16 Things For Adults To Do On Easter This Year

It just takes a little creativity.

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Easter isn't just for the kids anymore — especially when you put a grown-up spin on the day's festivities. There are plenty of things to do on Easter if you're an adult and a lot of these activities involve getting back in touch with your inner child.

The best thing about being an adult is that you make decisions for yourself now. You can dress yourself in any color on Sunday. You can pass on those spring peas you never really liked. You can even make your own Easter feast without supervision should you so please. And perhaps the best thing about being an adult is the limitless amount of candy you sometimes allow yourself to indulge in.

The possibilities for adult activities on Easter, which happens to be Sunday, April 17, are endless. These activities are pretty much the grown up versions of all the kiddie stuff you loved to partake in around this time of year anyways. All it takes is a creative spin to make your Easter both safe and fun no matter who you’re celebrating with.


1. Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt

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Hide and go seek is no longer just for kids and bored babysitters. Turns out, this age-old Easter game is actually... ageless. Plan an egg hunt with everyone you’re celebrating with. Hide eggs in cereal boxes, in book shelves, and behind desks around your house. Let the inner child in you out to play while also keeping it adult.


2. Pastel Manicures

If you're not so much into looking around the lawn for plastic eggs, lean into the season by sporting pastel colors everywhere, including your nails, so go ahead and call up your salon or stock up on nail polish next time you’re at the store. Taking care of your cuticles is a form of self-love, which is very adult of you.


3. Prepare A Chocolate Candy Bar

Easter isn't all about the chocolate, but there are so many seasonal chocolate candy releases revolving around it that it sort of seems like it is. Curate a bar of chocolate candies to indulge in, even better if you end up ranking your favorites.


4. Egg Decorating Contest

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It's decorating eggs, but competitive, just to spice things up. Whether you're competing against friends or family, get your watercolors ready to win. Instead of just dipping eggs into dye, get creative and paint a masterpiece. Winner gets bragging rights for the rest of the year, and one heck of an Instagram.


5. Easter Candy Taste Test

Beyond chocolate, there is a special haul of Easter candy that is delivered to the candy aisle. It would be down right wrong to ignore these special candies. Do the responsible, adult thing and gather all the candy. Create a very professional tasting sheet and get to being a pro Easter candy taste tester. Compare your answers at the end to see which candy is the overall winner.


6. Egg Truth Or Dare

If you don't want to hunt for the eggs, you don't have to, because you are an adult. But, plastic eggs are not reserved for the 12 years old and younger crowd. To add a layer of maturity, have everyone write up their own truth or dare notes to put inside Easter eggs. Then, you can each pull out truths or dares for each other to play.


7. Host An Easter Brunch

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What’s more adult than brunch? If you’re celebrating from afar, you can still have a great Zoom brunch for your and your friends. Pour the mimosas and whip up the quiche. While the kids are chasing after bunnies, relax into your chair with a plate full of fresh fruit and pastries.


8. Easter Makeup Looks

Each holiday calls for its own on-theme makeup look, and Easter is no exception. Play with pastels, egg-designs, and other Easter-inspired looks. Not only will it help you get into the Easter mood, but it'll also result in a super cute Instagram post for later.


9. Get Dressed Up

Being an adult means you can wear anything you want to. Get especially dressed up in your Sunday best for this year's Easter dinner. In fact make it a thing with your friends and family that you're celebrating with.


10. A Bake Off

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Get in the spirit of baking with a cake bake-off. From carrots to Peep-inspired layers, bake and decorate a cake as Easter-y as you can. You can always judge the competition based on presentation, but judging them by taste is even more fun.


11. Donate To Your Favorite Charity Organization

Sometimes the best way to celebrate a holiday is by spreading good. Donate to your favorite organization or cause to make this year really special. Now that's an adult activity.


12. Watch An Easter Movie

Whether you choose It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown or Hop, one way you can get in the Easter mood is by watching one of your favorite wholesome Easter movies. And if you want to watch with long distance friends, start a Netflix Party or have an Easter Zoom movie night.


13. Adult Easter Baskets

You don't have to fill baskets for your adult friends with kid friendly gifts. But instead try grown up Mad Libs, and other adult things, whatever that means to you.


14. Get Some Rest

Instead of getting carried away in the hustle and bustle of hosting guests, you can take it slow this year. Relax at home, think about what you're grateful for, and enjoy the holiday at your own pace.


15. Flower Arrangement Party

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Now that flowers are in bloom, get together with your most botanical buds to create floral arrangements for your Easter dinner tables whether in person or via video chat.


16. Send Easter Cards Out

You know what's super grown up? Sending out actual cards on holidays! You can make any holiday meaningful by writing up and mailing cards. Not only will it be a fun opportunity to work on your hand-writing, but your loved ones will really enjoy the kind gesture.

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