39 Things That Make Your Time In The Car A Lot More Enjoyable

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With the amount of time spent in the car, it’s only natural that you want to make every moment more comfortable and enjoyable. While there aren’t many things that can prevent slowdowns and getting cut off by inconsiderate drivers, these genius things for your car on Amazon will make the ride feel much smoother.

Start by tackling clutter and mess with clever backseat organizers and a gel cleaner that can easily reach into your air vents. Then kick up the comfort with a soft lumbar or neck pillow that works magic on aches and pains, or a steering wheel cover that keeps your hands from burning up or freezing while you're navigating. Add in an all-natural odor fighter for lingering smells and a heated blanket for cold snaps, and your commute might just become something you actually look forward to. Or, maybe jazz up your ride with some multicolor LED lights or a tray that makes eating easier (and less messy). With extra-long charger cords and UV-blocking shades, those in the back seat will thank you, too.

However you roll, there's bound to be something, or a few things, that are the upgrade your trips or hours of commute time deserve.


This Car Window Shade Set That Keeps Out Glare

The mesh fabric design of Enovoe’s car window shade blocks out 97% of harmful UV rays as well as glare without preventing you from seeing outside. Static cling technology makes installation and adjustments effortless, and the Enovoe window shades fold easily for storage when not in use.


These Headrest Hooks For Purses, Dry Cleaning, & More

The EldHus car hooks have a half-open design that attaches easily to your car’s headrest to provide a convenient place to hang your handbag, dry cleaning, or even keep an umbrella handy. Each hook can hold up to 18 pounds, and the hooks can rotate to be hidden when not in use.


This Heated Blanket For Extra Cold Drives & Emergencies

The Roadpro fleece heated blanket plugs right into your car's lighter socket to provide you with 12 volts of cozy comfort on cold days and in emergencies. Many shoppers also loved it for camping. Just be sure to unplug it when you're done.


This Bluetooth Receiver That Turns Your Car's Audio System Smart

If your vehicle is not already equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, just plug in the COMSOON Bluetooth receiver and change that. This sleek unit can connect up to two Bluetooth devices at the same time, and it has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling while you drive. Now, even those in the back seat can control the music easily.


This Polarized Shade Extender That Keeps The Sun Out Of Your Eyes

If your built-in sun visors is falling short on blocking out the sun from your eyes, add on this sunshade extender which uses NASA polarizing technology to reduce dangerous and annoying glare. It's also universally compatible and a breeze to install. Plus, it tucks away just as easily on the visor when you're done with it.


This All-Natural, Fragrance-Free Air Purifier That Actually Eliminates Odors

Made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal, the Moso natural air purifying bag works to eliminate everyday odors, not just cover them up so they're a great pick for all the unexpected smells that can pop up in a car. These fragrance-free and nontoxic bags are safe to have around kids and pets, and last up to two years each.


This Genius Cleaning Gel That Gets Into Tough-To-Reach Spots

This cleaning putty gel makes getting into air vents and other hard-to-reach spots easy. Made from a biodegradable gel material, simply press the gel into the spot, and when the cleaning putty is lifted away, dirt and dust go with it. The ColorCoral cleaning putty is safe for skin and does not leave any residue.


These Backseat Organizers That Hold Drinks, Tablets, & More

Get stuff off the floor and in order with this set of two backseat car organizers made of durable polyester which also easily holds a tablet for convenient back seat entertainment. With five storage pockets to keep everything organized and easily within reach, there’s no need to look away from the road to find a pair of sunglasses. "This came just in time for our 9 hour road trip. Usually we bring activities for the kids and put them in bags at their feet. Now we were able to free up all their legroom (and thereby less whining) and everything fit into the organizer," one customer raved.


This Cover That Keeps Your Steering Wheel Comfortable All Year Round

This steering wheel cover is made with a comfy mesh fabric that helps protect your hands from hot steering wheels in the summer and cold steering wheels in the winter. Plus, it's super breathable and easy to install. It fits most cars and comes in 12 colors to suit any taste or match any interior.


This Gap Filler That Prevents Your Stuff From Getting Through The Cracks

If dropping or losing stuff between the seats is your MO, the Drop Stop car seat gap filler can fix that. Each package contains two neoprene gap fillers that can contract or expand to fit the space between your seats keeping your phone, coins, lunch, and whatever else where they belong.


This Memory Foam Lumbar Pillow That Supports Your Back

The high-density, supportive memory foam and ergonomic design of this lumbar support pillow help get you into a more comfortable position while the mesh cover ensures airflow and breathability. Plus, it's easy to put on with its two adjustable straps and removable for easy laundering.


This Memory Foam Neck Pillow That's Easy To Adjust

The adaptive memory foam of this pillow adjusts to the natural contours of your neck to provide support on bumpy roads, long commutes, and more. It easily attaches to the top of your headrest, and the cover is removable for easy laundering.


This Console Expander That Gives Your More Cupholders

Iokone’s side pocket cup holder wedges between your seat and the center console to create extra storage for two cups, a phone, and more. It's a breeze to add on and reviewers attest to the quality. "This looks great in my 2017 Audi R8 and actually matches the seats which I didn't even expect to do that well. It's SUPER solid when fit snug into the passenger seat. Definitely worth the purchase," one fan noted.


This Dual USB Charger That Charges Two Devices At Once

Anker’s USB car charger doubles your car charging abilities and with the brand's PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, it does it quickly. This works with Android and Apple phones and comes with a 18-month warranty. With a 4.6-star rating, it's a fan favorite.


These Extra-Long Charging Cords So Everyone Can Power Up

Usually, the use of car chargers are limited to those in the front seat, but these 10-foot lightning USB cables make sure that everyone can power up when they need to. Copper wires with reinforced stress points increase durability, and nylon fabric ensures strength and flexibility. With over 24,000 reviews on Amazon, it's a popular pick.


These Motion Sickness Tablets With A 4.7-Star Rating

Motion sickness can make any car ride feel agonizing so it's smart to have Bonine motion sickness chewable tablets on hand to treat and prevent motion sickness before it starts. Each chewable pill provides up to 24 hours of nausea protection and according to customers (who give it a 4.7-star rating), it really works. "I am highly prone to motion sickness. My aunt who has the same problem to recommended these and they have changed my life. I went from being sick after 5 minutes in a car to sitting in the back seat enjoying the ride," one happy customer reported.


This Powerful Inverter With An AC & 2 USB Ports

This power inverter plugs into the cigarette lighter to charge not just USB powered devices, but also AC power ones. It comes with an ample 16-inch cable so it even reaches the backseat and with more than 2,000 five-star reviews, it's customer approved.


These Sound Deadening Mats That Bring Your Music To Life

Reduce road noise or give the acoustics in your car a helping hand with this set of 36 square feet of sound deadening mats. They're easy to install and with a 4.7-star rating, customers attest that they work well. "I put it on the roof, doors and behind the seat and whoa! what a difference it made the truck no longer echos or vibrates. These mats made a night and day difference," one customer wrote.


This Trunk Organizer With Tons Of Pockets Big & Small

With two roomy center compartments and three mesh side pockets, the Honey-Can-Do trunk organizer has a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place. And when your car has the day off, the organizer folds away for easy storage. With handles and made of sturdy fabric, it's easy to move around full, too.


This Heated Seat Cushion That Kicks The Luxury Up A Notch

Heated seats are pure genius, and if your car isn’t equipped with them, don’t worry, this heated seat cushion is here for you. It plugs into your cigarette lighter and delivers heat to your back, hips, and thighs. The temperature controller allows for easy adjustments.


This Clever Clip That Gives You Permission To Dip & Drive

Stop worrying about finding your sauce and drips with the handy Saucemoto dip clip which easily attaches to your car’s air vent and securely holds your favorite sauces in place, so you can dip to your heart's content. This works with large ketchup packs as well as smaller ones and comes in four colors.


These Floor Mats That Are Easy To Clean

Wear and tear shows up quickly in carpets, so to keep your car looking cleaners, opt for these thick rubber car mats that are easy to pull off and clean with water. Rain, snow, mud, and even accidental spills have met their match.


This Odor Eliminator That Gets Rid Of Tough Smells Once & For All

If you're dealing with extra tough smells, Meguiar’s car refresher gets rid of them once and for all. The aerosol odor eliminator gets deep into hard-to-reach areas, tackling tough odors at their source, and leaving behind nothing but a new car smell. "This product got rid of the wet dog smell we had in the van. No matter what other fresheners did, this one got rid of the smell and kept the car smelling good," one fan reported.


This Cheap Air Vent Car Phone Mount With A 4.5-Star Rating

This affordable car cell phone mount is adjustable so it fits just about any phone. The retractable cradle holds your phone securely in place, and the cradle and vent clips are padded to protect both the device and your car’s vent. With over 4,000 ratings on Amazon, the Lamicell car phone mount has quite the cult following.


This Dashboard Mount That Holds Your Phone Tight With Magnets

For an upgraded car phone mount, consider this sturdy dashboard style which holds your phone in place with strong magnets. The suction cup base attaches to your dash easily and the 360-degree rotating arm makes for comfortable viewing at any angle.


This Gel Seat Cushion That's Super Comfortable But Stays Cool

ComfiLife’s orthopedic seat cushion is ergonomically designed to relieve the pain and pressure that comes with sitting for long periods. Durable memory foam is comfortable while promoting better posture. With a non-slip rubber bottom, a convenient carry handle, and a cover that is both removable and machine washable, it's a well-designed addition.


This First-Aid Kit With All The Basics That's Less Than $10

Drive with peace of mind with this first-aid kits with 100-pieces. It's well equipped with things from bandages and gauze pads to an instant cold compress and alcohol wipes. The interior of the case is organized into compartments, and the hard plastic case is impact resistant, too.


This Air Purifier With 2 Extra USB Ports

Pure’s plug-in air purifier deodorizer kills bacteria and viruses with its negative ions and also eliminates tough odors from pets, food, and even smoke. Plus, it's almost totally silent and comes equipped with two USB ports built into the unit.


These LED Light Strips That Bring The Fun

These LED light strips bring the party to your car and are so easy to install with the included double-sided tape. With four strips attached to one charger, these have short-circuit protection and are even water-resistant. Choose between five solid colors or for a few dollars more, there are even multicolor options.


This Cordless Vacuum Cleaner That Makes Cleanup A Snap

The Black + Decker cordless handheld vacuum is a hassle-free way to keep your car clean. With a large dustbowl capacity and a long-lasting lithium-ion battery, it's lightweight and portable while still being powerful. Plus, the crevice tool is perfect for getting in between the seats.


This Instant Workspace Or Snack Table

This tray turns your steering wheel into a portable work station or lunch table. It’s flat on one side for working and reverses to a lunch desk with a cupholder on the other. This mounts on to your steering wheel in seconds and comes off just as fast for storage when it's time to drive again.


This Waterproof Trash Can To Keep Things Clean

Easily installed on the back of a headrest, this waterproof trash can has a removable and washable liner so you can toss in all your trash without worrying about spills. Three outer storage pockets keeps other items you may need handy, making this trash can a lifesaver for your next road trip.


This Cup Holder That Gives You Room For Big Cups

The Smart Kup cup holder lets you hold bigger cups and even Hydro Flasks and Nalgene water bottles in your standard cup holder. It even has a 1-inch cutout to hold mugs or cups with handles. Made with durable ABS plastic, the Smart Kup is available in charcoal or black.


This Sleek Tissue Holder That's Easy To Attach

This cute visor tissue box holder snaps onto your visor and offers a practical way to keep tissues handy. It is compact, easy to refill, and spares you the annoyance of digging through the glove box for a tissue when you need one or keeping a box out and in view.


This Handy Mirror That Lets You Keep Tabs On The Backseat

With kids (or pets) in the car, parents need to have one eye on the road and one eye on the backseat, and that just got a whole lot easier with the Shynerk baby car mirror. This has a wide view with a full 360-degree pivot, and it’s shatterproof, keeping your babies safe in any event. It's a breeze to adjust and attach to the back of a headrest, too.


This Portable Fan That Clips On Wherever You Need It

Alagoo’s car cooling fan comes equipped with a large adjustable clamp and adds a breeze with minimal noise. The 12V portable fan can be rotated and has adjustable strengths so you get just the amount of air you need. With an 8.2-foot cord, it can even reach the backseat.


These Air Fresheners That You Can Adjust The Strength Of

Febreze car air fresheners help clean away odors while leaving a refreshing scent. Just attach them to an air vent and release a light fragrance for up to 30 days. Users can control the intensity of the scent, too. This 4-pack comes with 2 different scents, Linen & Sky and Hawaiian Aloha. "The smell is not overwhelming and they do the trick to give the car a nice light fragrance," one reviewer wrote.


These Sunglass Holders That Keeps Your Glasses Within Reach

Finegood’s sunglass holders attach securely to your visor, keeping your glasses within reach but without blocking your vision. Each can rotate 180-degrees and can hold two pairs at once. Plus, they're available in three color options.


This Booster Seat That Let's Your Pup See The Action, Too

PetSafe’s Solvit Tagalong pet booster seat helps get your pup up to window height so they can see what’s going on, too. Available in three different sizes and accommodating pets up to 25 pounds, it comes with a safety tether that connects to the seat belt, keeping your pet safe and secure. When you're done, the booster seat folds flat for easy storage, and the liner is removable and machine washable.

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