade Semi-Formal. Duh.


Calling Your Teacher Mom Or Dad

Everyone has done it, and yes, it's somehow still mortifying despite the fact that we've all been there.


Getting Caught Dancing To A Music Video

There's nothing like someone wandering in while you were practicing your rendition of a Spice Girls music video in the living room.


Having Nightmares During A Sleepover

Scary movies before bed are a great idea... until the lights go out and you're starting at your BFF's ceiling, wide awake.


Buying Your First Bra

For anyone with breasts, we all know the horrors of buying our very first bra. The fittings, the bright lights of the dressing room, the prodding from our parent... The cringing never ends.


The Glitter Eye Shadow Learning Curve

While you should always wear what you want, how you want, there is nothing quite like the result of the first few times you experiment with makeup. Let's just say that a little bit of glitter eye shadow goes a long way.


Getting Caught In A Three-Way Call

A waking nightmare.


Getting Picked Last For An Activity

Whether you were super popular or not, this has happened to everybody at least once.


Writing Cringeworthy Love Poetry

Oh, the long-form poetry you saved in your favorite Lisa Frank folder. Of course it's still buried under your childhood bed, right?


Realizing Someone Read Your Diary

The horror. The horror.