43 Genius New Products On Amazon You'll Find You Can't Live Without

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There are so many incredible products out there, and it's hard to imagine living without them. They're useful, fun, and great at saving you time, money, and space. Luckily, the genius new Amazon products that you'll find in this collection are top contenders when it comes to making your world a better place to live in. They provide solutions to everyday hiccups, whether you're trying to peel an orange without the mess or steam your clothes on the go. Plus, you won't find a single product on this list that breaks the bank.

If you've ever climbed into your car on a frigid cold morning and realized that touching the ice-cold steering wheel makes you want to curl back up under your blanket, you'll love the warm velour steering wheel cover on this list. Also, if faux lashes are your go-to beauty accessories, you can swap messy glue for a magnetic eyeliner applicator that keeps everything in place. Not to mention, you can carry your laptop to work or the airport with the stylish laptop tote bag that features an external charger.

Once you incorporate these products into your world, you won't want to live without them. (Yes, they're that amazing.)


An Ironing Mat That Kicks Bulky Boards To The Curb

No matter how many iron-free shirts you own, there may still come a time when you have to reckon with wrinkles. Keep this ironing mat at your side, and you won't have to deal with the hassle of setting up an ironing board. The mat stays in place on flat surfaces (like tables), but it folds up flat for simple storage. It also has a heat-resistant cover.


The Car Sun Visor That Reduces Glare

Get a clear view of the road and stay safe while you drive with the help of this car sun visor. It's designed with a universal fit and anti-glare material that offers UV400 protection (aka it helps block harmful UV rays). Best of all, the visor can be installed in seconds thanks to the included clips and Velcro straps.


A Tool That Removes The Irritants From Bug Bites

Insect venom and stingers from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, or even chiggers are no match for these bug bite tools. Just place the opening overtop a bite, then pull back on the plunger — the suction will remove irritants without any added chemicals required. They're great for reducing swelling as well as soothing away any itchy sensations.


The Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil That Comes In 4 Shades

The mini hair-like flicks that you can create with this eyebrow tattoo pen make all of the difference; the result is a full brow that mimics the results of a microblading treatment (which is usually much more expensive). The waterproof formula is packaged is a portable pen that features a micro-fork tip applicator to shade in sparse areas. It comes in five neutral colors.


These Faux Magnetic Eyelashes That Stick Without Glue

Choose between five lash styles and levels of volume with this faux eyelash kit, and then prepare yourself for the easiest glue-free application process ever. In place of glue, a magnetic eyeliner is applied to the lash lines. Then, the lashes adhere effortlessly so that the only drama you'll experience is the drama of sporting movie-star lashes.


The Blemish-Healing Patches Made With Natural Ingredients

Skin care patches are priceless — especially when they can be applied, forgotten about, and relied upon to heal blemishes with little effort. These transparent acne patches — which come in a box with 72 adhesives each — are formulated with antioxidants and natural oils that dry up blemishes so that they heal faster.


An Extra-Loud Safety Alarm That Attaches To Your Keychain

These mini personal alarms — which come three in a pack — can be clipped onto keychains or kept in your purse or pocket. If you ever feel like you're in an unsafe situation, a quick press of a button emits a siren alarm and an LED light. The portable alarm is rechargeable with a USB cable and lasts for 40 minutes until requiring a charge.


This Zippered Makeup Storage Case That's Perfect For Travel

Designed with removable dividers and storage compartments for every cosmetic item you own, this zippered makeup storage bag is perfect for both home and travel. You can adjust its dividers to suit your makeup needs — and it has a zippered pocket on the lid as well as slots for a variety of brushes.


The Dual Hair Brush And Dryer That Can Give You Voluminous Blowouts

This REVLON One-Step Hair Dryer is a runaway hit on Amazon, with over 250,000 fans and a 4.6-star overall rating. It uses ionic technology plus an oval shape with tufted bristles to help detangle, dry, and volumize hair all at once, saving you time and frustration. The popular hair tool features three settings, including a “cool” option for total versatility.


A Portable Air Purifier You Can Wear Around Your Neck

Cigarette smoke, unwanted odors, dust, and more are no match for this miniature air purifier. The filter relies on zero chemicals to remove pollutants from your air, plus it's small enough that you can wear it around your neck. It only takes about three hours to fully recharge the battery, yet can still run for up to 30 hours.


This Chic Laptop Tote Bag With A Built-In Charging Port

Lots of bags claim to be "laptop" bags, but this laptop bag takes the cake. That's because its features make it beyond easy to carry a laptop around. From its two main compartments — one of which can accommodate a 15.6-inch laptop — to an external USB charging port and a variety of zippered and mesh pockets, this is the work bag that can do it all.


This Pair Of Cushion-Soft Shoe Inserts For Total Comfort

If your heels aren't fitting right (and walking isn't as comfortable as it should be), slide these cushiony inserts into shoes and you'll feel like you are walking on a cloud. They have self-adhesive backs, allowing them to easily fasten to shoes to help prevent blisters and pain.


The Travel-Size Coffee Press For A Pick-Me-Up Anywhere

This travel coffee press takes just one minute — or two, if you prefer cold brew — to whip up a satisfyingly delicious cup of coffee or espresso no matter where you roam (even if you're out in the woods on a camping trip). It includes a funnel, scoop, and 350 disposable micro-filters that allow water and coffee goodness to pass through while keeping grounds out of your cup.


An Over-The-Cabinet Towel Bar For Dish Rags

Each time you roll up a dish rag (and then toss it onto the counter to forget about it), the towel can get messy fast. By simply installing this over-the-cabinet towel rack, you create usable space for storing and drying kitchen cloths. Choose from two sizes: 9 inches or 14 inches.


This Adorable Mail And Key Holder That Mounts To Your Wall

Free up kitchen cabinets and always have a secure place to keep mail, keys, and knick knacks with this mountable mail and key holder. The adorable rustic holder has three chrome metal hooks for keys and dog leashes, along with a slot that keeps mail tidy and a small shelf.


This Clothing Steamer That You Can Use For 15 Minutes Straight

Add water to this convenient clothing steamer, plug it in, turn it on, and let it heat up (which takes just seconds). Then, it'll deliver 15 continuous minutes of wrinkle-releasing steam until it needs a refill. It has a 9-foot power cord and can be tossed right into your luggage for travel when it's unplugged and empty.


An Electric Can Opener For Struggle-Free Food Prep

Prepping dinner shouldn't involve resenting the can opener you own (which might require the strength of Hercules to operate). This electric can opener doesn't have sharp edges, and it pops those cans open with a push of a button. Choose between two colors: red and green.


A Champagne Stopper To Keep That Bottle Of Bubbly Fresh

So, you're in a celebratory mood — but you're not in the mood to finish off an entire bottle of champagne. Thankfully, this champagne stopper ensures your bottle stays fizzy and fresh for days with an airtight, leakproof seal. The stopper is also perfect for sparkling wines and beverages.


These Magical Drops That Reduce The Sulfites In Your Wine

A few of these portable drops can reduce the number of sulfites and tannins in your wine within 20 seconds. That way, you can enjoy your glass without a worry. The drops shouldn't affect the taste of your wine, and they're free of artificial flavors or sweeteners.


The Microwave Bowl Hugger To Help Prevent Hand Burns

Don't reach in and take a hot bowl from your microwave; instead, reach in and wrap your hands around this polyester bowl hugger that cradles bowls, resists heat, and provides a cool way to handle hot items. The hugger comes in a set of four, and each are machine washable.


This Fast-Acting Whisk That Whips Up Desserts In No Time

This uniquely designed whisk has stainless steel globes at the end of each individual wire that can whip batter faster. That way, your recipes are even more of a breeze to pull together. The whisk features an ergonomic handle and comes in 10-inch and 12-inch sizes.


An Extra-Wide Spatula For Flipping Larger Food Items

There isn't a single meal on your stove — steak, fish, or pancakes — that this extra-wide spatula can't flip over and keep in one piece. The durable nylon spatula can handle temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the ideal tool for nonstick pans. You can pop it into the dishwasher for a quick cleaning, too.


These Oven Rack Protectors That Help Prevent Burns

Why should your arms and hands suffer the fate of burns every time you decide to make dinner or bake a cake? Install these silicone oven rack protectors — which slide easily over the rack edges — to provide a barrier between your skin and ridiculously hot surfaces. The protectors ere heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit and dishwasher safe.


This Citrus Peeler That Prepares Oranges With Ease

Digging into those oranges and lemons and limes with your finger tips just results in weakened nails and a shabbily peeled fruit. These citrus peelers do the job for you — quickly, while keeping your manicured nails intact. The set of eight tools come with six orange peeler strips and two round citrus peelers.


A Multi-Tasking Food Slicer With Adjustable Thickness Settings

If you're anything like me, there are days when you want your favorite cheese sliced thin, and other days when you need a thicker slice for your recipe. This multitasking slicer conquers both tasks and more, with a stainless steel blade attached to a dial that can be adjusted to suit various levels of thickness. You won't need a separate cutting board, either; this board stays stable on your counter while you slice.


An Organized Spice Rack That Comes With Jars You Can Label

If food prep inevitably involves rooting around a cabinet for 10 minutes to find cumin, then you might need a better spice system. Thankfully, this spice organizer provides just that. The spice rack — which can be mounted or kept on your counter — includes 24 bottles, a funnel, and 396 spice labels with chalk markers.


These Collapsible Colanders That Create More Storage Space

You'll find every single strainer you've ever needed in this trio of colanders. It includes a 6-quart colander with extendable handles for over-the-sink placement, a 2-quart pasta strainer with one sturdy handle, and a 4-quart colander that's round. But the thing about these colanders that really makes them stand out is that they all collapse flat and can be stored anywhere.


The Cutlery Cleaner That Protects Fingers And Sponges

Get your kitchen cutlery spotless without putting your fingers in harm's way with this special utensil cleaner, which resembles a jaw that opens and clenches down on knives, forks, and spoons. The cleaner features two layers of tough bristles that remove caked-on food and other debris without the need to scrub.


A Salad Dressing Mixer With A Perfect Pouring Spout

Make your own salad dressing right in this convenient salad dresser mixer, which has a powerful built-in mixing blade. While using it, your dressing stays fresh (thanks to an airtight, leakproof lid). The container makes jazzing up meals and salads easy and mess-free; just twist the lid and pour.


An Under-The-Sink Organizer That Leaves Room For Pipes

There's no such thing as a waste of cabinet space, and this under-the-sink organizer proves that. The unit features an expandable shelf where you can stash cleaning supplies and other items in an organized way. It can be adjusted to one of four heights, and it wraps around pipes instead of blocking them.


The Tiered Water Bottle Organizer With Adjustable Shelves

With three adjustable shelves and room for up to nine large water bottles, this sturdy water bottle holder provides a vertical storage solution for those difficult-to-store containers. The unit snaps together, so no tools are required for installation.


This Standing Lamp That Provides Double The Light

This standing light boasts two light sources: a large overhead light and a small reading light that's secured onto a flexible, adjustable arm. The light features three light modes (warm light, natural light, and cool light), along with adjustable brightness settings.


A Bento-Style Lunch Box To Keep Meals Separated

Who says you can't have a four-course meal just because you're at your work desk? This bento-style lunch box is designed with four separate compartments, and its leakproof lid ensures a mess-free eating experience when you're away from home. The lunchbox also comes in six colors.


The Ring Light Tripod That Helps Illuminate Your Selfies

This ring light sits on a tripod stand to hold your phone in place (portrait or landscape style) — and it features three color modes including white, warm light, and warm yellow. Plus, there are 10 adjustable brightness levels to chose from while you're taking selfies.


This Rotating Phone Mount For Your Car

Keep your phone exactly where you can see it in your car — without needing to adjust — by positioning it on this phone car mount. The mount features 360-degree rotation and a strong, stay-in-place suction cup. Plus, it's compatible with various phone types.


A Cleansing Vacuum That Removes Blackheads With Suction

If you want to give your soapy products a break, you can remove excess oil within your pores that can lead to blackheads and blemishes with this pore-cleansing vacuum. The gentle tool comes with four replaceable suction heads that deliver four different levels of suction power, all of which make it easy to use on all skin types.


The Supportive Lumbar Pillow To Ease Lower Back Aches

Getting comfortable when you have lower back, shoulder, or neck aches can be an impossible challenge. However, you can attach this oversized lumbar pillow to your office chair or car seat to help ease discomfort. The premium foam material comes in your choice of two densities, and the durable polyester cover is removable and machine washable for added ease.


This Memory Foam Foot Rest You Can Keep Under Your Desk

You can reduce the pressure on your body while sitting for long periods of time with the help of this adjustable foot rest, which can slide right under your desk. The memory foam pillow has a removable base that you can remove (if needed). You can also turn it over and use it as a foot rocker.


A Clear Shield To Protect Your Walls From Doorknob Damage

If there's a door in your house that is constantly slamming against a poor wall — or a cabinet or table — these door knob wall shields can soften the blow and prevent cracks and paint from chipping. The soft rubber wall shields are transparent and adhere to surfaces without damaging them. They come in five sizes.


An Angled Laptop Stand With A Built-In Phone Holder

Work more efficiently — wherever you are — when you rest your laptop on this angled laptop stand that has eight adjustable heights and a phone holder. The holder can fit laptops that range in size from 10 to 15.6 inches and the base offers 360-degree rotation.


This Waterproof Phone Case For Deep-Sea Adventures

Safe to use under 100 feet of water, this phone case is transparent and sensitive to touch (which is great for snapping clear photos and videos of all of those fish you'll find on that snorkeling adventure). The pouch fits 7-inch devices and comes with a lanyard that you can attach to your wrist.


The Flashlight Headband For Camping, Hiking, And Running

With long-lasting LED lights that shine bright for up to 90 hours, you can wear this flashlight headband while you hike, camp, or run and feel confident that it'll guide your path. The flashlight features seven light modes that include strobe and SOS features — and it's both waterproof and drop-resistant.


A Shower Head With 5 Spray Settings That Feel Like Rain

No matter what kind of a relaxing mood you're in, this high-pressure shower head will deliver the heat with a choice of five spray settings (like massage, rain, and mist). The shower head also has self-cleaning nozzles, and it can be installed within minutes.

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