44 Weird Products That Have Become Huge Hits On Amazon

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Sometimes it’s easy to see why a product has gathered a cult following. Other times, it can be a downright mystery — some items are just so weird that their popularity defies logic. Regardless of how quirky any given product might be, there’s always an explanation as to why people become obsessed. Maybe it helps solve a problem in your everyday life, or maybe the price is super-affordable? No matter what the reason, there are tons of bizarre yet brilliant products available on Amazon.

Not only are the products I've selected for this list incredibly unique, but they're also backed by a loyal fanbase of reviewers who absolutely swear by them. Many reviewers raved about how the nourishing face cream I've made sure to include left their complexion feeling super-soft, and it's even infused with goat milk to help moisturize dry skin. Or, if you wish you could take your squatty potty with you while traveling, there's also a miniature version that's designed to be extra-portable. The best part of all these items? They all come with free, two-day Prime shipping.

So what are you waiting for? There are tons of bizarre products trending on Amazon that are more than worth the money — and I think I can even hear the miniature Bluetooth speaker calling your name.


A Bluetooth Speaker That's Designed To Be Extra-Portable

Even though it's the size of a quarter, this Bluetooth speaker is super-loud so that you can start a party pretty much anywhere. It's ultra-compact and weighs less than 5 ounces, plus you can even use it as a remote trigger for taking selfies from far away.


This Face Mask That Uses Egg Whites To Help Unclog Your Pores

This face mask uses the protein in egg whites to not only help clear up blackheads, but it can also help shrink the appearance of your pores. You only need to wear it for about 15 minutes to experience the full benefits, and one reviewer even raved that it left her complexion with a refreshing "glow."


These Insoles That Massage Your Feet While You Walk

Made with red clay that helps neutralize unwanted odors in your shoes, these insoles are covered in relaxing acupressure nodes that give your feet a massage as you walk. The acupressure nodes can also help stimulate blood flow in your feet, and one size is made to fit most shoes.


A Pair Of Toe Stretchers That Can Help Soothe Away Soreness

Made from soft gel that easily slides between your toes, these stretchers are an easy way to help ensure that your feet are properly aligned. They're great for anyone who suffers from bunions, hammer toes, or even hallux valgus, plus one size is designed to fit most feet.


An Ultra-Nourishing Face Cream Made With Goat Milk Complex

Formulated with vitamins B5, A, and E, this face cream helps refresh your skin so that your complexion is left with a nourished glow. The goat milk complex helps moisturize your skin while simultaneously protecting it against dehydration, and it's completely paraben- as well as cruelty-free.


This Serum That Helps Melt Away Ingrown Hairs And Razor Burn

If your skin is left feeling irritated with ingrown hairs or razor burn after you shave, give this roll-on serum a try. It's made with salicylic acid that helps soothe redness as well as prevent razor bumps, plus you can even use it as an antiperspirant underneath your arms.


This Notebook That Uploads Your Notes To iCloud And Slack

Not only is it reusable, but this smart notebook also lets you upload your written notes to iCloud, Google Drive, Slack, and more. It's compatible with any pen, highlighter, or marker in the Pilot Frixion line (one comes with each order), and the pages easily wipe clean with the included microfiber cloth.


A Delicious Condiment With More Than 3,600 Positive Reviews

Not only does it have more than 3,600 positive four- and five-star reviews, but this delicious condiment is also gluten-free as well as paleo-friendly. It's made from a blend of pure honey and chili peppers, plus you can put it on practically anything — drizzle it over pizza, add it to cocktails, or even toss some wings in it.


A Pack Of Facial Brushes Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Made from antibacterial silicone, these face brushes help you exfoliate away dead flakes without irritating sensitive skin. The soft, gel-like bristles reach deep into pores to get rid of dirt and grime, plus the finger loop on the back helps you maintain a firm grip when they're wet.


A Foot Roller That Help Ease Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

If your feet get sore easily, make sure to give this luxurious foot roller a try. The raised acupressure nodes help stimulate blood flow in your feet, plus it can even retain its temperature for up to 30 minutes so that you can use it for hot and cold therapy.


These Pimple Patches That Are Extra-Large

Got an extra-large pimple you'd like to get rid of? Then make sure to cover it with one of these extra-large acne patches. The hydrocolloid dressing is infused with tea tree and calendula oils that absorb the toxins from your blemish, and they're also transparent so that you can wear them during the day, or even just cover them with makeup.


An Eye Mask That Can Help Alleviate Pain From Headaches

If you're prone to migraines or headaches, this compression eye mask can help alleviate the pain. You can also keep it in the freezer to use as a cold compress against your head, and it's made from breathable cotton that won't leave your skin feeling suffocated.


A Clever Notepad That Helps Motivate You To Get Stuff Done

If you have trouble keeping track of all the stuff you need to get done every day, make sure to grab this daily agenda notepad. There's space for you to write down your morning and afternoon schedule, as well as a bonus section where you can keep track of the tasks you'd like to accomplish.


A Cooling Eye Mask That Can Help Reduce Inflammation

Keep this cooling eye mask in the fridge for the next time you want to relax after a long, stressful day. The all-natural clay filling contours to the shape of your face for added comfort, plus wearing it can even help reduce inflammation and puffiness. The straps are adjustable so that you can customize how it fits, and the push fabric feels soft against your face.


A Tool That Helps You Cleanse Away Built-Up Earwax

Don't go all the way to the doctor to clean out your ears — just use this ear washer bottle. Simply fill the bottle with cleansing solution, twist on one of the three disposable tips, insert it into your ear canal, then squeeze the trigger. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "unlike the turkey baster-looking thing my doctor used on me, this did not hurt."


A Set Of Whiskey Stones That Help Keep Your Beverages Chilled

Regular ice leaves your beverages diluted, whereas these whiskey stones won't melt, allowing you to take your time sipping on drinks. They're completely reusable in order to help you save money over time, and each order also comes with a convenient velvet travel pouch.


A Tool That Helps You Stretch Out Your Calves And Heels

Help melt away soreness in tight, cramped calves with the help of this curved foot rocker. It's great for alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and more, plus the non-slip rubber strips on the bottom help prevent it from sliding out from underneath you while you're using it.


This Travel Pillow That Helps Support Your Chin While You Sleep

Unlike regular travel pillows, this one wraps all the way around your neck so that your head, and chin are supported as you snooze. The built-in snap strap lets you easily attach it to your carry-on bag, plus you can grab it in more than 10 gorgeous colors.


This Travel Power Strip With 3 Built-In USB Ports

Designed to fit on a table or nightstand, this power strip is the perfect size to take with you while traveling. It features three regular outlets as well as three convenient USB ports, and the built-in cable management system lets you neatly wrap up the power cord for easy storage.


This Towel That Helps Keep You Cool When The Weather Is Hot

Made with highly evaporative fabric, this cooling towel is a great way to beat the heat. Simply run it underneath cold water, wring it out, then drape it around your neck to help keep yourself cool when temperatures are high. It's able to help you stay cool for three to four hours before you need to wet it again, and it's available in nine colors.


A Shaving Cream That Helps Prevent Nicks And Razor Burn

Made with a blend of peppermint and menthol that give your skin a cooling sensation, this shaving cream is a must-have for anyone looking to avoid nicks and razor burn. The aloe and calendula extract in the formula give your skin a nourishing dose of moisture, plus it's completely paraben- as well as cruelty-free.


A Foot Scrubber That Easily Attaches To Your Shower Floor

If you have trouble bending over to scrub your feet, just attach this scrubber to your shower floor. The suction cups on the bottom keep it stable as you rub your feet on the hundreds of soft, flexible bristles, plus they can even help stimulate blood circulation as well as exfoliate away dead skin.


These Tongue Scrapers Made From Rust-Resistant Stainless Steel

Get your tongue extra-clean with the help of these tongue scrapers. They're made from stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and they're flexible enough that you can squeeze them to fit into smaller mouths. Using them is an easy way to help refresh your breath, plus each order also comes with a travel case to help keep them clean.


This Derma Roller That Can Help Brighten Your Complexion

Rather than paying for an expensive microdermabrasion session at a spa, just use this slick derma roller in the comfort of your own home. The titanium microneedles help exfoliate away dead skin as well as shrink the appearance of your pores, and it can even help stimulate blood flow so that your complexion is left glowing.


A Clever Wobble Cushion That Helps You Tone Your Abdominals

Simply place it on your chair at work, and this wobble disc will force you to continuously engage your core in order to remain upright. You can also use it on hardwood floors as a meditation cushion, and it's available in three colors: black, grey, or wasabi.


These Finger Stretchers That Can Help Strengthen Your Hands

If your fingers and hands could use some strengthening, give these stretchers a try. They're great for increasing flexibility, as well as toning the muscles in your hands so that you can get a firmer grip when opening stubborn jars. Designed to fit all hands, each order also comes with a workout guide to help get you started.


These Cold Therapy Socks That Are Great For Swollen, Sore Feet

Just slip these cold therapy socks on anytime your feet are swollen or sore, and they can quickly help soothe away pain. They're great for edema, arthritis, neuropathy, and more, plus one size is made to fit most. One reviewer even wrote that they help alleviate "pain, soreness, and inflammation with no mess."


This Microwave Bacon Cooker That's Super-Easy To Clean

Enjoy delicious, crispy bacon without the risk of splattering grease by using this microwave bacon cooker. It cooks bacon faster than a regular frying pan, and the deep dripping base collects the grease to help your microwave stay clean. You can cook up to 12 strips of bacon at the same time, plus it collapses down for easy storage.


These Soft Metatarsal Pads That Help Eliminate Pressure Points

Made with soft, soothing gel, wearing these cushioned metatarsal pads is an easy way to help alleviate pain from corns, calluses, blisters, and more. They absorb shock while evenly distributing weight in order to help take the pressure off your feet, and the non-slip backing helps prevent them from sliding up in your shoes.


A Pair Of Cycling Gloves Made With Built-In LED Flashlights

These cycling straps not only help protect your palms from calluses, but the built-in flashlights also let you see where you're going in the dark. The super-bright LED bulbs are completely waterproof so you don't have to worry about getting wet in the rain, and they're also great for working on DIY projects around the house.


This Device That Lets You Make Delicious Donuts At Home

There aren't many activities that are as fun as making your own donuts at home, and this easy-to-use donut maker takes all the work out of the process. The non-slip rubber feet keep it from sliding around if it gets bumped, and it's able to make up to four donuts at the same time.


This Peel-Off Tape That Helps You Do Flawless DIY Manicures

Paint this latex tape over your cuticles, let it dry, then apply your nail polish as you normally would. Once you're done, simply remove the tape so that any smudges of polish that got onto your cuticles peels away with it, leaving you with a gorgeous manicure that you did all by yourself at home.


A Magnetic Knife Holder Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from chic, eco-friendly bamboo, this knife block looks sophisticated on any countertop or table. The ultra-strong magnets on the inside keep your knives securely fastened to the front until you're ready to use them, and the non-slip bottom helps prevent it from wobbling or skidding.


This Clever Tool That Helps You Shave Unwanted Back Hair

Can't reach all those awkward spots on your back? Just use this extra-long razor to get rid of any unwanted hair. The blades are designed so that you can shave whether your skin is wet or dry, and there are zero batteries or electricity required.


This Roller Stick That You Can Take Practically Anywhere

The next time your muscles are feeling extra-sore, just use this roller stick to help soothe away the aches. It's made from super-durable thermoplastic rubber that won't warp under pressure, and the compact size means you can easily take it with you to the gym, or even while traveling.


A Seat Cushion That's Infused With Temperature-Regulating Gel

Add a little comfort to your desk with this ultra-soft seat cushion. It's filled with plush memory foam that contours to the shape of your body, and the infused gel helps regulate your temperature so that you don't overheat. You can use it to help alleviate back or sciatica pain, plus it's portable enough that you can also use it while traveling.


This Bathroom Stool That's Designed To Be Extra-Portable

Toilet stools align your intestines so that it's easier to "go" when you're in the bathroom, and this miniature version is no different — except for the fact that it's extra-portable. The two stools stack on top of each other so that they take up hardly any space in your suitcase or backpack, and each order also comes with a convenient travel case.


These Organic Energy Chews That Are Gluten-Free

Need a quick boost of energy to get through a sluggish work day? These gluten-free chews are made from a blend of organic honey and tapioca syrup, providing you with a sustained energy boost that won't leave you crashing after a few hours. They're available in nine delicious flavors, including fruit smoothie, orange blossom, pomegranate passion fruit, and others.


An Extra-Long Brush That Helps You Scrub All Over Your Back

Made with soft bristles that gently scrub away dirt and grime, this extra-long scrubber is a must-have for reaching those hard-to-reach spots on your back. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it "works great for scrubbing your back without stressing your shoulders."


A Collection Of Vegan Soaps That Are Completely Cruelty-Free

Formulated with vegan ingredients, these unique bars of soap are great for cleansing, moisturizing, and even detoxifying your skin. They're paraben- as well as sulfate-free, plus each order comes with six bars made with different natural ingredients, including charcoal, green clay, black coffee, and more.


This Massager That Targets The Trigger Points In Your Muscles

Simply wrap it around any part of your body that feels sore, and this massager will target the trigger points in your aching muscles in order to help alleviate pain. It's great for helping to stimulate blood flow in your muscles, and you can just as easily use it on your glutes as you can on your arms.


This Mouse That's Ergonomically Designed For Maximum Comfort

If you spend a lot of time at your computer, this ergonomic mouse can help reduce soreness and pain in your wrist. It allows your hand to rest in a natural, upright position so that you don't have to twist your wrist to use it, and the automatic shut-off helps preserve the battery power.


A Convenient Fork That Attaches To Your Condiment Jars

Don't get your fingers wet digging around in the pickle jar — just use this handy condiment fork. It attaches to the side of any jar so that there's aways a fork conveniently within reach, plus the built-in drip catcher helps keep everything looking neat and clean.


A Handy Tool You Can Use As A Screwdriver, Ruler, And More

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this handy tool is versatile enough that it can be used as a bottle opener, knife, can opener, ruler, screwdriver, and more. The compact size means you can keep it in your wallet so that it's always easily within reach, plus it's available in two colors: black or silver.

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