37 Genius Pet Products That Must Have Been Invented By A Dog Whisperer

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Dogs enrich our lives in the most amazing ways. Whether you refer to them as your best friend or your fur baby, the basis of your relationship is unconditional love. So, of course, when you love your pup that much, you only want the best for them like these genius dog products on Amazon.

From healthy training treats that are still delicious to the greatest gadgets and toys that keep dogs challenged and engaged, if you’re in the market for something new and exciting to show your pup some love, you don’t have to go far to find it. These picks cover your dog from head to toe — from a chew toy that cleans teeth to a wax that protects those paws in ice and heat. And for rewards even when you're away, consider a cult-favorite live-streaming camera with two-way audio that dispenses treats in your absence.

With the almost endless dog toys and accessories available, shopping for your bestie can feel like trying to get to the end of the internet. But don’t worry, here’s a list of genius pet products that are pet parent approved. Scroll on to find a few clever dog things that will make you and your pooch's lives better.


These Training Treats That Are Actually Good For Your Dog

Training is a great way to bond with your dog, but when you’re handing out lots of treats, you might be concerned about nutrition. These natural treats are nutrient-rich and made with real ingredients and no artificial colors or fillers. And with flavors like duck, pork, and chicken, they’re the perfect way to reward good behavior.


This Paw Cream That Protects Against Hot Pavement & Ice

Outdoor shenanigans can be rough on your dog’s paws so add this cult-favorite paw protection cream to your arsenal to protect those sweet paws from weather-related discomforts like hot pavements, ice, salt, and sand. This paw cream is wax-based but dries in seconds. It’s easy to apply and contains vitamin E which helps to heal skin and moisturize for daily maintenance to keep those paws healthy.


This Seat Cover That Gives Your Car A Bit More Mileage

This car seat protector easily snaps around the headrests in your car, creating a protective hammock for your dog (and your seats). The seat cover is large enough for full coverage, is waterproof, and even has a zippered side-flap that makes it easy to get your dog in and out of the vehicle quickly.


This Camera That Lets You Keep An Eye On Your Pet When You’re Away

This indoor security camera is a a customer favorite with thousands of glowing reviews, and it’s a great way to keep an eye on your pup or kitty when you’re away. This camera’s live-stream video and two-way audio make it feel like you never left home, and the night-vision setting lets you see in the dark. Everything can be viewed from your phone, and you can even tell your pup to get off the couch.


A Dog Collar That Helps With Jumping & Leash Pulling

Created by a veterinarian over 30 years ago, this dog collar puts an end to unwanted behaviors like leash pulling and jumping. This dog collar has a padded nose loop and works by applying gentle pressure to the back of your dog’s head (instead of their throat) to encourage behavioral corrections. The dog collar is available in five sizes from petite to extra-large, and it comes in eight colors.


These Stairs For When Your Pup Needs A Little Help

If your pup needs a little assistance hopping up on the couch or bed, or getting in and out of the car, these pet steps can help. Made from high-density but lightweight foam, they’re encased in a removable and machine-washable cover. They’re available in several sizes, which means you can even get a three-step version for SUVs).


This Activity Monitor That Lets You Keep Track Of Your Pup's Health

Activity trackers aren’t just for people anymore. This pet activity monitor lets you track your dog’s overall health including activity levels, sleep quality, and calories burned. It is small, lightweight, and waterproof, and attaches easily to most collars. The battery can last up to six months. Monitored the results through a smartphone app, and the tracker can even be linked to your personal activity tracker.


This Anxiety Jacket That Swaddles With Gentle Calming Pressure

While this anxiety jacket was intended as a drug-free alternative to keep dogs calm during thunderstorms, it’s also perfect for loud fireworks, separation anxiety, and travel. Using the same principles as swaddling, this anxiety jacket wraps your dog in gentle constant pressure to alleviate their anxiety and keep them calm. It's available in a variety of sizes from xx-small to xx-large, and it’s made with soft, breathable fabric that is machine washable.


This Potty Patch That's Great For Balconies, Patios & Porches

This potty patch is a great solution for when your dog’s elimination needs can't be met by going outside all the time. Perfect for balconies, patios, and porches, this potty patch is topped with an antimicrobial turf that mimics grass and keeps odors at bay. The drawer system allows for easy cleanups, and replacement turfs are available to keep your system running smoothly.


This Challenging Interactive Puzzle For Smart Dogs

Dogs need plenty of stimulation and enrichment to keep them healthy and happy, and if you have a smart pooch, this interactive dog puzzle will keep them busy for hours and reward them with a treat for a job well done. Simply place a treat in the compartment and lock the spinning top, the rest is up to them. Made to look like real wood, this puzzle toy is durable and easy to clean.


This GPS Pet Tracker That Offers Peace Of Mind

This pet tracker with real-time tracking can pinpoint your pet’s location for peace of mind. Location monitoring is available via app subscription, and you can even set up virtual “fences” so that you’re alerted if your dog goes beyond those boundaries. Plus, the tracker even monitors activity, so you can stay on top of your pup’s fitness goals. While small, lightweight, and easy to attach to a collar, this GPS tracker is also durable and waterproof.


This Gentle Nail Grinder That Takes The Stress Out Of Grooming

This dog nail grinder can take the angst out of nail trimming for both you and your dog. The diamond bit provides a safe and effective way to painlessly grind your dog’s nails down a little. It has a two-speed switch, and three grinding ports for small, medium, or large pets. This nail grinder operates with low noise and minimal vibration. It is even rechargeable.


These New Squeaky Toys That Won't Leave Stuffing Everywhere

These adorable squeaky toys are a super-fun gift for your bestie that won't leave a mess on the floor. Coming in at 18 inches long each, the fox, raccoon, and squirrel are equipped with high-quality squeakers for tons of fun. Each woodland creature is devoid of stuffing, making it safer for your dog and less work for you.


This Chew Toy For Better Dental Hygiene

Made from all-natural rubber, this dental dog toy is strong enough to stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. Available in either a gorilla or gator shape, this chew toy is infused with baking soda for better dental health. Regular use reduces tartar and plaque buildup while freshening your dog’s breath and stimulating their gums.


This Spray That Keeps Your Dog From Chewing On Your Stuff

Whether its teething, boredom, or just plain mischief, pups like to chew. To save your stuff, try this taste deterrent with bitter apple that makes everything taste awful so your dog doesn’t chew you out of house and home. This taste deterrent can also be used for hot spots and fur biting.


A Soft Ball That Takes The Fear Out Of Indoor Play

Just like training, playing with your dog strengthens your bond, but sometimes getting outside just isn’t possible. This indoor ball toy is lightweight and made with Bounceflex technology so it won’t ruin your stuff when you’re playing indoors. The chenille surface makes it soft enough for puppies, and the bright colors will certainly grab their attention.


This Bowl That Helps Your Dog Eat Up To 10 Times Slower

Watching your dog scarf down food might be awe-inspiring, but it’s not great for their general health. This slow feeder makes your dog forage for their food, which helps them eat up to 10 times slower. They aid in digestion, prevent uncomfortable bloating, and are available in three sizes and five colors. With over 10,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and a 4.7-star overall rating, this one is clearly a pet parent favorite.


This Inflatable E-Collar That's More Comfortable Than A Cone

Unlike traditional cone-shaped e-collars, this inflatable collar is soft and squishy for extra comfort. Designed to stop your pup from licking hot spots, surgery stitches, or other wounds, this has a soft outer cover. With no loss of peripheral vision your dog can go about his or her normal activities like eating, drinking, and playing without impediment. An adjustable strap on the collar allows for a perfect fit and it comes in five sizes ranging from x-small to x-large so you can get the right fit.


This De-Shedding Tool That Takes The Pain Out Of Grooming — For Everyone

This easy-to-use de-shedding tool gives you more control so you can gently brush away loose fur, dirt, and dander. With its ergonomic design for a better grip and stainless steel teeth configured in a wave pattern to reduce painful tugging, it makes grooming easier for both you and your pet. Choose from a range of colors and lengths.


This Treat Tote That Makes It Easy To Reward Good Behavior

When it comes to rewarding your dog for a job well done, the trick is to reward them often and quickly, and this treat tote keeps them at the ready for a quick grab. It attaches to your belt or your pocket and has a drawstring closure to keep treats fresh. Each tote can hold up to one cup of treats.


This No-Pull Harness With Multiple Safety Features

This no-pull harness is a safe, comfortable way to keep your dog close to you on your next adventure with strategically placed leash attachments to discourage pulling. A built-in LED light and reflective strips provide an added measure of safety for evening walks. It is also padded and adjustable in many areas for a perfect fit, and available in five sizes. It comes in 14 colors.


This Training Bandana That Lets Others Know

This super cute bandana helps get the message across that there's a pup in training and is super easy to put on, just tie. While these bandanas are one size fits most, there is a miniature version for small breeds as well.


This Portable Paw Cleaner For Neater Houses & Cars

This paw cleaner is a clever way to remove dirt and mud before they end up in your backseat or on your floors, and couldn’t be easier to use either. Simply fill with water, insert a paw, and let the silicone bristles do their magic. The paw cleaner rinses off easily, and it’s available in three sizes and six colors.


This Clicker For Audible Reinforcement When You're Training

Training clickers are great for audible reinforcement when you’re training and fits comfortably in your hand. The elastic wrist strap prevents any damage or loss. Users have mentioned that the sound is just loud enough, and a four-pack ensures that you always have one within reach.


This Training Tool That Lets You Redirect Bad Behavior

Recommended by professional dog trainer Brandon McMillan, this training tool is made with two different materials that produce two distinct sounds. When the bottle is shaken, the noise it creates immediately breaks your dog's attention from unwanted behavior, giving you a moment to redirect that energy.


This Affordable Dog Crate In 2 Sizes

Metal dog crates are ideal for potty training, house training, or simply to give your pooch a safe place to retreat. This crate features a double-door design for easy entry and exit, and it folds down flat when you’re not using it. This 36-inch crate is suitable for pups up to 70 pounds, while the 42-inch crate can hold dogs up to 90 pounds.


This Dog DNA Kit That Can Help You Prevent Health Issues

This highly rated canine ancestry kit uses saliva samples to scan through more than 300 breeds and types, so you can find out more about your little buddies. Genetic testing helps identify breed-specific health issues as well as give you insight into your dog’s appearance and behaviors.


This Wireless Fence System That's Designed For Stubborn Dogs

This wireless fence is an excellent way to keep your dog within a safe area, even when a physical fence is not an option. With 0.75 acres of circular coverage, your dog has plenty of room to stretch her legs. This wireless fence system comes with a dog collar that corrects your dog when she goes beyond the boundary but does not correct when she returns. With five levels of static corrections, it's easily customizable and specifically designed for stubborn dogs. The battery lasts up to three weeks and alerts you when it's time to recharge.


This LED Safety Collar Perfect For Evening Walks

This LED safety collar has flat optical fibers that are 50% brighter than others on the market, making it a great choice for evening walks and other low-light situations. This light-up collar is waterproof and rechargeable. A full charge will give you 10 to 15 hours of light. It's available in three sizes and comes in four different colors.


This Hand-Held Shower Sprayer That Makes Bath Time A Whole Lot Easier

Bath time just got a whole lot easier with this shower sprayer that attaches quickly and easily to indoor shower heads and outside hoses. One handed operation makes bath time way faster and easier, and the powerful contoured water sprayer provides maximum coverage for even the thickest coats.


A Ball Launcher So You Don't Have To Pick Up Sticky Balls

This cult-favorite ball launcher will gets the ball further with each throw meaning less strain and effort for you. Not only does it allow you to throw the ball two to three times further, it also allows for slobber-free pickups. This ball launcher has an ergonomic handle for maximum comfort and handling, and it comes in a variety of ball sizes and throwing ranges to perfectly suit your pooch.


This Rubber Chew Toy That Can Withstand Even The Most Aggressive Chewers

This rubber chew toy has made thousands of pet parents happy and achieved celebrity status with over 14,000 reviews on Amazon for being able to stand up to even the most aggressive chewers. It comes in six sizes and is made of extra-durable natural rubber for hours of fun. The open center makes it great for stuffing with treats or peanut butter, and it’s dishwasher safe.


This Nylon Chew Toy With Real Wood Flavor For Hours Of Safe Chewing

Not only does chewing keep your dog busy, it also helps to clean their teeth, and this dog chew toy is made from real maple wood for flavor and super durable nylon for hours of safe, splinter-free entertainment. The ridges and curves of this chew toy helps your dog maintain a good grip, and it's available in an assortment of sizes and flavors.


This Padded Blanket With Built-In Toys For Naps Or Play Time

This adorable blanket is a one and done accessory for your dog. The foam-padded blanket gives your pooch a comfortable place to nap or play, and the built-in teething rings and squeakers will certainly keep them entertained. The outer cover of this doggy blanket is removable and machine washable, too.


This On-The-Go Water Bottle With A Built-In Bowl

With a 20-ounce capacity and a built-in bowl, this water bottle is a convenient way to ensure that your dog has access to fresh water no matter what’s on the schedule. It's made from food-grade silicone and has a leakproof silicone cover. There's even a convenient strap so you can just grab and go.


This Pet Travel Bag That Keeps Everything Neat & Organized

Our dogs need a lot of stuff when we’re out and about, so keep it all neatly stored and readily accessible with this pet travel bag. Perfect for food, water, waste bags, and toys, this pet travel bag has 11 pockets, a convenient outer pocket for wipes, and it comes with two collapsible bowls and a food storage container.


This Elevated Dog Food Dish That Aids In Digestion

This elevated dog food dish puts your dog in a healthier feeding position to support digestive health and reduce joint strain. Choose from three sizes, and the rust-resistant stainless steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning. You can even make the water portion auto-filling.

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