45 Clever Products We're Starting To See Everywhere

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In my several years of writing about products, I've seen a lot of weird trends. What starts off as something few people can envision using suddenly becomes one of those clever products we're starting to see everywhere. And while not every trendy gadget deserves the hype it gets, there are some truly game-changing products that actually have a positive impact on your daily life. These are legitimately awesome things that months and even years after purchasing, you find yourself reaching for again and again. They're unique, innovative, and often solve problems you didn't even realize you had.

Like what, you ask?

Have you ever struggled with false eyelash glue? Magnetic eyelashes ensure you'll never have to again. Do you know the frustration of reaching for your morning coffee only to find that, 20 minutes after you brewed it, it's ice cold? Then you may be interested in this heated coaster that keeps your drink warm. Do you hate the monotony of chopping individual cherry tomatoes, grapes, or other finicky little round produce? Lucky for you, there's a kitchen gadget that lets you halve a bunch of those little suckers all at once.

Those are just just a few of the genius products we are starting to see everywhere — and in my humble opinion, these trends are actually here to stay.


This Brilliant Tool That Re-Seals Snacks So They Don't Go Stale

If you find yourself throwing out half-eaten bags of stale snacks, save yourself some time, money, and hassle with the mini bag sealer from Karidge. Its textured plates heat up within seconds so you can reseal plastic, foil, and paper — and as a result, it works on chips, nuts, candy, popcorn, and even pet food. Since it's compact and comes with its own case, it's easy to store in the kitchen drawer.


A USB-Powered Eye Mask That Heats Up

Some use it for relaxation and sleep, while others use the Dr. Prepare heated eye mask to reduce sinus pressure, headaches, and dry, puffy eyes. The cover is made from soft cotton with a velvet backing and the attached remote allows you to set timers and choose from several different temperature settings with automatic shutoff. “The best I've found yet,” one fan swore. “The covering is soft, yet allows the warmth of the mask to come through very well. They are comfortable and provide more heat than most of the other brands that I've used,” they wrote, and multiple reviewers attested to its effective warmth.


This Must-Have Kitchen Gadget For Safe, Quick Slicing

The bottom is nonslip and the top comes with an ergonomic handle, so when you place virtually any food item between them, you get a straight, steady slice — without putting your fingers in danger. The rapid food slicer works on singular food items like bagels and chicken breast, or it allows you to cut multiple foods at once (think cherry tomatoes, grapes, and olives). It's also BPA-free and dishwasher-safe.


An Easy Way To Get Your Entire Car Organized

If your car is a catch-all for countless random items, you're not alone — which is why this car organizer has a 4.7-star rating. It has tons of compartments to organize groceries, bags, snacks, sports equipment, water bottles, and toys. That said, it has a leg up on the competition because it's durable, easy to clean, folds up for compact storage, and has steel-tipped tie-down straps to keep it secure in the trunk or on a seat.


This 1-Person Blender That Doubles As A To-Go Cup

Toss all your ingredients in, push down on the BPA-free container, and wait a few seconds as the stainless steel blades crush ice, blend fruit, and mix protein powder. Then screw on the to-go drinking lid and hit the road. The Oster personal blender is a hot ticket item because it prepares shakes and smoothies in seconds, all while minimizing messes and keeping up with your busy lifestyle.


A Sonic Toothbrush & 6 Replacement Heads — For $24

Gone are the days of dropping $100 on a sonic toothbrush. This one costs just $24 — and it comes with six brush heads. It also has three cleaning modes, a built-in pulse timer, a waterproof design, and a 30-day battery life when fully recharged on the sleek base. "I'm waiting for the catch," wrote one reviewer who was prepared to spend $229 for a competing brand.


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Attach To The Metallic Liner

Get long, dramatic lashes without glue and without damaging extensions. These magnetic eyelashes have tiny magnets, which effortlessly adhere to the included metallic eyeliner. The five pairs range from natural-looking to bold, and even reviewers who "could never get the hang of using glue strip lashes" rave: "Made my makeup process so much easier!"


This Tea Tree Body Wash That's Antibacterial & Anti-Fungal

Acne, ringworm, eczema, athlete's foot, fungal infections, bug bites — the reviews section is loaded with people who used this healing body wash to tackle all those things and more. The secret ingredient is tea tree oil, which is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, but it skips the synthetic, irritating ingredients so those with sensitive skin tolerated it well.


A Genius Tripod With Flexible Legs For Uneven Surfaces

Get a steady, level angle on uneven surfaces, or wrap the legs around trees, poles, fences, and chairs. The Joby tripod has three flexible legs (outfitted with rubber grips) that bend any which way, and the universal compatibility works with the vast majority of smartphone models. When not in use, it folds up small enough to fit in your pocket.


These Best-Selling Hooks That Turn Your Headrest Into A Hanger

How often do you hit the brakes and your bag goes flying? Never again with these headrest car storage hooks, which easily attach to your car's headrest. They come in a pack of four and can be positioned forwards for your purse, or towards the back to hold groceries, organizers, and toys. You can even get them in black or beige to match your car's interior.


A Clip-On Lens That Vastly Improves Your Phone's Camera

Simply clip this over your smartphone's camera, and this versatile phone camera lens functions as both a wide-angle and a macro lens for vivid photos anywhere. It works with almost all leading phone brands and tablets, and buyers call it an "amazing, great quality lens for such a great value."


These Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds With Shockingly High Ratings

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds are shockingly well-rated given the affordable price point — largely because they're thoughtfully designed and offer some of the most high-tech features. The individual earbuds have a battery-life of up to 6.5 hours, while the recharging case lasts for 90 hours and has an easy-to-read battery display. According to reviewers, the sound is clear and the buds pair effortlessly with devices, all while remaining waterproof, lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for hands-free calls, too.


The Softest Flat Headphones For Sleeping Or Working Out

Whether you're going for a brisk-morning jog or falling asleep to your favorite podcast, these special soft sleep headphones are infinitely better than your average pair. Instead of uncomfortable buds, the soft, flat fabric wraps around your head and delivers clear sound straight to your ears. They're also breathable, last for up to 10 hours on one charge, and have on-device controls for volume and play/pause functions.


These "Holy Grail Leggings" With Dual Pockets

"These are my holy grail leggings," wrote one reviewer who can't get enough of the soft, stretchy material, seamless waist, squat-proof design, and dual side pockets that are large enough to fit your phone. In fact, even after buying three pairs, they "cannot wait to get some of the other colors" — and judging by the 4.7-star rating and thousands of reviews, other buyers feel the same.

  • Available sizes: XS —XL


This Alarm Clock That Wakes You Up With Sunrise-Mimicking Light

Instead of an annoying, jarring beep, this sunrise alarm clock uses sunrise-mimicking light to wake you up as it gradually brightens your bedroom (it also has seven built-in sounds, but they're all soothing and natural to rouse you gently). Buyers call it a "better way to wake up" and some even say they've felt a huge lift in their mood and energy. Throw in the color-changing settings and FM radio, and it's no wonder this has a 4.6-star rating.


These Chemical-Free Wool Dryer Balls That Minimize Drying Time & Static

Toss a few eco-friendly wool dryer balls into your dryer instead of those chemical-laden dryer sheets, and experience first-hand how the premium New Zealand wool improves your laundry routine. It breaks up clothing to reduce wrinkles and speed up drying time, plus it minimizes static and saves you money on your energy bill. Last but not least, those with sensitive skin say they no longer get rashes from their clothes.


These Eco-Friendly, Stainless Steel Travel Utensils

Looking for small ways to make a big, eco-friendly difference? These reusable utensils are dishwasher-safe and come in a small, easy-to-transport case. Everything's made from durable stainless steel, and since the set includes a knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, two straws, and a cleaning brush, you won't even miss their disposable plastic counterparts. Get it in seven colors, including rainbow.


This Mesmerizing Kettle That Boils Water Without A Stove

There's no need for a stovetop kettle when you've got the COSORI electric kettle, which is faster, safer, and way more satisfying to watch. This speedy alternative is made with stainless steel and BPA-free borosilicate glass, and as soon as the water boils or the tank runs dry, it shuts off to prevent any accidents. It sits on your counter on its sleek, compact base, boils water in 3 to 7 minutes, and can then be used cordless for easy serving.


A Wobble Cushion That Engages Your Core While You Sit

Available in black, gray, or green, the Gaiam stability disc is filled with air, so it engages a wide range of muscles while you try to balance on it. Some buyers incorporate it into their standing workout routine, while others sit on it during their workday to improve posture and reap the benefits of active sitting.


These Motion-Sensor Night Lights You Can Put Anywhere

Unlike most other night lights (which take up your outlets and can only be placed in select locations), these stick-on lights offer two choices for endless placement options: a screw mount, or a stick-on adhesive. They're also wireless and battery-operated, so they're great for closets, pantries, staircases, hallways, and your nightly path to the bathroom. Lastly, they come equipped with a motion sensor that only turns the light on when it senses movement, saving energy.


The Drain Snakes That Save You Serious Money

Hundreds of reviewers have used these $6 clog removers to get rid of hair, food particles, and even those plastic beads that swell up with water (oh, the joys of babysitting). They're way more eco-friendly than drain chemicals, and they're a heck of a lot cheaper than a plumber. "Easily unclogged my drain. No plumber needed," said one reviewer, who made sure to specify: "I am not good at stuff like this."


An Innovative Hair Straightener That's Also Great For Curling

If you're in the market for a new hair straightener, this one is going to be a game-changer. Its ceramic tourmaline plates minimize frizz and heat up in 30 seconds, while the 11 different temperature settings help you customize the heat to your hair type. Finally, the twisted barrel allows you to effortlessly curl or straighten your hair, and it’s dual-voltage so you can use it anywhere in the world.


A Unique Tool For Removing Plaque At Home

Thanks to its painless alloy tip and sonic design, this plaque remover tool provides an easy way to nix plaque at home and in between dentist cleanings. It gets into places where your toothbrush can't reach (like between teeth and under gum lines), and reviewers love it because it's effective, safe, and easy to use.


These Cute Hair Towels That Cut Down On Drying Time & Frizz

Instead of cotton, these hair towels are made from a special microfiber material, which is more absorbent, less abrasive, and nowhere near as heavy. As a result, they cut down on drying time while minimizing frizz and breakage — all while sitting comfortably on your head during your beauty routine. A built-in loop lets you secure your towel without fiddling with buttons or snaps so you can cinch and go. Get it in mermaid prints, cupcake sprinkles, or pretty scroll patterns.


These Black Caviar Collagen Under-Eye Masks

Black caviar and collagen isn't the most common combination, but according to reviewers, these under-eye masks are well-worth a try: "Surprised by the results I have seen with just a few uses of these. I was [wary] at first because of how cheap these were but these are definitely comparable to products that cost much more.” For $13, you get a pack of 60 masks, and they all fit compactly in a jar for freshness and portability.


A Sponge That Removes Makeup Brush Residue So You Can Switch Colors Easily

You're on step four of your smokey-eye tutorial and it calls for a clean, fluffy brush — but all your tools are coated in previous colors. Cue this fast-acting makeup cleaner sponge, which removes residue from powders and creams without the need for water. The sponge is also reusable, double-sided, and comes in a convenient tin that stores effortlessly in your makeup bag.


A Sturdy Phone Mount With 15,000 Perfect Ratings

This fan-favorite car phone mount allows you to find the absolute best viewing angle while you drive. The strong-adhesive suction base attaches to your dash or your windshield, and they include a clip adapter that lets you slip it into an air vent if you want.The extendable arm can be locked at multiple angles, with a ball joint that allows for 360-degree rotation. Finally, there's the silicone-padded cradle, which adjusts from 4.8 to 9 inches to hold a wide selection of popular phone models, even in protective cases — and the instant release button lets you grab your phone with ease.


A Vanity-Top Makeup Organizer With Hidden Drawers

Put all your most-used tools and cosmetics in the open compartments, and use the drawer for cotton pads, jewelry, or personal items. This makeup organizer — equally perfect for jewelry and other items — optimizes the space on your vanity, and it's available in cream or Millennial pink. (Since it's waterproof and easy to rinse clean, you can also use it for art desks and office supplies, too.)


This Cult-Favorite Oil Sprayer For Sautéing, Dressing & Air Frying

Dress salads, garnish foods before or after cooking, and prep ingredients for the air fryer. The Misto oil sprayer coats your food with an easily controlled amount of olive oil — and it can also be used with vinegar, soy sauce, and cooking wine. Since it's BPA-free and food safe, you can store your ingredients in it for long periods of time without worrying.


A Portable Steamer With Interchangeable Heads

This powerful clothes steamer boasts a 1,400-watt motor and a compact, hand-held design to help you remove wrinkles from clothing — both at home or while traveling. That said, it also comes with interchangeable heads so you can iron and sanitize furniture, linens, and upholstery. "I use this on everything," one reviewer wrote. "Couches, shower fabric curtains, suits, jeans, [and] shirts. Totally works."


These Reusable Storage Bags Made From BPA-Free PEVA

They cost barely more than a box of single-use sandwich bags, but these reusable storage bags are made from a durable, BPA-free PEVA material. As a result, you can reuse them over and over again, and the leakproof bags make them ideal for portable lunches, meal prep, leftover storage, and keeping ingredients fresh. According to reviewers, they're easy to wash and dry quickly. And, with more than 13,000 Amazon ratings, they have a glowing 4.6-star average.


A Wine Spout That Both Aerates & Minimizes Messes

With an oxygen-infusing spout that opens up flavors and vastly improves the taste of both reds and whites, this wine aerator is an amazing addition to your home bar. It also makes for easier pouring thanks to the drip-free design, and the silicone base fits almost all types of bottles. "This aerator really excels for those times when you're trying to make do with a cheap bottle," one reviewer wrote.


This USB-Powered Mug Warmer That’s Also A Wireless Charger

Keep your coffee hot and your phone charged — all day long and with the same device. This brilliant coffee mug warmer has a heating element that keeps the included mug set at 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a Qi-enabled platform that wirelessly charges compatible smartphones, too. “This warmer is USB-C based as well as plug based and it also works great charging phone wirelessly so it’s great 2 in 1 desk gadget to have,” a fan noted.


A Handy Tool For Prepping Fresh Herbs

Instantly remove the stems and cut the leaves from kale, Swiss chard, collard greens, rosemary, thyme, basil, and more. This seriously useful herb stripper has various-size holes to remove all types of leafy ingredients, and it has an edge blade to chop with the same tool. Since it's made from stainless steel (unlike similar plastic tools), it's resistant to rust, corrosion, chips, and warping.


An Adjustable Foot Rest Made From High-Density Foam

"I wish I would have discovered this footrest long ago," raved one reviewer who says they no longer struggles with poor circulation and lower back pain. Unlike competing brands, this foot rest is made from 100 percent high-density foam and has an adjustable base so you can customize the height. It also features a removable, washable mesh cover for breathability — and it doubles as a rocker when flipped upside-down.


A Pet-Friendly Mesh Screen Curtain That Keeps Bugs Out

Walk through the door while your hands are full, ensure that bugs don't get in during a party, and allow pets and children to go out back without help. This mesh screen allows air to circulate, but it has magnetic strips in the middle — allowing it to open with gentle pressure, but automatically close again within seconds. It comes in 16 different sizes to fit most standard doorways.


These Instant Wall Hooks That Can Hold Up To 13 Pounds Each

Add a key hook, designate a spot for your headphones, or hang your bags, plants, kitchen gadgets, and shower accessories — anywhere you want. These strong wall hooks come in a pack of eight and have a self-adhesive material that can support up to 13 pounds each. They're also discreet, transparent, and waterproof.


A Countertop Spice Rack That Comes With 5 Years Of Refills

This spice rack is unlike most others for a few reasons: For one, it's sleek enough to sit out on your countertop without eating space, and the chrome finish looks ultra-modern. The tiered design helps you see all the different spice options simultaneously, and the ability to rotate the stand makes finding what you need a breeze. But the biggest perk? It comes pre-filled with spices and your purchase even gives you free refills for up to five years.


This Must-Have Dispenser For Any Baker Or Pancake Maker

Where has this been all my life? Whether you're making pancakes, baking cupcakes, or distributing sauce, this batter dispenser uses a trigger handle to dispense just the right amount every time. It can hold up to 4 cups at once in its measurement-marked interior, and the BPA-free materials are easy to rinse clean when you're done.


A Roll-Up Drying Rack That Goes Over The Sink

Short on countertop space? This roll-out drainer takes the place of a cluttered dish rack because it lets you dry your dishes and cookware (or your produce) right over the sink. It's also made from heat-resistant stainless steel, so you can use it as a hot plate, and since it rolls up into a tiny tube shape, it's easy to store away once you're done.


This Unique Brush For Grout & Window Tracks

Thanks to its slim line of ergonomic bristles, this special cleaning brush is ideal for scrubbing grout and getting into window and sliding-door tracks. It also has a secure-grip handle that doubles as a scraper for stubborn debris, and you can wash the whole thing with soap and water so it's like new for next time.


A New Take On The Back Scratcher That Has Buyers "Obsessed"

The Cactus is not your average back scratcher. Take it from reviewers: "Obsessed. Best. Back. Scratcher. Ever," said one buyer. "Even my cat loves [it]." Instead of a stick and a claw, this revolutionary design features two straps with a double-sided scratcher, so you can reach any part of your back by yourself and with your preferred level of intensity.


This Smart Water Bottle That Glows & Plays Music

Stay hydrated, listen to your tunes, and even get a little mood lighting. This smart water bottle keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours in its insulated stainless steel interior, but it also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker with on-device controls and a light that glows in one-hour intervals to remind you to keep drinking. (You can also set it to dancing mode while you're listening to music.) Get it in your choice of five colors, all for $25.


A Tiny Vacuum For Cleaning Up Your Desktop

Due to its strong (but relatively quiet) high-speed centrifugal fan, this handheld vacuum effortlessly cleans up crumbs, eraser shavings, ashes, makeup residue, and dust. It's battery-operated, so it's extremely portable for the home, car, or workplace, and it's available in black or mint green.


This Rechargeable Fan You Can Wear Around Your Neck

Wrap the padded base around your neck to direct the air right at your face, or use it to prop the dual fans up on your desk or bedside table. The hands-free fan even has seven LED light-up colors to choose from — or cycle through all of them for a rainbow effect. Reviewers love it because it's USB-rechargeable, lightweight, and adjustable, thanks to the flexible goosenecks.

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