28 Things That'll Instantly Calm Your Dog Down That You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

Make storms and houseguest visits feel way less stressful.

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If your dog is anything like mine, the smallest noises, storms, or new smells can send him into a panic. My anxious pups are not fans of lightning, thunder, or Amazon delivery people — unless they’re bringing treats. Whether you’re traveling, working from home, or having guests over, it’s never a bad idea to stash an arsenal of tools to keep your pouch occupied and happy. I’ve put together this list of things that have helped my dogs and come highly recommended by Amazon shoppers. Check out the 28 things that’ll instantly calm your dog down — trust me, you’ll wish you knew about these sooner.

There are plenty of ways to make your dog feel safe. Calming smells, comfy beds, and soothing treats are all options for helping your dog feel less anxious. On this list you’ll find a wide range of solutions that are designed to make mundane or scary activities, like taking a bath, riding out a thunderstorm, or sharing mom and dad with visitors, more manageable. I’ve included a handful of dog treats that are both delicious and help to calm dogs down, as well as toys, bones, and indestructible playmates for your pup.

All of the products on this list — from a donut bed that feels like a hug to the tight-fitting thunder jacket — will make your dog feel cozy and content. Each of these solutions can be used on its own or in tandem to keep your pooches happy and healthy, no matter what life throws your way.


The Hemp-Infused Calming Treats For Dogs

There are plenty of stressors for dogs, from thunder to separation anxiety to new visitors, but these calming chews can help. The delicious duck-flavored chews are made with ​​valerian root, L-tryptophan, chamomile, and hemp oil, which provides a gentle sedative that’s safe for your pet and keeps them composed in high-stress situations. These treats can be used to calm hyperactivity, reduce aggression, or support fearful pooches. Check the serving size based on your dog’s weight.


These Rescue Remedy Drops That Relax Your Pet

Getting ready to take Fido to the vet? A few drops of this rescue remedy will help soothe your dog and keep them calm. You distribute the drops orally based on the size of your dog. This natural stress reliever is made without alcohol, gluten, or sugar and is vegan and made with a blend of five natural flower essences, which makes it safer for your pets. It’s earned more than 6,000 reviews.


The Snuffle Mat That Calms Dogs By Giving Their Brains A Workout

A tired dog is a happy dog. Physical exercise is important but don’t neglect giving their brain a workout too. This highly-rated snuffle mat lets pups hunt for treats and lowers their anxiety by offering long-lasting mental stimulation. The cotton “grass” on this mat brings out a dog’s natural foraging instincts and can also be used to slow down fast eaters at mealtime. Even better? It’s machine washable and ethically sourced.


A Trusty Thunder Jacket To Comfort Anxious Dogs

For my younger dog, thunder is his biggest fear and this classic anxiety jacket has been a lifesaver. It’s just $40 and named Amazon’s #1 bestseller in “dog shirts” for a reason. The velcro shirt is tight-fitting to apply gentle, constant pressure (like a hug) that calms them during fireworks, travel, vet visits, and more. The soft jacket is simple to use and can be machine washed to keep it smelling fresh.


This Fuzzy Donut Bed To Make Your Pet Feel Safe

Creating a safe space for your pup at home can be so helpful when it comes to reducing anxiety. The first step? A cozy bed and this one is a crowd favorite with nearly 50,000 reviews. The shag bed is super soft and cozy with high, seven-inch walls for ample head and neck support. The donut-shaped bed is packed with premium fibers that hold their shape longer than other beds. Choose from four sizes to fit your pet and eight colors to match your home.


A Plush Toy With A Realistic Heartbeat For Your Pack Pet

Sometimes in the scariest situations, all you need is a friend. That’s why dogs and their owners love this plush toy that has a real-feel pulsing heartbeat inside. You can set the heart to beat continuously or turn on an 8-hour timer. This snuggly toy supports dogs’ pack mentality, making them feel safe and warm. Reviewers (it’s earned more than 30,000 reviews) say it’s ideal for welcoming a new puppy.

“I am crate training my pup and she cried terribly throughout the night trying to adjust to being without her littermates while also in a new place with new people [...] It worked wonders to ease my puppy into its new environment and crate training pattern.”


These Delicious Dog Bones With Calming Effects

These chicken dog bones taste like a delicious treat to your dog but are packed with soothing ingredients to help them stay relaxed. Chewing is an essential and healthy habit for any dog and these treats encourage that behavior in a safe way. The chicken-flavored bones are also made with chamomile and lavender and never made with rawhide. The easy-to-digest bones will be your pet’s new favorite (and you’ll love the results.)


A Bluetooth Speaker With Built-In Calming Music To Comfort Pets

Prior to reading this list, you’ve probably heard of calming treats or beds, but did you know that music is another incredible solution for soothing your pet? This speaker is designed specifically for dogs and comes preloaded with eight hours of relaxing music meant to help calm dogs and may even help them sleep. It even comes with a lanyard to hang it anywhere your pup likes to hang out.


The Pet-Safe Aromatherapy Spray Made With Lavender

Aromatherapy works for humans, so why wouldn’t it work for your dog? This calming spray is made with lavender, chamomile, and Egyptian geranium to create a peaceful environment for your pet, even if you’re heading to the vet, traveling, or enduring a thunderstorm. This pH-balanced spray can be sprayed directly on your pets, their beds, or into the air around them. And yes, you’ll notice the calming effects, too.


These Teeth-Cleaning Bones That Contain Melatonin

Here’s a dog bone that has a variety of purposes. The vet-formulated bones not only calm your pet, but also help to support their joints, skin, and heart. Keeping your dog’s mouth in tip-top shape is key to keeping your pet healthy. These treats break down plaque and tartar on teeth and gums like an edible toothbrush, while soothing ingredients like melatonin and GABA help relieve anxiety.


A Lavender Shampoo That Calms Anxiety And Dry Skin

Unlike humans, most dogs don’t find baths relaxing — but this calming shampoo can help. It’s made with lavender and green tea, which both smells calming to relax your pooch and is made to soothe dry and irritated skin. This shampoo is made without fragrances, sulfates, or harsh chemicals so you can safely wash your pup at any age. It’s pH-balanced especially for dogs and puppies to make bathtime a bit less of a stressor.


The Calming Pet Spray That Eliminates Odors

This pet spray does double duty: it both eliminates odors and gently calms your pet. It’s made with lavender essential oils and works to deodorize pets directly or the places they leave smells. Think of it as dog dry shampoo and air freshener in one. The scent is long-lasting and safe for your pet. It’s earned more than 6,000 reviews.


This Cozy Pet Hoodie That Muffles Loud Noises

Consider these pet hoodies to be like ear muffs that actually stay put. This sleeve slides up over your pet’s ears to muffle the sound of fireworks, thunder, or loud grooming tools. It also offers a light compression that’s comforting to pets — like a hug. This natural calming technique works well, in tandem, with a thunder jacket or calming collar.


The Natural Dog Bones That Reduce Anxious Behavior

Chewing can naturally calm your dog down but giving them the right thing to chew on is key. This pack of two dog bones comes with a hemp flavor bone and a dogwood natural wood bone. They won’t splinter and have a moderate level of chewing so they last a while. They even float in water. One reviewer noted, “I have a German Shepherd puppy, he's 11wks old and weighs 25lbs. He loves chewing on sticks so I thought I needed to find him something that's similar but safer for him.”


A Plush Dog Toy That Pups Can Shake, Rattle, And Sniff

This plush toy is adorable and soft, but it also has a secret rattle shake inside that releases soothing scents your pet will love. The cuddly elephant (or pig or cheetah) boasts a squeaker inside — keeping your pet entertained for hours. With each rattle, the toy releases a lavender scent that can help alleviate anxiety and stress. Plus it’s only $13.


The Travel-Friendly Paw Soothing Gel

This paw gel can help to calm dogs by soothing irritated, rough, and dry paws. It’s made from organic, natural ingredients like coconut oil, chamomile, mango butter, and cocoa butter and comes in a travel-friendly stick format that makes it simple to apply.


This Reversible, Urine-Proof Blanket For Dogs

Amazon is calling this their #1 new release in “dog bed and blankets” because it’s easy to take care of and will keep your pet happy. This reversible sherpa blanket is perfect for protecting your couch, keeping your pet warm, or just offering some cozy comfort. It’s waterproof and urine-proof and can be machine washed. Choose from three sizes and two colors to fit your furniture and pet.


A Cute Chew Toy For Your Dog To Calm Themselves

Chewing can be a coping mechanism for anxious pets, but aggressive chewing can lead to expensive damage to your home or belongings. Try this interactive dog toy that’s made of natural rubber. It’s ultra-durable and has a squeaker inside of it to keep them entertained. The end of the toy has a rope for tugging. This toy is designed with horizontal and vertical teeth cleaning slots to keep your pet’s teeth clean while calming them down.


The Spray To Refresh Your Dog’s Coat Without A Bath

Baths are a huge source of anxiety for many dogs, but this grooming spray offers a less stressful solution for cleaning your pet. Like dry shampoo for dogs, this spray is made with botanicals that both condition and clean fur while eliminating odors. Your dog won’t need as many baths and you won’t have to deal with their stink. It’s a win-win that comes in three scents and has earned nearly 9,000 reviews.


This Multipurpose Dog Vest That Reduces Stress

Many of the products on this list are best used in tandem, but this three-in-one dog coat combines many of these solutions for an affordable, easy fix. Like a Thunder Jacket, this vest hugs your dog, comforting them during bad weather or loud fireworks. Additionally, this vest has an aromatherapy pocket where you can place the included essential oil packets to soothe your dog through his sense of smell. The vest even features a music player that plays repetitive calming sounds.


A Calming Plug-In Diffuser For Pet Anxiety

When mother dogs give birth they release a natural pheromone to make their pups feel safe. This calming diffuser mimics that scent to calm your dog at home. Just plug it into an outlet and it will diffuse enough to cover a room up to 700 square feet. It uses heat yet is odorless to humans. Refills last for a month and can assist nervous dogs during loud noises, alone time, or while dealing with new visitors.


This Soothing Pet Candle Made With Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used to help many humans with stress and anxiety and the same is true for dogs. This lavender and chamomile soy candle is designed to destress your pet. This six-ounce candle neutralizes odors, which you’ll love, and the scent is calming to dogs, which they’ll love. This all-natural candle burns for 40 hours and is available in eight other scents.


A Nearly Indestructible Toy For Nervous Chewers

No dog toy is truly indestructible, but this one is pretty close. It’s designed for large breed, aggressive chewers so it’s tough yet flexible. The ring toy features unique variations and a speaker so dogs never get bored. It also deep cleans their teeth while they chew. One five-star reviewer noted, “My English bulldog is a major chewer of toys. I thought this one would be in pieces by now but it’s holding strong.”


These Chamomile-Scented Toys That Dispense Treats

This two-pack of pet toys is made to keep your dogs entertained and less anxious. Each toy has places where you can place treats or food to keep your dog interested and motivated. It’s also a great solution to slow down a fast-eating dog. But what makes these different from most toys like this is that the rubber is scented with chamomile to reduce anxiety. It’s dishwasher-safe so you can easily clean it when your dog isn’t playing with it.


A Dog Toy That Talks Back To Your Pet

This interactive dog toy has nearly 20,000 reviews because it talks, barks, and growls at your pet to keep them entertained. The small, durable ball says more than 20 funny sayings like “yeah baby,” or “come here puppy!” Your dog will love chewing on it whether they just have a lot of energy or are feeling anxious. This $11 toy will provide hours of fun distraction for your pet.


The Gloves That Help Reduce Shedding And Stress

If your pet is scared of grooming tools, these deshedding gloves are a game-changer. They fit over your hands like normal gloves but have an efficient pet hair remover on the inside so you can remove hair while loving on your pet. They’ll love the attention and you’ll have the opportunity to reduce some of the dog hair that covers your floors. They feature 255 silicone grooming tips that feel like a relaxing massage and loosen dirt and hair as you run your hands over your pet.


This Brush That Makes Bath Time Easier

This brush and shower attachment will make bathtime for your pet a bit less stressful. It easily attaches to your shower or hose and has an 8-foot flexible hose that runs water to the flexible silicone brush so you can brush your dog while washing them. It has two pressure settings for deep cleaning. This tool will make bath time less messy and more comfortable for your pet.


A Calming Peanut Butter Brownie Without Hemp

If you prefer a calming treat made without hemp, these peanut butter-flavored dog brownies hit the spot. Your pooch will benefit from a formula made with soothing ingredients like passionflower, valerian, and niacin, and each square is made without wheat, corn, and soy. One pack comes with 12 delicious treats.

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