25 Hilarious Things For Your Bathroom That Are Actually Genius

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Most bathrooms are pretty boring. You've got your sink, toilet, and shower, then maybe there's a picture or two on the wall — that's about it. But not all bathrooms have to be boring. In fact, there are tons of genius bathroom products available on Amazon that will spice up your water closet and make it more user-friendly in the process.

Check out the waterproof notepad that lets you jot down thoughts in the shower which even comes with two waterproof pencils in each order. Or maybe a multicolor toilet night light is more your style. Not only is it fun, it also makes late-night trips a lot easier. If you're looking for quirky decorations, look no further than the dinosaur toilet paper holder I've included. It's exactly what it sounds like: a gold Brontosaurus with an extra-long neck that holds up to two extra rolls. And if chic is more your aesthetic, consider the bamboo bath mat that offers major spa vibes while also being naturally antibacterial.

From toilet sprays that eliminate unwanted odors to cupholders that let you sip on wine in the tub, there are tons of clever bathroom products here to spice up your powder room.


The Spray That Gets Rid Of Unwanted Bathroom Odors

Simply spritz your toilet bowl with this spray before you go, and it'll keep unwanted odors from even hitting the air. It's formulated with essential oils, and each bottle comes with enough inside for about 200 uses. Grab it in multiple scents, including lavender vanilla, citrus, orange mint, and more.


A Cult-Favorite Toilet Stool That Makes Bathroom Eliminations Easier

By putting your feet up on this toilet stool, your intestines become aligned in a way that makes it easier to go. It's designed to fit any standard toilet, and it tucks away neatly once you're done so it doesn't take up too much room. More than 10,000 Amazon reviewers have given it a five-star review so it has more than a little of a following.


A Cup Holder That Lets You Sip Wine In The Tub

Just attach the suction cup to the wall of your shower or tub, and this cupholder will let you sip on wine (or any other drink) while you bathe. It's sturdy enough that it can hold up to 7 pounds, and the ABS plastic construction means it's exceptionally durable. You can also use it to hold shampoo and other bath products upside down so you can use up every last drop.


A Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Shelf You Don't Need Tools To Install

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this toilet paper holder features a convenient shelf where you can easily rest your phone, a second roll of toilet paper, or anything else. Each order comes with super-strong 3M adhesive tape so that you can install it without any tools (or wall mount it with screws if you prefer). Plus, it's tall enough that it can even hold extra-large rolls of paper.


This Cute Handle That Lets You Lift Your Toilet Seat Without Touching It

Keep your hands safely away from bathroom germs and bacteria by adding this handle to your toilet seat. It easily attaches to the underside of your toilet seat without any tools required, and it has a cute, subtle shape you'll hardly notice until you need to lift the lid.


A Cotton Swab Holder Designed To Look Like A Cute Lotus Plant

Not only does the lotus design make it super-cute, but this cotton swap holder can also be used for toothpicks. The transparent lid prevents dust from settling, and it's large enough that it can hold up to 30 at a time. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "it is adjustable, and holds q-tips in an organized way." Choose from white and green or all black.


A Waterproof Notepad That Lets You Jot Down Thoughts In The Shower

When brilliant ideas hit in the shower, you'll want to have this waterproof notepad on the wall to capture all the genius (or just that last thing you need to get from the grocery). The notepad has 40 sheets of waterproof paper that's nontoxic as well as recyclable, and the two pencils are made from eco-friendly cedar.


A Drain Cover That Lets You Take A Deeper Bath

Simply pop this cover on top of your overflow drain, and you'll be able to add a few extra inches to your tub water for a more immersive bath. The suction cups provide a secure seal so that it doesn't fall off, and it's designed to fit over any standard overflow drain. The best part? It's even mildew-resistant.


The Toilet Spray Made With 100% Real Gold Nanoparticles

Formulated with real gold nanoparticles, this toilet spray traps unwanted bathroom odors both below and above the water's surface to help your air stay fresh. The formula is completely nontoxic, too. There are four different scents to choose from: fruity booty, mystic forest, vanilla, and tropical dropsicle.


A Toilet Paper Spindle That Lets You Record Messages

If your housemates always forget to replace the toilet paper when it runs out or you just want to smile every day, record a message using this talking spindle. It's designed to fit most toilet paper holders, and you can erase then re-record a new message as many times as you want.


A Golf Putting Mat Designed For Your Toilet

Give your phone a break the next time you use the bathroom and play with this toilet golf putting mat instead. Each order comes with a "Do Not Disturb" sign so that you can golf as long as you like, and it makes a gag gift with a 4.5-star overall rating.


A Sticker That Reminds You To Put The Toilet Seat Down

Give them a gentle reminder to put the toilet seat down with this clever sticker. It's not permanent and it's easy to remove when you need to, and, unlike some other stickers, this one is fade-resistant.


A Motion-Sensing Night Light That Helps Guide Your Way To The Toilet

Don't stumble around in the dark on your way to the bathroom at night — illuminate the way using this motion-sensing toilet night light. There are eight different colors to choose from as well as a rotating carousel mode, and the flexible arm allows it to fit any standard bowl.


These Funny Restroom Door Symbols That Are Super Easy To Install

Looking for a quirky little door decoration? Search no further than these restroom door symbols. You can simply peel and stick them to any dry surface, and the polyvinyl figures can be used together or separately on two doors.


A Porcelain Planter That Doubles As A Chic Soap Dish

Put a cute little succulent into this porcelain planter to add some greenery to your bathroom or even use it as an adorable soap dish. The drainage hole on the bottom allows your sponges and scrubbers to dry, and the clawed feet give it an extra-chic appearance.


These Apothecary Jars That Are Shatter-Resistant

Get the look of glass without the worry with this set of three apothecary jars that are constructed from shatter-resistant plastic so that they're extra durable. Each order comes with one small, medium, and large jar. You can also use them to store dry pantry ingredients in your kitchen.


A Kit That Turns Your Handheld Drill Into A Powerful Scrubber

Power through stubborn dirt and grime by turning your handheld drill into a powerful scrubber using this kit. Each order comes with three brush heads that you can use to clean grout, shower tracks, porcelain, and more. The bristles are made from super-tough nylon that won't easily fray under pressure.


The Paper Towel Holder That Looks Like A Fun Dinosaur

Use it for paper towels in your kitchen or use this dinosaur to hold extra rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom. The neck is long enough that it can hold up to two rolls, plus it's made from super-dense resin that's shatter-resistant.


A Chic Bath Mat Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from eco-friendly and naturally antimicrobial bamboo, this bath mat is completely waterproof so that you won't have to worry about it deteriorating on the floor of your shower. The slip-resistant pads on the bottom help prevent it from sliding around, and it even folds in half so that it's easy to tuck away into storage.


A Guest Book Friends Can Doodle In While They Poop

Give friends a fun place to doodle while they use the bathroom with this guest book. There are 112 pages where people can leave notes and draw pictures — there are even fun prompts like asking guests to mark whether they've peeked in your medicine cabinet, how long they've stared in the mirror, and more.


A Toilet Paper Holder With A Built-In Basket For Magazines

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this standing toilet paper holder also features a built-in basket where you can easily store magazines, books, and more. The chrome finish allows it to effortlessly match the existing decor in your bathroom, and many Amazon reviewers wrote about how well it fits into tight spaces.


These Miniature Bars Of Soap That Look Like Gorgeous Rocks

Add a few pops of color to your bathroom with these gorgeous bars of soap shaped like rocks. Each one is formulated with essential oils and are safe to use on almost all types of skin. The brand even says you can use them on your face. They're paraben-free and cruelty-free, and their compact size makes them perfect for traveling.


A Toothbrush Sanitizer That Can Hold Up To 5 Brushes

Make sure your toothbrush is extra-clean before you stick it in your mouth by using this sanitizer. It's able to clean up to five toothbrushes at once with a powerful UV light to eliminate germs — no harsh chemicals required. You can mount it to your wall using the included adhesive, and the battery is rechargeable.


The Bamboo Toilet Brush Holder That Keeps Your Brush Out Of View

Made from 100% eco-friendly bamboo, this toilet brush holder is a super-chic alternative to the regular plastic version and completely conceals your brush head for both visual appeal and to keep smells away. The brush handle is made from super-durable stainless steel, and case is compact for tight spaces.


A Box That's Great For Extra Toilet Paper Rolls

Simply place it on top of your toilet, and this farmhouse-style box instantly becomes the perfect place to keep spare rolls of paper, plants, toilet sprays, and more. Many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it fit perfectly on the back of their toilet. It's made from real cedar wood — not particleboard — and has a funny message.

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