34 Genius Things For People Who Are Sick Of Getting Lousy Sleep

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Getting a good night's sleep is the one thing that can influence the rest of your day. Take it from me — I never sleep well, and am always cranky. But you? You're smarter (and probably nicer) than me. That's why you went looking for all the things on Amazon that can help you sleep better, rather than just tossing and turning for the third week in a row.

Truth be told, I hadn't gone hunting for sleep aids in a while before compiling this list — but the number of genius products you can find is astounding. You've likely heard of melatonin supplements that can help you fall asleep, but there are also weighted blankets, memory foam pillows infused with bamboo charcoal, and even Bluetooth sleep headphones that double as eye masks. And don't even get me started on the ultra-soft pillowcases made from natural mulberry silk, because I'm about two clicks away from getting one for myself.

Whether you're looking for ways to help remedy insomnia, or simply trying to figure out how to keep yourself asleep through the night, there are tons of genius sleep aids available on Amazon — so here are 34 of the best ones.


The Sleep Aid Tablets With Over 1,200 Positive Reviews

Not only does each tablet have 25 milligrams of doxylamine (a non-habit forming sleep aid), but these tablets are also safe for anyone aged 12 and older. One tablet is considered the recommended dosage, and reviewers absolutely love them — one even raved that "these are just as good as Unisom Sleep Tabs, at a fraction of the price."


An Essential Oil That Helps Relax Your Mind Before Bed

Crafted from a blend of clary sage and lavender, this essential oil is an easy way to help relax your mind before bedtime. You can rub it into your wrists, spray it on your pillow, or even add it to a diffuser, and the amber bottle helps prevent UV light degradation.


The Weighted Blanket That Can Help Alleviate Insomnia

Not all weighted blankets are created equal — this one features high-density stitching that ensures the glass bead fillings stay evenly distributed while you sleep. It's made from 100% soft, breathable cotton so that you don't overheat at night, plus there are even loops on the corners so that you can secure it to a duvet cover.


A Sleep Mask That Puts Soothing Pressure On Your Face

Similar to the way a weighted blanket works, this sleep mask adds a comfortable amount of pressure to your face to help you relax. The velcro strap is adjustable so that you can customize how snugly it fits, plus it's available in two gorgeous colors: blue gray and sea grass.


The White Noise Machine With 10 Relaxing Nature Sounds

If your home is loud (or maybe it's your neighbors), make sure to give this white noise machine a try. It comes loaded with 10 relaxing nature sounds, including sea wave, brook, cricket, campfire, and more — plus it even has a built-in night light for added convenience. There's also a timer so that it turns off after 30, 60, or 90 minutes.


A Memory Foam Topper Infused With Temperature-Regulating Gel

I'm an incredibly hot sleeper, which is why I always put a gel mattress topper like this one on my bed. The gel helps regulate my body temperature so that I don't wake up sweating (it previously happened a lot), and the memory foam filling contours to the shape of my body for added comfort. Get it in most sizes from twin XL to California king.


The Supplements That May Help Alleviate Anxiety And Insomnia

Non-habit forming and containing less than 1 milligram of melatonin, this supplement may help calm anxiety as well as insomnia. They help your body eliminate any remaining caffeine ingested throughout the day in order to help your mind relax, plus they can even help reduce next-day fatigue. One buyer wrote, "Tried everything and this is the one. Trust me!"


A Box Of Bedtime Tea That's Completely Organic

Not only does each order come with 96 bags in total, but this tea is also vegan, organic, non-GMO, and even kosher. Thanks to ingredients like chamomile, Valerian root extract, and passionflower, drinking this tea while in bed is an easy way to unwind. "This tea made me fall right to sleep," one buyer raved.


The Knee Pillow That Helps Align Your Spine While You Sleep

Proper spine alignment is pretty important if you don't want to toss and turn all night, so especially if you're a side-sleeper, make sure to grab yourself this knee pillow. It's filled with high-density memory foam, and it helps to pad and align your knees in order to help reduce back pain. The cover is removable so that it's easy to clean, plus it's also breathable for hot sleepers.


A Bottle Of Melatonin Tablets That Helps You Stay Asleep Longer

While most sleep aids can help you fall asleep, these melatonin tablets can help you stay asleep for longer so that you wake up feeling refreshed. They're non-habit forming, and many Amazon reviewers raved about how quickly they dissolve — "Just make sure you’re near your bed after you take it, because it will hit you fast!"


This Breathable Memory Foam Pillow Infused With Cooling Gel

Looking for a pillow that won't make you overheat while you sleep? Look no further than this one, as it's infused with a layer of cooling gel that helps regulate your body temperature. The soft-knit cover is hypoallergenic as well as removable so that it's easy to clean, and it's even naturally antimicrobial.


A Blackout Curtain That Makes Your Room Incredibly Dark

It doesn't matter whether you're going to bed at night or taking a nap during the day — these blackout curtains will help get your room extra dark. They're also insulated to keep your room at the ideal temperature and block out external noises, and they're available in more than 15 gorgeous colors.


The Aromatherapy Mist That Can Help Ease Your Mind

Give your pillow a few spritzes before you lay your head down, and this aromatherapy spray may help ease your mind as you crawl into bed. The lavender formula is completely non-toxic as well as safe to use all over your body, plus it works particularly well if you spray your sheets with it.


A Pair Of Bluetooth Headphones You Can Sleep In

Not only can you wear them comfortably to bed, but these Bluetooth headphones also double as an eye mask if you pull them down over your face. The rechargeable battery lasts for over 10 hours of continuous playback, and it only takes about two hours until they're fully charged. They're also especially great for keeping your ears warm while exercising outside.


These Earplugs That Come With An Aluminum Travel Case

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best ones, like these earplugs. The contoured, flexible material gives them a snug fit inside of your ears, and they're even designed to fit comfortably in smaller canals. They're great for blocking out landscaping and construction noises, loud neighbors, or even just snoring, and each order also comes with an aluminum case for storage and travel.


A Set Of Soothing Essential Oils That Are Therapeutic-Grade

Looking for a set of essential oils that are high-quality? These ones are not only therapeutic-grade, but they're also 100% pure as well as made without any synthetic ingredients. It only takes a few droplets on your pillow to help yourself relax, plus they're formulated with a mixture of lavender, chamomile, rose, white lotus, and more.


The Foot Pads That Are Infused With Lavender & Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Just place these foot pads on your soles at night to soothe and revitalize your body while you sleep. Each one is infused with soothing lavender and eucalyptus oils that can help your body relax when it's time to go to bed, and one Amazon reviewer wrote: "They feel really good the instant you put them on. I've been sleeping a little better after the first couple of weeks.”


A Pair Of Pillows Filled With Breathable Memory Foam

Filled with breathable, shredded memory foam, these pillows are in a league all on their own. "Best investment I have made! I fall asleep faster, my husbands snoring is nearly gone, and I stay asleep all night," one buyer wrote. The covers are made from eco-friendly, hypoallergenic bamboo fibers. But the best part? They're extra breathable to help you stay cool on hot nights.


The Shower Bombs That Release Soothing Aromatherapy Scents

If you love using bath bombs, why not give these aromatherapy shower bombs a try? They're formulated with chamomile and lavender scents that dissolve underneath your showerhead, so you can let the stress of the day flow down the drain. "Great for when you don't have time to soak in a bath," one reviewer said.


A Set Of Sheets Made From Wrinkle-Resistant Microfiber

Not only are they wrinkle- and stain-resistant, but these bed sheets are also made from soft microfiber that feels ultra plush against your skin. The pockets in the fitted sheet are extra deep so that they can accommodate thicker mattresses, plus they're available in more than 30 fade-resistant colors.


The All-Season Comforter That's Reversible

It doesn't matter whether it's the coldest day of winter or a roaring summer day — this comforter can help keep you comfortable at night. The corner tabs allow you to easily secure a duvet, and the box stitching helps keep the hypoallergenic filling evenly distributed throughout. It's available in a variety of reversible colors, as well as sizes twin through California king.


A Blanket That Absorbs Excess Body Heat To Help You Stay Cool

This blanket is made from special cooling fibers that absorb your body's excess heat, which in turn helps regulate your temperature. It's available in both gray and blue, plus it's versatile enough that you can sleep with it no matter what season it is. "As blissful as the cold side of your pillow," says one especially thrilled sleeper.


This C-Shaped Body Pillow With Thousands Of Reviews

This body pillow is designed for anyone who is pregnant, recovering from surgery, or who just can't seem to find a comfortable position at night. The adjustable filling contours to the shape of your body, and the C-shape supports your head, neck, arms, and knees without the need for multiple pillows on your bed.


Or This Affordable Body Pillow With Hypoallergenic Filling

If you're looking for a body pillow that's on the more affordable side, check out this one that's available for less than $20. The 240-thread-count cover gives it a soft feel against your skin while you sleep, and the filling is hypoallergenic so it's great for anyone who is allergic to dust mites.


The Magnesium Lotion That's Infused With Melatonin

Formulated to absorb extra quickly into your skin, this magnesium lotion stands apart from the competition due to its infusion of calming melatonin. You can use it to moisturize dry areas all over your body, plus the magnesium in the formula is great for helping to soothe away soreness, headaches, and cramps.


A Device That Helps You Fall Asleep Naturally

If you're not big on taking supplements in order to fall asleep, this device is right up your alley. It works similar to a metronome, but adds a proprietary light system that teaches your body how to drift off. The timer can be set anywhere from eight to 20 minutes, plus with over 1,900 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear this device is a hit with Amazon shoppers.


The Memory Foam Pillow Infused With Bamboo Charcoal

Not only is it infused with eco-friendly bamboo charcoal, but this memory foam pillow also has an inner cover, as well as a washable zippered cover, to help keep it extra clean. It contours to your body to help keep your neck supported while you snooze so that you don't wake up feeling stiff, plus it's breathable to help keep you cool all night.


A Beverage That's Loaded With Melatonin And Superfruits

Formulated with melatonin as well as superfruit extracts like pomegranate and acai, this beverage supposedly tastes great and helps you fall asleep faster. Each bottle contains zero grams of sugar as well as no artificial colors or flavors, plus it's available in a variety of flavors, including blood orange, lychee, and white raspberry.


The Sign That Lets People Know You Don't Want To Be Disturbed

If people keep bothering you while you're trying to snooze, just put this hanger on your doorknob. It's designed to fit onto almost any style, and it's laser-engraved to give it an official appearance. Made from high-quality acrylic, it's even scratch-resistant for added durability.


A Light Bulb That Emits Less Blue And Green Light

Regular light bulbs can emit blue and green light waves that can negatively impact your ability to fall asleep — but not this light bulb. It's also an energy-efficient LED that has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, plus it's neither too bright nor too dim and it's designed so that it won't flicker.


The Book That Teaches You Why Sleep Is Important

Ever wonder why humans need sleep in the first place? Find out for yourself by reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker. A renowned neuroscientist, Walker examines how sleep impacts our everyday lives, as well as how humans can use sleep to help improve their energy levels, mood, hormones, and health.


A Bag Of Bath Salts Infused With Relaxing Lavender

Infused with premium lavender essential oil, this bag of bath salts turns any bathroom into an affordable, spa-like experience. Just pour this salt into your tub, then let it dissolve before hopping in — the lavender scent will help ease your mind as you get ready for bed, while the mineral-rich salts soak in to calm your body and nourish your skin.


This Lamp Made With Real Salt From The Himalayas

Made from real salt harvested from the Himalayas, this salt lamp makes it easy to set a relaxing mood in your bedroom, all thanks to its soothing orange glow. The base is made from 100% natural need wood, plus the dimmer switch allows you to adjust how bright it is.


A Silk Pillowcase That Feels Extra Soft Against Your Skin

Available in dozens of gorgeous colors, this silk pillowcase feels incredibly soft against your skin while you sleep. It's made from 100% real mulberry silk with a 600 thread count, so it can even help reduce frizzy hair and bedhead in the mornings — now you can sleep in later since you'll have less styling to do.

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