21 Genius Things For Your Car That You'll Use Constantly

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While cars can come with a ton of bells and whistles these days, there are a few things that just can’t be rolled into your financing but will make driving (and riding) in a car a much more enjoyable experience. Luckily for you, a quick spin through Amazon will help you find genius items for your car that you actually need and you’ll use constantly.

With their small square footage, reports of little messes in your car can be greatly exaggerated. That's why something like a small trash bin, a backseat organizer, or a headrest hook for bags can make such a difference. And for long hours on a road trip or sitting in traffic, consider a supportive car cushion and a seat gap organizer to keep your necessities close.

Beyond those small conveniences, there are tons of great gadgets available that improve safety, like a back-up camera or blind-spot mirrors, which could literally be lifesavers.

So whether it’s keeping your car clean, dialing back the clutter, or taking some helpers along so you don’t get lost, these great finds for your car on Amazon will make driving way better — and since most of these hacks are under $25, you might just want to pick up more than one.


This Cleaning Gel That Quickly Lifts Away Dirt & Dust

This car cleaning gel quickly and safely lifts away dust and dirt from small crevices and car vents and leaves behind a fresh lavender scent to boot. Made from a biodegradable materials, this best-seller is reusable and great for computer keyboards as well.


This Seat Gap Organizer That Keeps Your Stuff Secure & Your Eyes On The Road

This seat gap organizer easily houses keys, loose coins, phones, and more so they don't fall into the cracks or distract you while you're driving. It features four adjustable dividers so you can customize it to perfectly suit your needs. Plus, it's water resistant, easy to wipe clean when needed, and comes in five colors to match any interior.


These Interior Car Lights That Dance To The Music

These LED car lights are outfitted with a high-sensitivity microphone that adjusts to ambient noise so when the music is on, the LED lights follow the rhythm of the music to make them extra fun. The light strips install easily with 3M adhesive, and it uses your cigarette lighter as its power source.


These Backseat Organizers That Keep Things Neat & Orderly

With nine storage pockets each, these backseat organizers are an excellent way to round up small items like snacks, tissues, and charging cords while keeping them neat and orderly. It can also hold tablets up to 10-inches large so the backseat can stay entertained. Super strong polyester ensures that it stands up to the traffic in your car and each order comes with two organizers.


This Backup Camera That Lets You See Behind You More Easily

Add another element of safety to your vehicle and make parallel parking a lot easier with this backup camera that lets you see behind your car. Easily installed in two ways, the backup camera comes with a dash display that lets you see what's happening without impeding your vision while driving.


This Essential Oil Diffuser To Freshen The Air

This car diffuser and humidifier plugs directly into your cigarette lighter, and can be used with your favorite essential oils to freshen the air and offer a little aromatherapy moment. The diffuser is small enough that it doesn’t get in your way, it operates silently, and has a two-hour auto-shutoff so it doesn’t run down your car battery.


These Headrest Hooks To Keep Purses, Groceries, & More In Place

These headrest hooks are a space-saver and organizer rolled into one handy car accessory. Use them behind or over the seats to hold your handbag, groceries, coats, and anything else you don’t want toppling over or running amuck in your car. Sold as a four-pack, each hook can hold up to 17 pounds.


A Steering Wheel Laptop Desk For Working Or Lunch In Your Car

This steering wheel desk is flat on one side and has a cup holder on the other making it ideal for lunches or meetings on the fly when you're on the road (or are just waiting in your car). The desk is light enough to easily remove or place on, yet sturdy enough to support a laptop.


This Trunk Organizer With Hooks To Keep It In Place

With thousands of positive reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, it’s safe to say that customers are fully on board with this trunk organizer. Sturdy construction, lots of pockets, and straps with hooks that keep this organizer firmly in place make this trunk organizer a must-have to keep all your hauls or emergency items neat and organized.


This Waterproof Trash Bin To Help Keep Your Car Neat & Clean

This trash can that's waterproof and leak-proof keeps your car neat and clean. Made with Oxford cloth and a plastic board bottom, it's sturdy and durable. It also comes with adjustable straps which allow you to place the bin almost anywhere in your car.


This Easy-To-Install Blind-Spot Mirror That Lends An Assist With Lane Changes

This blind-spot mirror is easy to install and helps keep you safe by opening up your sight lines. It installs easily with an adhesive swivel backing that gives you the ability to rotate and sway it for the perfect angle. Plus, the convex mirror has a slim design that won’t distract you while you’re driving either.


This Lumbar Support Pillow That Improves Your Posture

The ergonomic shape, memory foam, and cooling gel of this lumbar pillow all work together to relieve the strain that comes with sitting for long periods. Sturdy, adjustable straps keep the lumbar pillow in place to continuously improve your posture with natural-feeling support. The breathable mesh cover is machine washable, too. Choose between six colors.


This Gadget That Fits 32 & 40 Oz. Containers Into Your Cup Holder

This cup holder extender sits in your car’s existing cup holder to size it up for containers up to 40 ounces. The base is adjustable to ensure a secure fit and rubber tabs keep the cup firmly in place while you’re driving.


This Purse Holder To Keep Bags (& Pets) Where They Should Be

The Car Cache provides a barrier behind your center console, so your bags don't go flying back. While it creates a designated spot for your handbags, it can also be used to corral small items, or as a barrier for small pets keeping them in the back seat.


This Cell Phone Holder For Hands-Free Driving That Doesn't Block Your Vents

This silicone car phone holder securely adheres to your car’s dashboard, giving you a full view of the screen at your sight line (and doesn't block your vents). The car phone holder is widely compatible with most smartphones, and the base also serves as a tray for small items. While the phone holder is perfect for your car, it can also be used anywhere you need to have hands-free viewing, like when cooking or taking notes.


This Car Visor Mirror That Also Offers Extra Magnification

This tri-fold magnifying car visor mirror is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups when last-minute plans come up. Stretchy Velcro straps ensure an almost universal fit, and when you don't need it, it's easy to fold up.


This Sun Shade That Protects You & Your Passengers From Harmful UV Rays

The tight weave of these car shades offer protection from heat, glare, and UV rays for both you and your passengers. They adheres easily to your windows with static cling so it can be easily removed without leaving any kind of residue. Each order comes with two transparent shades for the front two seats and two semi-transparent shades for the back seats. There's even a convenient pouch for storage when they’re not in use.


This Hand Vacuum That Can Get Into Those Tight Corners

This 12-volt corded hand vacuum has three cleaning nozzles to help get those tight corners easily. A convenient LED light lets you see into crevices, and the stainless steel filter can be washed so it can be used over and over. The portable vacuum cleaner comes with its own carry bag, and it’s also available in four color options.


These Document Holders So All Your Important Papers Are Easy To Find

This set of two document holders can be a lifesaver when you need to retrieve your registration, proof of insurance, and other papers quickly. The vinyl case protects important documents from tears and water damage, too, and the Velcro closure keeps them securely inside.


A Seat Cushion With 45,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Amazon reviewers love this memory foam seat cushion for the office, around the house, on airplanes, and, of course, in the car. In fact, more than 45,000 reviewers have given it a perfect five-star rating. “I ordered it and was impressed with how well it worked so I ordered another one. I use it in my car, which before I when I got out I could barely walk. (Hip pain from tendinitis) but now I can get out of the car and walk almost pain free,” one fan wrote. And thanks to the gel layer, it won’t get uncomfortably warm.


This Steering Wheel Cover That Gives You A Better Grip

This steering wheel cover keeps your steering wheel warm in the winter and cool in the summer while making it way easier to keep your grip. Made from polyurethane leather with mesh accents for breathability, the steering wheel cover features an anti-slip design for a better grip on the wheel, and it’s available in 14 colors to match the interior of any car.

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