40 Clever Things That Make Your Home MUCH Cleaner & More Hygienic

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Cleaning is one of the cold hard truths of life. Week after week, dust and dirt make their appearance (and reappearance) seemingly without end. Not to mention the germs that can linger on surfaces, invisible to the naked eye, just waiting to strike. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why these days hygiene is more important than ever. Luckily for you, there are tons of clever Amazon products that make your home way cleaner and more hygienic that can be delivered to your doorstep.

When you need to do more than just wipe away dust or vacuum the carpet, you'll find home cleaning products below that don't just move dirt around but actually sanitize, like handheld steam cleaners and gadgets that use UV rays to get rid of germs on your toothbrush. Other solutions seriously cut down on the sweat and elbow grease involved in keeping your home clean from fan-favorite lint brushes that tackle pet hair to air purifiers you can set and forget.

For a cleaner home with way less work, you’re sure to find something on this list that’ll help you do the heavy lifting when cleaning day rolls around again.


This Air Purifier That Removes Allergens & Contaminants

With a carbon HEPA filter, this air purifier effectively removes dust, pollen, odors, and more from your home. It’s compact enough to sit on your desk, but it still covers more than 161 square feet. Plus, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and it’ll double as a diffuser; and since it is quiet, it won't bother you while it's doing its job day or night.


This Portable Bidet That's Lightweight & Easy To Use

This large-capacity portable bidet has a generous spray and dispenses the water in a constant stream, so there are no messy surprises. It also features an airlock, a clever angled head for easier reach, and an adjustable nozzle so you get the perfect length.


This Soap Dish That Thwarts Soap Scum And Soggy Soap

This soap dish continuously drains so you don't wind up with a mushy, soggy mess of soap scum in your shower. This soap dish is made of long-lasting silicone and its sleek design fits in beautifully with any decor.


This Touchless Soap Dispenser That Prevents Cross-Contamination

This automatic soap dispenser uses infrared sensor technology for a touchless option that prevents cross-contamination and the spread of germs. It can be used with your favorite hand soap, dish soap, or hand sanitizer — and the clear container lets you see the liquid level so you know when it's time for a refill.


These Lint Brushes Pet Parents Swear By

This lint brush effectively removes pet hair and lint from soft surfaces like clothing, bedding, and upholstery with just a swipe. The dual-sided design ensures maximum efficiency, and pet parents everywhere love it. One user wrote, “My dog has a lot of hair which gets on our clothing and sofa, so I bought this product in attempt to reduce the cost from replacing lint rollers every so often. The FurLifter from OXO is really great, and I consider it to be one of the best purchases I made this year.”


This Handheld Vacuum That Pulls Pet Hair (& More) From Upholstery

With a super-strong suction that pulls dirt and hair from upholstery and other surfaces, this handheld vacuum is great for any home and a must-have for pet parents. It comes with two attachments — one crevice nozzle, and one brush — and its lightweight, compact design makes it perfect for small spaces that are notoriously hard to clean (like stairs and cars).


This Washing Machine Cleaner That Works Better Than Bleach

These washing machine cleaning tablets work better than bleach to penetrate, dissolve, and remove odor-causing residue that tends to accumulate in washing machines over time. These cleaning tablets are formulated to dissolve slowly, giving your machine a thorough clean — and it’s safe for front loaders, top loaders, and even high-efficiency machines. Each box contains five tablets for a five-month supply.


This Steam Mop That Deep-Cleans All Your Surfaces — & More

This steam mop deodorizes and sanitizes all kinds of floors — including tile, wood, and carpet — eliminating germs and bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals. The order comes with nine accessories (like an angle nozzle, window cleaning tool, and several brushes) so you can clean virtually every surface in your home — think furniture, refrigerator, and oven — in addition to your floors.


This Sterilizing Toothbrush Holder That Removes Germs And Bacteria

With a built-in UV sterilizer, this toothbrush holder removes unwelcome germs and bacteria from your bristles for a more sanitary toothbrushing experience. This sterilizing holder can hold up to four toothbrushes, and it runs for 30 days on a full charge. Plus, it mounts via a super-strong adhesive, so you won’t have to break out your toolkit.


This Window Blind Cleaner That Cuts Your Cleaning Time In Half

This window blind duster cleans the tops and bottoms of two blinds at once, making quick and easy work out of what's normally a nuisance job around the house. The cleaning brush on the opposite end gets into hard to clean window grooves, and each order comes with five microfiber sleeves.


This Toilet Brush And Caddy That's Within Reach But Out Of Sight

Unlike other toilet brushes, the flexible D-shaped head of this brush easily cleans under toilet rims for a deep and thorough wash. The widely spaced bristles of this toilet brush allow for better drainage, impeding the growth of mold and mildew. Plus, the storage caddy keeps it within reach and out of sight.


These Pillow Protectors That Block Allergens, Dust Mites, And Bed Bugs

These highly rated pillow protectors are designed to act as barriers to block the infiltration of bed bugs, dust mites, and allergens. Made of 100% cotton, they're also breathable, allowing for airflow to keep you cool while you sleep — plus they're machine washable.


This Brush Set For Cleaning Small Items That Are Notoriously Difficult

With four size options, this brush set helps you clean items that are notoriously difficult to wash — such as straws, spouts, and baby bottles. They all come on one ring, so don't worry about misplacing any of them. Plus, they can all be washed in the top rack of your dishwasher.


A Makeup Brush Cleaner That Saves Your Skin And Your Brushes

Makeup brushes can harbor a ton of harmful bacteria, which can eventually lead to unwanted acne. This silicone brush-cleaning glove has different textures to help clean small and large brushes, and it can even straighten brush hairs.


This Hair Catcher That Collects Hair Without Impeding The Water Flow

This unique design of this mushroom-shaped hair catcher allows for maximum water drainage while collecting loose hair before it clogs your drain. Because it sits in your tub drain, collected hair is kept out of sight until you're ready to clean it off. With over 30,000 reviews, it's clear that users love how efficient this hair catcher is — and one user mentioned that it even works well with pet hair.


A Power Scrubber That Gets Rids Of Elbow Grease Too

This rechargeable power scrubber tackles tough grease and dirt on almost any surface in your home. The rotating head powers through the messiest messes faster than manual scrubbing, and the unit is even completely submersible.


These Freshness Extenders That Reduce Waste And Saves You Money

These freshness extenders help reduce waste by absorbing and neutralizing ethylene gas to keep your produce fresher longer. Each freshness extender is filled with a carbon filter, and the units can be stuck onto the walls of the product drawers inside your fridge.


This Hair Brush Cleaner That Removes Hair And Residue

This brush cleaner rids your hairbrush of hair and dust that tends to accumulate over time. This cleaner rakes through your brush removing most of the accumulated hair and residue prolonging the life of your brush.


This Anti-Slip Mat That Goes In Your Shower

This rubber mat can help you avoid slips by using 100 powerful suction cups to keep the mat firmly in place. This anti-slip mat is generously sized to cover a larger surface area in your tub — and if you want to keep mold and mildew at bay, just toss it in the washing machine regularly.


This Handheld Steamer That Doesn't Need Harmful Chemicals To Achieve A Deep Clean

Instead of using harsh chemicals, this handheld steamer uses the power of steam to deep clean both hard and soft surfaces in your home. With a 30-second heating time, this steamer emits pressurized steam that easily cuts through stains, grease, and even mildew. It comes with a nine-piece accessory kit, so you’re prepared to tackle any job indoors or out.


This Ammonia-Free Screen Cleaner That Rids Devices Of Smudges And Fingerprints

This ammonia-free screen cleaner kit keeps your laptops, tablets, and smartphones clean and grime-free. Each order comes with two microfiber cleaning cloths, and a leak-proof spray bottle that can hold 1 ounce of cleaner.


A Sink Caddy That Stores Brushes And Sponges Out Of The Way

This sink caddy conveniently stores your sponges and brushes out of the way when they’re not in use. The open design allows them to drain quickly, so they dry faster, keeping odors at bay, and it’s made with stainless steel so it’s rustproof.


This Multi-Purpose Cleaner That Tackles Everything From Tarnish To Toilets

This multi-purpose cleaner effectively scrubs away grease, mildew, soap scum, and even rust stains from most hard surfaces. This bleach-free scouring powder is ideal for both kitchens and bathrooms, with users noting that it is particularly helpful with stainless steel sinks, copper pots, and hard water stains.


The Cell Phone Sanitizer That Cleans Where Wipes And Sprays Can Miss

Cellphones are notorious germ collectors, so giving them a thorough cleaning is never a bad idea. This cellphone sanitizer uses UV light to sanitize your phone, ridding it of germs that wipes and sprays might miss. This sanitizer accommodates phones that are 6.5 inches or smaller, and you can also use it to sanitize your jewelry, credit cards, and keys. Plus, it has a built-in aromatherapy box where you can add a drop or two of your favorite essential oil.


This Shower Curtain Liner That's Treated To Be Mildew Resistant

This shower curtain liner is treated to be antimicrobial and mildew resistant for a cleaner fresher feel in the shower. This liner can be wiped clean with a damp cloth, and the rust-proof metal grommets will keep it looking great for months.


This Bamboo Charcoal Deodorizer That Cleans The Air And Gets Rid Of Tough Odors

The porous fabric and the bamboo charcoal filling in this deodorizer work together to draw out moisture and odors, leaving small spaces smelling refreshed. This deodorizer is ideal for gym bags, lockers, and cars, and it can be recharged in the sun, making it reusable for up to two years.


This Spray and Wipe Kit That Gives Your Stainless Steel A Streak-Free Shine

Stainless steel appliances are notorious for collecting fingerprints and smudges. This stainless steel spray and wipe kit not only removes fingerprints, watermarks, and grease — but also deposits a barrier that repels dirt, dust, and fingerprints for a long-lasting clean.


This Oven Liner That Minimizes The Mess Of Drips And Spills

This non-stick oven liner catches drips and spills in your oven, minimizing the mess and saving you a ton of time on clean-up. Safe to use with oven temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, this oven liner can be rinsed clean when needed, or washed on the top rack of your dishwasher.


These Cleaning Tablets That Clean Deep Within Bottles

The effervescent bubbles of these cleaning tablets get down into the deep recesses of hard to clean bottles and thermoses, ridding them of odors and residue that tends to build up over time. All you have to do is shake and rinse it away, and users recommend using boiling water for best results.


This Silicone Sponge That Won't Damage Your Dishes

Made with silicone, the soft bristles of this dish sponge easily scrub away caked on, baked in foods without scratching the surfaces of your dishes. This sponge is resistant to mold and mildew, so it never gets that old sponge smell — and it even comes with a three-month no odor warranty.


These Deodorizer Balls That Keeps Spaces Fresh For Up To 60 Days

These deodorizing balls are filled with Arm & Hammer baking soda and topped off with a clean fresh scent to eliminate unwanted odors for up to 60 days. Perfect for closets, hampers, gym bags, and shoes, these deodorizers come in a pack of three so you have everything covered.


This Bucket System That Offers Hands-Free Mop Ringing

This bucket system uses a unique method that allows for hands-free ringing, giving you complete control over moisture levels. This system uses a squeezing mechanism to help drain the mop of excess water, and a helpful splash guard keeps sprays and sloshing to a minimum. Meanwhile, the mop’s360-degree rotating head gets into corners for a thorough clean.


This Toilet Tissue Stand For Extra Storage

This free-standing toilet paper holder requires no installation and dispenses one roll of toilet paper while storing two extra rolls. The top shelf can store books, tablets, and cellphones when needed. The small footprint of this toilet tissue holder makes it ideal for powder rooms and guest bathrooms, and the rust-resistant finish will keep it looking great for years to come.


This Boot Scraper That Keeps Dirt And Mud Outside And Off Your Carpets

Made from natural rubber, this boot scraper effectively removes mud and debris from shoes so you don’t track it indoors. The low profile makes it perfect for entryways and mudrooms, plus it you can easily clean it using a broom or hose.


This Stain Remover That's Powered By Plants

Powered by plant-based enzymes, this laundry stain remover effectively removes deep set-in stains that are notoriously difficult to lift, including grass, blood, sweat, and even oil. This stain formula is ideal for clothing, linens, carpets, cloth diapers, and other washable fabrics. Made with all-natural ingredients, this stain formula is hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and since it’s bleach-free, it’s safe to use on dark fabrics.


This Dishwasher Cleaner That Tackles Lime And Mineral Build-Up

This dishwasher cleaner tackles the tough lime and mineral build-up that tends to occur on sprayer arms and heating elements in your dishwasher. This dishwasher cleaner is safe to use in during a regular wash cycle, and it will keep your dishwasher operating at its peak performance.


These Body Wipes That You'll Want To Stash Everywhere For A Quick Refresh

With an energizing lemon and sage scent, these body wipes are ideal for a post-workout clean-up or anytime you need a quick refresh. Gentle enough for your face and body, these wipes are great for sensitive skin, and they won't leave a sticky residue.


These Lens Wipes That Are Perfect For Traveling

These ammonia-free lens cleaning wipes remove smudges and fingerprints from your phone, glasses, and screens. These lens wipes clean without leaving streaks or residue, they’re fast-drying, and each wipe is individually wrapped, making them perfect for handbags, cars, travel, and desks.


This Toilet Cleaning System That Eliminates 99.99% Of Germs And Bacteria

This toilet cleaning system is preloaded with bleach to deep clean toilets, remove stains, and eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and germs. The automatic mechanism cleans with every flush for a thorough clean, and the refill cartridges are easy to replace. This hands-free device system can be installed in minutes.


This Concentrated Cleaner Made With Essential Oils

Made with essential oils and other plant-derived cleaners, this concentrated multipurpose formula is ideal for cleaning floors, kitchen counters, and bathroom surfaces. Since you dilute it to use, each bottle lasts a long time. And the scent is a spa-like mix of rosemary and peppermint to keep your house smelling clean and fresh.

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